1. K

    FS: S15 Parts

    Keeping hold for now due to building another s chassis project.
  2. S15Cro

    URGENT FMIC Question!!

    Hi, When ordering a FMIC, are they engine or chassis specific? I just ordered a Blitz FMIC from Japan to fit the S15 but i'm pooing myself that I ordered the wrong on!! :annoyed: Basically: Engine --> 180sx Blacktop (Non-VVT) SR20DET Chassis --> Silvia S15 (With aero that I want cutting to a...
  3. N

    Hi everyone

    Hello everybody My name is Nath and im from the West Midlands I currently own a Vauxhall Astra Sri Turbo however im planning to buy an S15 sometime next year as ive admired them for a while now and all of my mates have jap cars too :D Im wondering if there are any specific problems that the...
  4. S

    FS: FS: Tamiya TA-06 Pro Chassis + extras

    Up for sale is my practically brand new Tamiya TA-06 Pro Chassis. I've only ran it maybe 5 times for probably a total run time of 30 min max. I'm only selling this as I'm looking to get a new laptop. I won't be too heartbroken if I don't sell it as I do want to keep it. It's a fun toy that is...
  5. SlidewayzS15

    New to the forum!

    How's it going everyone, I am a proud owner of my new S15, just bought it a couple weeks ago and decided to finally join the forum. I've owned differet S chassis throughout my lifetime already always been a Nissan guy started out in a Nissan 200SX (B14 chassis U.S) and threw a Pulsar GTI-R motor...
  6. Jordan

    Does a Blitz SE kit require any cutting?

    Looking at changing the intercooler and like the look of the Blitz SE kit. Question is do I need to trim the front chassis legs at all? Im presuming the core sits between them ok... Cheers,
  7. T

    Rear body panel where to buy?

    In need of a rear chassis boot panel, does anyone know the best (cheapest) place to get one?
  8. J

    hi newbie from sittingbourne

    hi have been a member for while now but had to much going on to focus on rebuilding my car just started, but i have a little problem and would appreciate any help. ther is a bottle like thing behind passenger headlight it has like little bit of coal in bottom its black and has 2 pipes coming...
  9. R

    1JZ conversion...

    Has anyone on here performed a 1JZ conversion on their 15? I think I've got all the bits, but I'm currently not aware of any particular things that might be a problem with the S15 chassis! Also, I believe the speedo should still work as it's driven from the diff's ABS sensor? Does this sound...
  10. Tony

    WTB: searching for. S15. Front Low Chassis Bar Brace..?

    Hi guys.. Im looking for a Front Low Chassis Bar Brace .. My car had It but I saw that somebody took it of when the car was sold to me.. So If anyone has got one up for sale I'm interested!! Pic. Best regards: Tony M
  11. J

    Nissan Front Lower Brace *BACK IN STOCK*

    Hi Guys We have just received new stock of our Nissan Front Lower Brace This item Fits The S13 S14 S15 models Made from lightweight tubular aluminium to reduce weight and powder coated to eliminate corrosion. Features: * Helps reduce understeer. * Fully TIG welded. * Increases body and...
  12. xlr8

    VIN on s15

    looking to advertise the s15 on ebay but its looking for the vin.I tryed the number beside the chassis plate but it wont accept it? Any ideas?
  13. N

    S15 vin number is it stamped anywhere other than the chassis plate?

    My 15 is having work done and my mate is looking at buying a 15 tonight but he said he can only find a chassis plate with the vin on no number stamp in the chassis itself is this correct?? I cant remember :annoyed: my 14a has one and the plate!!
  14. JaseYpk

    Ball Bearing Turbo or Not?

    I was sure i'd seen a thread with this in before, but cant seem to find it now, so was wondering if anyone had the list of chassis numbers with and without the bb turbo? cheers
  15. D

    Decoding car

    hi all i;m from asia thinking of importing a s15 spec r luxury i went to view the cars already three of them ended up on my list.. anyone care to decode for me what versions are they? depply appreciate it Engine number:SR20608013W Chassis number:S15035458 Engine number:SR20DET426857...
  16. P

    Chassis Fixings

    Hello Everybody. Chassis fixings function as automotive fasteners used for connecting automobile chassis. These fixings hold together the varied parts of the vehicle chassis. High strength stainless steel is the most commonly used material for manufacturing chassis fixings. Besides being rust...
  17. T

    Spec S handbrake same as Spec R?

    Hi i'm looking for a Right side hand brake cable...found some for a Non Turbo S15 on am I right in thinking turbo and non turbo had the same rear brakes? and the same Chassis? T
  18. N

    hi, about chassis no.

    Hi, just a quick question. whats the difference in this 2 chassis: 1: JN1GBAS15A0xxxxx 2: S150xxxxx why are their numbers different ? thanks and appreciate all kinds of help.
  19. M

    FS: S15 Spec R Complete Chassis OEM Chassis Brase kit

    I have all the OEM chassis brasing out of an S15 Spec R - it may be usefull to somebody with an S14 who can retro fit it? Or possibly an S15 Spec S owner? I don't really know what to price it at so i will say £100 ono for the lot :) As you can see from the pics, kit contains Roof Bar, Boot...