1. ryan3

    Cigarette lighter / 12v socket bulb

    Hi, Does anyone know what type of bulb it is that lights up the cigarette lighter/12v socket on the centre console? I need to replace the bulbs in the climate control unit and am going to change them to LED's and would like to change the cigarette lighter one too so that they all match. Thanks!
  2. H

    REAR lights bulb Holders

    Ive found someone selling some rear lights but without the bulb holders my Car has DMax tinted crystal lights would anyone know if the holders are the same?
  3. F

    Oem boost gauge bulb

    Anyone know what kind of bulb it is? Or where I can get a replacement? Thanks
  4. H

    Headlight bulb confusion

    My car supposedly came with factory HIDs (car is currently locked away so cannot check at the moment) so does my car use HID bulbs like this: but i have seen some people say they are just normal Halogen bulbs like this (in which case my understanding is they aren't HIDs)
  5. FreakensNL

    ABS... light always on and without bulb abs OK?!

    When I bought my S15 the ABS functioned as it should only the bulb didn't light up when the key is turned So I putted in a new bulb, but now the bulb is lid (thats why they removed it i thought, so no surprises there) and the abs is turned off :S Without bulb in the cluster the abs functions...
  6. Mycool

    WTB: Rear light bulb holder & connector

    Hi guys. Long shot here but here goes... Im after passenger side rear light connector / bulb holder. Is there any about? Or does anyone know where i can get one? Many thanks
  7. A

    replacement bulbs for greddy gauges

    http://www.greddy.com/products/electronics/gauge-accessories/filter:make:Light+Bulb/ Light Bulb Warn. 16401521 Light Bulb Elec. 16400061 Anyone know where to get these?
  8. C

    Odometer Bulb Type?

    Hi all, Fixing up a few minor things on my S15, and the display with mileage reading is not lighting up with the rest of the dashboard. Can anyone advise what size/type of bulb it is before I take the dash apart? Thanks Chris
  9. B

    WTB: Speedo bulbs

    Hi has anyone got some spare bulbs for the back of my speedo or know where I can get them from? I need 3 and a bulb holder aswell, thanks
  10. L

    Boost Gauge Bulb Help

    Hi all, In desperate need of a new bulb for the stock Spec-R boost gauge, fixed my dash lights last night, got the boost gauge out to find it has a tiny tiny bulb in :( Anyone know where i can get a bulb for this? What size is the gauge aswell?
  11. Sparky

    Aero spoiler brake light bulb

    Bulb packed in on Aero spoiler. Does the lens come off to replace the bulb, or do you have to remove the spoiler from the car to replace from the inside ?
  12. J

    WTB: Rear lights

    Standard rear lights wanted with bulb holders
  13. S15_SAM

    FS: 50/50 rear lights lense melted slightly

    Hey guys got these 50/50 rear lights, I put a fog light bulb in the RH one, it was too close to the lense and melted it after I left it on after my MOT. :( also the bulb holder for that one was glued in so the original no longer fits. so the LH one is in great condition but the RH is pretty...
  14. J

    led lights

    hows things lads am just after putting led 50/50 lights into the car this evening and the indicators are working but they are flashing fast like there is a bulb out just wondering is that just the hows things lads am just after putting led 50/50 lights into the car this evening and the...
  15. CMR

    Quick brake light question

    On the OEM rear lights, are both bulbs for the side lights supposed to light up the second filament when you brake, or just one bulb on each side as I can't remember? Cheers
  16. JaseYpk

    Rear light LEDS (tech info)

    This is aimed at someone with LED rear lights or someone with electronics know-how :) Basically does someone know what wattage the rear lights have to be to make them legal in the UK? (I know its affected by the lens, but whatever you're using in your LED clusters will be fine i'm sure) I'm...
  17. Mange

    Oem hid?

    Hey guys, I need some quick help/answers. I took my car to the MOT yesterday and it all went well except that they said some previous owner converted my low beam to HID/Xenon. This was not OK by them and said I had to restore it by changing the bulb ( ?!?!?! ) So I went on here to search some...
  18. JaseYpk

    HID Owners - Help!

    Bloody bulb has gone on the drivers side. So i whipped it out, went to halfords and came back empty handed. The guy there reckons upwards of £80?!! Anyone know where to get the HID bulb from, and at what sort of cost? Its a very bizarre looking thing indeed! Not like one i've ever seen.. The...
  19. R

    Left hand side indicator not working?? the right one works

    Hi as above, it is not the bulb because i have bought new ones and tested them so whats up? heeelp please :p
  20. W

    Headlight Indicator Bulb

    Has anyone done this before?? I've done a search and not found anything about how to do this. Is there a how to guide :confused: It's impossible to get to the bulb from under the bonnet without taking all the arches off and taking the headlights off the car. Tried looking from underneath and...