1. F

    WTB: braided brake hoses

    anyone selling any they have spare before i order some
  2. NICKO

    Fuel Lines

    Has anyone on here run new braided fuel lines? just got a few questions about it really :nod: 1. what do you use to secure the lines to the underside of the car? 2. what route do you take to the top of the tank? 3. what size lines? 4. what do you use to fix the braided lines to the tank cap...
  3. s15Irl

    Sr20det guaging interest and pricing

    Hi guys Trying to guage interested in this engine, its an sr20det from a 97 s14a. 106000miles on it. Good compression across all 4 cylinders would be sold with aftermarket tubular manifold, aftermarket coilpacks, braided turbo lines and an apex intercooler. I just want to know what kinda...
  4. R

    S15 Turbo Water Line Replacement?

    Hi My water line from the Block to the Turbo has split and needs replacing. I've had a bit of a google and noticed that there is quite a few replacements, almost all of them are braided lines, this is fine as it is less hassle to put it. Does anyone have any recommended brands? Prices vary...
  5. Havoc

    FS: Garrett T28r

    Garret T28r for sale.. Perfect condition.. Pretty much no play only what would be standard for oil movement. Boosts up perfectly no smoke and really responsive. Can send you a video of the turbine wheel if requested. £400 with manifold, japspeed turbo elbow and braided lines. £360 for just...
  6. J0R04N

    Thinking of selling up to fund a house, what kind of money would be sensible???

    Looking at selling up so I can put together a large deposit on a house. Not in a massive rush to sell but just want some views and opinions on what I should be putting it up for??? Few pictures and spec list; car will come with 12 months MOT, 12 Months tax and 38,000 miles on the clock Mod...
  7. fez06

    braided brake lines

    will s14 braided brake lines fit s15 part number is SNN0203-4P I cant seem to find where it says they,ll fit both. some have come up cheap and need to know wether they'll fit cheers
  8. S

    Driftworks R32 GTR Braided Brake Lines

    I just ordered a set of these for my R32 GTR brake conversion for my S15. These should be a straight bolt on right? I haven't heard back from DW yet. Has anyone purchased these that can confirm this for me? Anyone have a pic of them, apparently the pic on the site isn't of the actual lines...
  9. S

    FS: HEL Braided Brake Lines

    I got these when I purchased my R32 GTR brakes. I decided to go with some braided lines from Driftworks. Nothing wrong with these lines to my knowledge. I'm only selling these because the seller forgot to include the adapter to fit the lines to the rear calipers. I have a pair of the adapters...
  10. Jay-pan

    WTB: Urgent! Braided water and oil lines turbo.

    As above has anyone close to Shropshire or who can post for next day that has braided oil and water lines lying around? Thanks
  11. 2fst4u

    Oil Catch Can Solutions

    I've spent about 3 hours trying to look into this. What is the best solution to prevent blow-by in the engine case? By best solution I'm implying leaving out expensive external pumping options. Which rocker cover hoses can go where? And where should the catch can be placed (I.E, between which...
  12. CMR

    Braided Turbo Lines - Restrictor?

    Spent awhile browsing various forums regarding this including here and SXOC, but does anyone have a definite answer? When people are purchasing Braided lines are you purchasing standard ones with no restrictor in the hose or with one? I understand that the T28R has a restrictor in the housing...
  13. M

    Mintys wide spec r

    My Daily Dmax S15 So i finally did it and got one. Long train journey up to wales yesterday but well worth it as the drive back was awesome. Have alot of plans for it such as touching up the bodywork including new front bumper and refurb the wheels. Luckly any of the damage it has is only on...
  14. pegliobaglio

    fitting braided turbo lines

    I am going to fit braided lines on my turbo when I change my mani,. Quick question,obviously the hoses have oil and water running through them,just wanted to make sure that I don't need to drain the whole system first? How does it work does It pump oil/water flows through it when the engine is...
  15. TriniGT

    Replacing Stock Fuel hardlines with Braided Ones

    Has anyone removed the stock hard lines for fueling with braided replacements? I wanna know how hard of a job it is and also how do you deal with the original S15 connectors that clip into the top cover of the tank, wondering if I should just replace the hardline part and leave the rubber hose...
  16. S

    Yao folks!

    Hi! My name is Sven and im from Sweden :cool: I bought my s15 last spring from someone in UK :) Its a freaking awesome car i totally love it! It got some power under the hood too. Here's some spec: Nissan Silvia Spec R (S15 model) with full Factory Aero (bodykit) 2000 Engine and Control...
  17. Jay

    My New Car

    Here is a few pics of my new car which I'm collecting on Saturday, with a full spec list of the work that has been done on it already. Really pleased with the car, just needs a bit of TLC on the bodywork. Can't wait to drive it the 120 miles back to my house when I collect it!!! Thanks for...
  18. richy200

    Peeps of S15oc What would you do?

    Guys i really want your thoughts on this. I was looking to get the engine rebuilt and forged and now im kinda thinking of going a bit over board. I'm contemplating spending another £8427 quid on my s15. What do you reckon the car will be worth when it's done? This will be the spec im...
  19. slammedmind

    FS: hose solutions braided clutch hose

    brand new braided clutch line from hose solutions 20 this is unused cheers Rob
  20. sniffy

    FS: z32 braided brake lines brand new!

    as the title says. 70 euro plus postage.