1. DeanS15

    FS: energy suspension bushes - front lower arms and diff

    i have for sale :) one set of energy front lower arm inner poly bushes, new in the box with instructions and lube. colour is red. 30-00 delivered. one kit of front and rear diff mounts (does the whole diff basically) with box, instructions and lube. the rear bushes have been test fitted, but...
  2. C

    FS: Driftworks Polybushes

    Here I have.. 1x Set of Subframe Polybushes/plates (4 bushes total) 1x Set of Front LCA bushes (2 bushes total) 1x Set of Rear LCA bushes (4 bushes total) 4x Sets of rear control arm bushes (8 bushes total) I bought them a few months ago but have decided not to fit them...
  3. C

    Bushes - solid v poly

    I can't decide what setup to go for with the diff/subframe bushes. Was originally planning to go solid in the diff and subframe but had a re-think and decided to go for solid diff and poly subframe, but still not 100% sure :rolleyes: What combinations are you guys running and what do you think...
  4. M

    SuperPro Bushes now available

    hey guys im pleased to be able to offer these to the forum Many different kits are available from single sections of the car, front of the car, rear of the car, and full car kits Im sure some of you will have experience with these and im sure a lot of you will know who SuperPro are :)...
  5. Adam L

    Front arb bushes

    I'm after the two front anti roll bar bushes for my car. Is it just me or does nowhere do them for the S15, bar Nissan? Ebay produces nothing, google much the same and I called Powerflex today and they didn't have a clue. I've searched on here for info and sxoc with the only results being...
  6. A

    WTB: S15 Spec R ARBs

    As per title, with all relevant bushes & drop links.
  7. andeep

    FS: S15 Suspension Parts

    S15 Full Suspension - £100 S15 Alignment Arms - Traction, Camber, Toe and Tension All bushes are in very very good condition, apart from one of the front tension rod bushes which is leaking. - £20 a pair All bits off a 60,000 mile S15 Good offers will not be refused. Collected from Potters...
  8. andeep

    Suspension overhaul

    Gonna be overhauling my suspension soon with the following bits: HSD HR Coilovers 8/6kg spring rates Driftworks Rose Jointed Front Tension Arms Driftworks Rose Jointed Rear Camber Arms Driftworks Rose Jointed Rear Toe Arms Driftworks Rose Jointed Rear Traction Arms Driftworks Front Lower Bushes...
  9. Dan H

    Subframe bushes + locking collars

    I tried (unsuccessfully) to fit a set of subframe locking collars earlier. The top part went on, but the bottom part wouldn't fit up into the bush enough to get the nut started, even if I used a jack to try and push it up in :confused:. Upon further inspection, the bushes (well, the one at the...
  10. D

    Front lower inner bushes.

    Fitted some front lower inner poly' bushes today. (Apex Performance) S14 fit! With these, you need to leave the standard sleves in, so no need to press anything out.... easiest way to sort these... drill out as much of the standard bush, between the inner sleeve and outer.... then..... in a...
  11. D

    parts fitment...

    i have a really annoying grinding scratching noise from the front end on my car.... it's def' suspension related. So... i've decided, after stripping down the pass' side front end, i can't work out what could be causing the noise.... So, result being, that i'm just gonna replace both the tie...
  12. P

    Replacement Bushes

    Hi Guys, Anyone know where I can get replacement front anti-roll bar bushes from? Are they the same size as the s14? If so then presumably I can just get them from the Nissan stealers? Does anyone know where to purchase upgraded parts as I have no idea, I tired Driftworks already.
  13. K

    rear bushes

    ok started to fit the rear camber, castor and toe arms today on my car also paid extra for the whitline bushes, all going well burnt out the toe bushes put the new ones in no problem, go to the next ones, (camber) the bush on the hub burnt it out no prblems, goes to put the new bush...