1. T

    Custom brake set-up

    So, over the years, my car has had a few brake packages. I started off with stock calipers and discs, then upgraded to z32 aluminium calipers with the Apex 310mm bell and rotor kit, and then up until today was running r33 GTR Brembos with GTR discs. Unfortunately the R33 GTR calipers i was...
  2. B

    Newbie Ireland

    Hi all, newbie from Ireland here! Currently bidding on S15's in Japan while hoping the missus doesn't find out!:D Have a few jap classics in my collection such as Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, Subaru Impreza V4 STI and currently hoping to add an S15!
  3. D

    G'day from syd.

    Figured get this over with first So sold my black liberty a while ago after spending to much on it haha. Due to peer pressure from mates with chasers and skylines. And purchased this from japan which is currently...
  4. S

    FS: AVS Advan mode 6 wheels 9"*17" ET20

    Selling a set a wheels which I don't have any need for any more. They are AVS Advan Model 6 wheels which originally came off an R33 GTR. Wheels are all the same size 9"*17" ET20. they are in good condition with no significant kerbing/damage and all are true and straight !! These are awesome JDM...
  5. langers

    The FNG

    Just want to say hello to everyone, my name is Chris and I'm currently on the lookout for an S15. Little bit about myself, I'm quite a bike fanatic. Currently have a KTM 690 SMC which is my weekend toy, but after owning 6 bikes over 7 years and sampling everything on the market I've decided my...
  6. H

    new member

    hello everyone looking to purchase a s15 asap i am a proud owner of a r32 gtr was wondering where the local meets are in the manchester/cheshire area
  7. K

    DD JDM S15 RB26 MFD RPi more acronyms build

    I'm Ken, from Ibaraki, Japan. I had owned a TT Z32 previously and was looking to get into another fast turbo Nissan, so about 3 years ago I started looking at S15s, as the Z32 is a little too heavy and wide for daily driving here. I ended up finding a very clean unmodified one for a very low...
  8. Jay-pan

    My new jap motor....

    Well after selling my first S15 i knew it was a mistake and decided to get another one but didn't seem to feel the love like i did for my first one so sold it on after putting a fortune into it and went on to getting what i have always wanted to own!! Its a 2002 Bayside Blue R34 GTR V-Spec...
  9. 5

    FS: R33 GTR brembo calipers - FRESHLY REFURBISHED

    now sold :) see my other thread for other parts
  10. S

    FS: Rare GTR Face Advan RG's 17x9.5j et24 5x114

    For sale. Decided to keep my gramlights so i have these super rare GTR Face Advan RG's 17x9.5j et24 5x114. These where refurbed about 1000miles ago. no curbing. but some have very small stone chips. Come with 235/40/17 firestone firehawk tyres. but they will need replacing very soon. (in 4...
  11. Jordan

    FS: R32 Gtr complete front brake upgrade

    R32 GTR front calipers, Project Mu discs and Ferodo pads for sale. Great upgrade from standard brakes. Will throw in HEL braided lines too. Great upgrade from stock brakes. £160 Delivered.
  12. pegliobaglio

    thinking of selling up, how much is it worth?

    Weighing up selling my 15 to buy a r32 gtr :wack: Not 100% atm just wondering what you guys think i would be able to get for the car. I would more than likely sell the car on rota gtr's and keep the xd9's for the gtr Basically the reason i am considering it is that is gonna cost me best...
  13. S

    FS: R34 GTR Wheels + NISMO 2way 4.3FD LSD

    R32 GTST 2way NISMO Diff 4.3 Final Drive. I believe it will fit S13/14/15 I haven't researched it fully though. I brought it from Garage Southern Style a few months ago, I've just cleaned it up. £550 posted in the UK. R34 GTR Wheels. 18" 9J et30. I've started to refurb them, tyres are no...
  14. O

    FS: GTR R££ white wheels for sale

    ​Hi Guys selling these GTR wheels off my S15 5X114 R17X9J +30. they sit pretty much flush on my S15, rears has no spacers and front has a 10mm spacer to clear the coilovers I don't get any rubbing. Tires are still good 225/45 R17 all round. They are in good condition slight curb rash on 2...
  15. Jay-pan

    Anyone own ROTA GTR alloys on there S15?

    After the fitment size of Rota GTR alloys, want them to fit nicely in the arches without work needing to be done. :)
  16. S

    FS: S15 brakes, R32 GTR Wheels/Tyres, HEL braided brake lines, 2.5" decat, tail lights

    S15 brakes, R32 GTR Wheels/Tyres, HEL braided brake lines, 2.5" decat, tail lights I figured I would consolidate my for sale threads into one. All prices are excluding shipping. Taking offers on everything. S15 Spec S (?) stock brakes. Includes front & rear calipers, disks, pads (the fronts...
  17. adzsy

    RB25 Build Thread

    Copied From SXOC Well after a year without an s-body I seem to have fallen back into the game. The S14a got sold along with the Navara in a bid to limit myself to one sensible car whilst my wife was on maternity leave. So I bought a Black R33 GTR V-Spec. As nice as it was, it never really...
  18. S

    R33 GTR diff into S15 - ABS adaption

    Hey Guys, I've recently acquired an R33 GTR - diff, half shafts, and axels (6 bolt) for the S15. I have not come across anything online regarding what needs to be done to retain the ABS system using the new R33 GTR diff. In the R33 GTR, two ABS sensors from the diff are used to provide a...
  19. Jay-pan

    WTB: Alloy swap R34 rims

    Anyone interested in a swap with R34 GTR replica alloys, only difference compared to real GTR alloys is the centre cap sits in rather than out. Sit really wide 18x9j in black. I am interested in Rota Grid Drifts or similar in style 18" or what ever you have got let me know. Black or Bronze in...
  20. CMR

    R33 GTR Brembo Bolts

    Had a search and can find a few threads about the above subject, but no definite answers. I know there are a few people on here running GTR Calipers, what are the bolt sizes did you use for the front? I don't want to have to get the standard bolts machined, would rather buy new in the correct...