1. ArTo

    WTB: Right front OEM Fender

    Hey guys looking for a good front right OEM fender shipping to Germany If someone have FRp Fender with good fitment, I‘ll thing about thanks
  2. dave_t

    FS: Vertex Monochrome Shift Knob - Custom M12X1.25 S15, R34 & Toyota Fitment -RARE/UNIQUE

    Vertex Monochrome Shift Knob - Custom M12X1.25 S15, R34 & Toyota Fitment -RARE/UNIQUE Item: Vertex Monochrome Shift Knob - Custom M12X1.25 S15, R34 & Toyota Fitment -RARE/UNIQUE Wanted one of these for my S15 for ages but as Vertex only do them with x3 different fitment inserts, of M8X1.25...
  3. G

    Cat back Exhaust fitment for S15

    Hey, sorry if this has been asked before but I am struggling to find an exhaust in stock like the Japspeed one in this link Nissan S15 Cat Back Exhaust System If it comes to it I'll see if a garage will custom make one as I'm set on having a single pipe back box which comes out at an angle but...
  4. C

    Rpf1 fitment help

    Hi all, thinking about getting some eneki rpf1's. sizes: 17x9 et 22 & 45 215/45/17 Currently running stock suspension but will eventually get hsd's ive checked will they and appears to look ok fitment. what do you guys think of this fitment and if there's anyone running a...
  5. H

    Spec S to 3a SR DET (pic heavy)

    I wasn't going to post anything just yet, but I'm pretty chuffed with the progress of this i thought id post it on here :) I bought my Spec S about a month ago or so, really not been able to do that much to it until Saturday, been working on it constantly since then and finished this evening...
  6. M

    FS: Rocket Bunny ducktail

    Anyone interested, only just bought it but I've suddenly gone off the idea of a spoiler. :/Got a small crack in the drivers side corner as pictures (ignore the fitment, I held it on loosely with sellotape!)Paid £140odd so say £110?
  7. dave_t

    FS: Genuine Ganador Mirrors (Electric) - Super Rare S15 Fitment

    Item: Pair of Genuine S15 fitment Ganador Mirrors These are SUPER RARE - It took me 3 years to find a pair, but unfortunately i have sold my S15 before i got round to having them painted and fitted. They are plug and play with your OEM mirror electrics to be electrically controlled. All...
  8. gaz15

    Walbro 341 vs 342

    I ordered a walbro GSS 341 and received a GSS 342. I emailed them and he said there is no difference between the two, has anyone fitted a 342 on a s15 will there be any fitment issues ?
  9. phillll

    EPRacing - Rear Lights. Any good? Anyone got a set of these fitted? What's the fitment like, and how are they holding up? Cheers.
  10. Jaydej

    Xxr wheels

    There is a promotion on sxoc and I want to get 18x8.75 fronts and 18x9.75 rear what ET would I need to get a fitment where I don't need any spacers anyone help?
  11. NICKO

    Apexi Hand commander fitting ideas

    Well ive just got hold of a D Jetro power fc with the new EL hand commander and was wondering where people put there commander? has anyone done anything different or any sort of custom dash fitment? or has everyone just simply thrown them into the glove box :D get the idea rolling guys :thumbs:
  12. N80Jamie

    Wheel Fitment Question (Another one, sorry!)

    Just seen a set of alloys over SXOC which i'd love to have on the S15 but i'm worried about fitment.. The size of them are: 18x9.5j et10 all round. Tyres on them currently are 225/40/18. What sort of work would be needed (if any) to get these to fit? Thanks!
  13. D

    anyone purchased a NI bonnet from EPR?

    Just looking to see if anyone has one fitted to there car and what fitment is like?
  14. B

    Dmax boot spoiler owners! Bit of help needed.

    Ok story is I got a Dmax boot spoiler from Japan a few weeks ago. I checked the fitment before I sent it for paint and it seemed pretty good. So I sent it off for paint and I was waiting 4 weeks for it because he was very busy. I got it back yesterday and went about checking fitment again and...
  15. S

    need help with these seats

    so im liking these seats from ebay ive never really took...
  16. A

    WTB: Wtb rear spats!!

    Hey guys, Looking for some S15 Rear spats, genuine or replica doesn't bother me as long as fitment is good for the latter. Thanks, Paul.
  17. LuPix_S15

    FS: H&R 10mm Hubcentric Spacers (Nissan Fitment)

    These have come off my S15 because I'm changing to 25mm spacer kit which will allow my rims to fit over my new K-Sport brakes properly :) Cost me well over £100 new as a complete kit :wack: Excellent condition - usual highly engineered stuff from H&R as expected :thumbs: Fitment Nissan...
  18. Curryzz

    Will S14a seats be the same fitment as S15

    Yelllow:) Do we know if s14 seat fitment is the same for S15? Paul
  19. Jay

    Which catback to go for?

    ok, as title says... i want to fit a ss catback to my new s15 spec r, am finding it difficult to decide on what to go for and naturaly thort of you lot on here for advice. currently i have a semi rotten nismo system on, but the car has failed an mot due to this. i would like something that...
  20. JaseYpk

    Front tow eye

    Is there one? i've looked and cant seem to find one, so does anyone know where i can aquire one from and the best place of fitment? thanks