1. N

    FS: Greddy / GREX S14/15 SR20DET Thermostatic Oil Cooler / Relocation Kit Earls Lines

    Greddy / GREX S14/15 SR20DET Thermostatic Oil Cooler / Relocation Kit Earls Lines 13 Row Oil Cooler. Good condition. Kit has been stored for a few years would recommend flushing before use. A few custom brackets have been made up but may require fabrication of new ones depending on...
  2. Parky

    Where can I buy an Oil filter relocation kit?

    As per title, can't seem to find one without a cooler.
  3. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Oil filter relocation and cooler?

    Hey guys im thinking about upgrading and getting an oil cooler. Are they worth it are they simple to do? are there huge benifits to it or not really worth it? I can figure one huge benefit will be changing the filter when coming to oil changes because its in a prick of a place to change on an...
  4. dave_t

    Apex Oil Cooler Kit - Any Used it?

    After speaking to a few of you that have been on track, it's evident it is essential to run an oil cooler. Messaged Bren @ APEX, and this is the oil cooler they stock. (Picture of actual kit, unlike 'generic picture on the website)...
  5. Jay-pan

    FS: Nismo 2.5" exhaust system and downpipe, KOYO oil cooler, Turbo lines

    Hi guys, Nismo 2.5" exhaust and down-pipe Just removed from my car is a Nismo 2.5" exhaust system with down-pipe and all shields stainless steel. This is a factory option exhaust system and has the Jasma plate on it. Great condition, backbox is still shinny no rust, just a slight scrape on...
  6. J0R04N

    Fitting an oil cooler, extra oil????

    Bit of a noob question but I am going to be fitting my Mocal oil cooler the weekend. It a 19 Row 235 Mocal unit without a filter relocation. My question is regarding increased oil capacity. I assume if my cooler holds at a guess 1 litre of oil then I will need an extra 1 litre of oil in the...
  7. J

    anyone know where to these parts? had a accident :(

    basically i had a accident in my car so im proper in need of some parts :( front anti link bar (drop bar) oil cooler rad need help a.s.a.p ill post a few pics:-
  8. T

    Oil cooler + relocation + thermostat where to buy???

    Where can i find a oil cooler kit with thermostat and relocated filter other than the driftworks kit or buying a rather expensive greddy one? Cheer Alan
  9. C

    Diff casings S14 v S15

    Well, are they the same? The 14's have the VLSD but also have the cooler but is this taken from the casing or the backplate? Cheers :cool:
  10. C

    Oil cooler sandwich plates

    I'm looking to fit an oil cooler soon, but dont know which type of sandwich plate to go for. Ideally I want a thermostatic plate as 90% of the time the oil will be cool enough without the cooler but, as with everything, I have heard roumers that the thermostatic plates considerably restrict...
  11. C

    Oil cooler setups..

    I'm looking to get an oil cooler but dont know what type to go for.. Could you guys post up pics and details of your existing setups, to give me some ideas of what to go for. Advantages and disadvantages would be good too if possible!! Cheers :)
  12. Benne

    my diff is cooking :(

    Everytime I´m on track my stock helical blows out lots of diff oil cause it gets too hot. S14 have diff coolers, why don´t we?? Does this S14 diff cooler fit to our diff? Or do I need the S14 diff housing? Is there maybe a nice diff cooler kit to purchase anywhere? What about those...
  13. J

    Oil cooler/pressure help!!??

    What is the max oil pressure sr20s put out??as fitted an oil cooler and the pipes are rated for 10bar is this good enough?? ALSO,, with my oil cooler fitted my oil pressure is at 35psi/2.2bar when ticking over when hot and my oil temp is about 45degrees,is this ok or do i need a thermostat...
  14. J

    FS: Bride.oil cooler etc,,,

    Have a bride brix seat.perfect condition as new.complete with rail for180/silvia same as this one: 350e TANABE 15 ROW OIL COOLER: complete with relocater kit,and braided lines ,as new condition also pic here,same as just diff make...
  15. J

    FS: 15 row oil cooler

    as above 15 row oil cooler with relocater kit.perfect condition 200 euro contact 0860535246 or pm
  16. J

    oil cooler Q???

    just wondering is it any harm having a oil cooler if its not thermostaticly controlled??can your oil go too cold resulting in it being bad for your engine???also how much extra oil would i need to add to my engine after fitting a 13 row cooler??
  17. richy200

    FS: 13 row mocal oil cooler and braided pipes

    I have a 13 row mocal oil cooler for sale. I bought it ad it hasn't been plumbed up. Don't really want to sell this but having to buy and engine was more important so this is for sale i'm just after what a paid for it. £80 delivered was a nightmare to get the cooler out, had to dismantle...
  18. S

    HKS or Greddy/Trust oil cooler?

    Street type HKS or Greddy/Trust oil cooler.... Which one do you prefer or which one is better?
  19. mook

    My Other Car...

    Thought I'd post up a quick thread for my other beasty, code named Project Rufus. Rufus is my '92 Toyota Celica ST185 RC, ie. the limited edition WRC homologation model with wide arch body, vented bonnet and chargecooler upgrade aswell as a few other nice touches. Soon after purchasing in the...
  20. D

    Oil cooler hoses

    Hi! I have a little problem with my oil cooler kit that I bought from Driftworks. I don´t know where I should draw the the oil lines too the cooler. :confused: Do you guys have any suggestions?