1. H

    Mileage correction

    I’m going to get some sort of electrical jobbie fitted to convert to MPH and the mileage too. dies anyone know if the clocks can be “re-written” to show correct mileage in miles?
  2. Saxon

    Correct Oil Filter

    Hi all, I know there are a few threads about this already but I just wanted to clarify: from what I understand from searching and reading through the existing threads, the correct oil filter for the S15 is part number 15208-9F60A? Just wanted to check as I just went to the local Nissan dealer...
  3. B

    FS: S15 frp bootlid and rear overfenders

    As title Bootlid is blue with fixing holes for spoiler £100 Overfenders are brand new in packet +25mm if I remember correct £100 Can what's app pictures if required 07858973772 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Packham

    6 Speed Release Bearing Part Number

    Hi all Just wondering which is the correct one for an s15 6 speed? Thanks :)
  5. Cess

    Head unit installation/aerial issue

    Since I installed my HU in the 15, I've suffered from terrible radio reception. Now I think its something to do with the aerial needing a powered feed. Is this correct? If so, how is this done?
  6. spoonman

    Part Number for the AERO front bumper K6020-85F08

    Though i would post this for people who search the web looking for the correct part number. Even on here there is confusion and no one really seams to know. K6020-85F08 is the correct nissan number, its is under BMPR-AERO FR
  7. darcyjohan

    SR20DET - Crank angle sensor?

    The story So the other week I was driving to QLD drift matsuri which is about a 5 hour drive from where I live. Almost half way there in the middle of nowhere my car spluttered and then it got more frequent and eventually stalled and wouldn't start again. I didn't have many tools on me but I was...
  8. S15RKM

    Turbo Drain Pipe

    Im having real trouble getting a new Turbo Oil return pipe, have been to Nissan and there not sure so wont commit to buying it in for me. They gave me 2 numbers the first, 15198-69F00, they say its not available. The second, 15198-75F00, they can get but there not sure its correct and its £23 +...
  9. dave_t

    S15 Spark Plug Gaps - Stock Boost

    Sorry if there's an existing thread on this, but i haven't found anything definitive on here regards spark plug gaps. Wanting to make sure i gap my new NGK BKR7EIX Iridum plugs to the correct size. Running stock boost for now, but will be raising shortly (14psi i think) when i fit a boost...
  10. G

    Hello from Chile

    Hi, my name is Alvaro i dont have a S15 but my Datsun have a Spes S engine inside... if i dont have a s15 as I am welcome here? :rolleyes: Please i need more information for the NN ecu (230710 85F04) for a jdm s15 Spec S... y will post in the correct section of the orum the problem... pics...
  11. J

    is this diff correct?

    hi, is this the correct diff to fit in my casing? thanks :) ive been after a 2way for ages now haha
  12. Fruitbooter

    A retarded coilover question

    Okay sitting at work bored thinking about stuff, got me wondering about my coilovers and what infact is the correct way to lower them. Ive never had coilovers where the base of the shock can adjust aswell as the spring seat. So looking at the coilovers - What is the correct way to...
  13. B

    Spec S Brake Discs

    Need new discs all around for my Spec S. Found these online for very good money. They are for 200sx/s14 turbo. I just want to know will they fit on my non turbo s15?? I've been told on another forum that these discs are 4mm wider than the spec s discs, is this correct? If so is it possible to...
  14. sparks

    s15 cat?

    I have my nct next week so pulled the decat out and put back in my original cat back in only thing is i have installed it backwards. Does the drection of the cat matter cant see any markings on it. picture shows correct way
  15. Fruitbooter

    Anyone know this car?

    Looks decent and was wondering if there was any more photos of it online etc? Its a good price really for the amount of miles its done...thats if its correct.
  16. Fruitbooter

    Subframe arms

    In the process of taking everything off and just before I bag up the bolts and separate the arms can someone just tell me what each one is. 1. Lower arms? 2. Toe? 3. Camber arms? 4. Traction? Please correct accordingly :D
  17. N

    S15 vin number is it stamped anywhere other than the chassis plate?

    My 15 is having work done and my mate is looking at buying a 15 tonight but he said he can only find a chassis plate with the vin on no number stamp in the chassis itself is this correct?? I cant remember :annoyed: my 14a has one and the plate!!
  18. A

    WTB: i need a driver side power window motor

    like the title says. please help. or maybe someone can point me in the correct direction, please. thank you.
  19. mint

    I miss my 15.. >__<

    Well i know im going to hear the "I told you so" stuff but i feel like a rant a bit.. My 15 went into Nissan last Friday, Due to pick it up the next morning after they had done the 48k service.. Didnt hear from them on friday so called Sat to get the following.. "Iv just had to correct the...
  20. K

    Are the indicators on the left stalk on S15s?

    They are on the car i'm buying. Is this correct?