1. SX2002

    Hi Giys

    Hi to all, more of a re introduction, haven't been here for some years now...got my "Happy Birthday" message so I thought I'd drop in and say Hi...:smile:
  2. L

    FS: PRODRIVE Jdm staggered wheels

    All info on eBay listing here - open to sensible offers as I need these sold really JDM Prodrive GC-05F Forged Staggered Alloy Wheel Nissan Honda Racing Lightweight | eBay drop me a text or call on 07814454338 for a quicker response - cheers
  3. L

    WTB: Aero rear spats

    After a pair of aero rear spats - ideally pearl white but can be any colour tbf drop me a text for a quicker response 07814454338 cheers
  4. L

    FS: Standard s15 parts

    Got some standard s15 parts I've taken off my s15 due to being surplus to my requirements standard front tension arms with bushes intact and nuts £25 front anti roll bar complete with bushes, drop links and mounting brackets £30 fully working rear wiper motor and arm assembly £20 front...
  5. R

    Rev drop when braking

    Only noticed this since fitting the FMIC. The revs will drop to about 500rpm if I pump the brake at idle, wont stall but comes close! I can't seem to find any sort of leak, I'm assuming that's probably the culprit though. Its driving me insane, anyone got an ideas?
  6. Badger0068

    S15 Spec S Redtop SR20DET conversion, easy?

    Hey guys, Recently bought my self an S15 Spec S and the plan is to drop the Redtop SR20DET out of my s13 into it. Before I start, is there anything I need to know? Anyone had any experience with redtops into non turbo s15s? I'm assuming the whole conversion will drop straight into it from my...
  7. Re-VolveR

    power fc s15 trouble

    Hi everyone! Having a strange issue with my Power FC L-Jetro When driving and coming to a stop the idle doesnt drop and sit around 1500-2000 and then slowly drops to normal 900rpm. Cheers PS: On cold startup it revs to 2000 and the drops to 1500 and after about 2min it will drop to 900rpm...
  8. S

    WTB: Wanted: Standard S15 intercooler (WMIC) and Diff (Helical)

    As the title says, I'm after a standard diff and standard wing mount inter-cooler. If you have one or both, please drop me a pm. Thanks,
  9. M

    WTB: bootlid.

    as title fibreglass/metal any color, will need to be posted to ne9 5dy. just drop some pics here and let me know how much you want posted. cheers for looking matty
  10. J

    Exhaust and Turbo

    As I'm new to the turbo scene haven't really known what to expect, I'm guessing that that stock turbo I have at the moment is a ball bearing turbo, but it seems to be making a hell of a lot of noise (that whirring sound that's definitely a ball bearing), I've also noticed that I've recently had...
  11. M

    Fuel tank filter?

    Hello all, I have had to drop my Subframe due to warn bushes.While dropping my subframe i found some rust and had to drop the fuel tank (rust was next to fuel pump lines) and while removing the fuel tank i had a bit of a problem with a little black box that was sitting on one of the lines...
  12. N80Jamie

    WTB: S15 SpecR

    Will be looking to buy very soon! :) only interested in immaculate examples, not on here very often so drop me a txt if your thinking of selling up any time soon :) Number: 07889266130 Cheers :)
  13. P

    Ride height+coilovers - need info!!

    Hi, my s15 which I have had for nearly a year came with Cusco Zero 1 coilovers. I would like to establish how the ride height is set relative to standard. The cusco spec sheet says that these can drop ride height between 0 and -75 front /-65 rear. But I have no idea now what standard ride height...
  14. T

    Stalling issue

    I recently got my car back on the road after over a year and a half lay off. Its nice to finally be driving it again but there are a few small things bugging me that i would like help with please. If for say I'm approaching a junction at say 30mph in fourth, i start to brake the car down and...
  15. J

    anyone know where to these parts? had a accident :(

    basically i had a accident in my car so im proper in need of some parts :( front anti link bar (drop bar) oil cooler rad need help a.s.a.p ill post a few pics:-
  16. M

    Feature Cars wanted plese!!

    Aloha! We are setting up a blog and are looking for cars to showcase under the major brands. If you would like to put your car up for view to the rest of the world and are the chosen one, we will hook you up with a 10% Discount code! Its a win win!!!! Just drop an e-mail to...
  17. Fruitbooter

    Revs drop

    Seems it only does it when cold like after just setting off. When approaching a junction or traffic lights I tend to roll up and put it in neutral and then stop, but when I put it into neutral it drops to about 700 for a second or two then goes back up to normal 900 Any idea? Is this normal...
  18. LuPix_S15

    Bee*R Limiter

    Ok I've been reading up on this recently... I'd like a limiter kit that I can install and slightly drop the rev limit on drift days etc. Is this possible since I don't have stock ECU and instead have Apexi PFC with it's own rev limit set? Will the Bee*R unit allow me to drop the rev limit...
  19. A

    WTB: S15 Spec R ARBs

    As per title, with all relevant bushes & drop links.
  20. C

    More S15OC Summer Meet pics..

    Wasn't sure if I should add these into LuPix's Summer Meet Pics thread but didn't think it'd be right to clog up the pro section with these amateur ones taken by myself and my friend Tim who came with me to the meet yesterday! ;) If anyone wants any pics in the full unedited version just drop...