1. D

    New member from Japan!

    Hey guys! I'm a new member to this forum, been lurking around for the past day or so and found a couple articles and progress on other members cars I found interesting so I figure I'd join.:D About me: I am an American living in Japan (non-military). I have about 6 years drifting experience...
  2. J

    d-max boot soiler where can i get one ???

    hi every one :wave: does any body know where i can get a d-max rear boot spoiler ? ive tryed ep raceing they have not got any untill end of march so i went and bort one from rhd japan and they dont have any till end of feb these spoilers seem to be like rocking horse **** atm
  3. Re-VolveR

    please help to translate japan to english from japan video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKB0bFwlCIU&feature=related 6:45 - 7:12 what is this modification?why?
  4. F

    Konichiwa from Japan

    Hey guys, My name is Tim. I'm currently living in Japan just outside of Tokyo and I have a '99 S15 Spec S (and a 93 S14). The S15 is sitting at the garage (I haven't even driven it before!) waiting to have an engine transplant, among other upgrades...I've never done an engine swap (S14 or S15...
  5. S

    How many s15 is made?

    Hello My brother has just buyed an s15 spec r -02 from japan. And he wonders how many s15 is made each year? Is the 02 most rare?
  6. L

    Anyone been to Japan?

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone here has been to Japan? I am hopefully going over in Jan/Feb next year and was looking for some advice on the drifting scene in Japan. I'll be in Tokyo for around 3 weeks, but only really wanted to spend one day or two looking at cars. Preferably a day trip to...
  7. C

    Just moved to Japan and bought an S15 :)

    I just moved from Las Vegas to Okinawa Japan :wave: Just purchased a bone stock Spec S Here are some pics. :) I love how its 100% stock not 1 ding not 1 scratch no joke original paint. Not one ounce of aftermarket yet. Starting from a perfect platform. I really just want to put brand new...
  8. vinnie

    Front Bumpers from Japan and other parts

    Hey Just got in touch with my mate from Japan (been difficult for him after whats happened but all good) and asked him if he can get hold of any bumpers for an S15. He said he can and has emailed me some pics. I know alot of people are after the OEM Aero bumper and he said hes looking into...
  9. D

    FS: Cusco Adjustable Tension Rods

    These came off a very low miles S15, both rose joints are still tight. They have handy little covers to keep the dirt out of the rose joints :) £240 delivered form Japan at the moment. £85 for the pair including postage ono :) Half price compared to the Apex version :)
  10. J

    video request s15 with throttle bodies

    hey guys, seen a video posted in a reply on here a few months ago of an s15 drifting one big corner in japan that had throttle bodies, i'm sure it was a spec s in white. anyone know the vid? jonny.
  11. R

    Race.Fi: How Japan's quake effects deliveries

    Information: Japan earthquake and tsunami Car parts and materia come second to the actual devastation caused to people's lives in Japan. Parts will be available, and what is lost can be rebuilt - the grief can not be undone. Boght from us or not, many people likely worry about their orders from...
  12. vengee*

    new & only s15 owner in Slovenia, fresh import from Japan!

    Hi everyone! Im the new s15 owner; it will be the only rhd Silvia in our country. :o bought her on 17th Feb from Japanese used cars, and im really proud that i finally made it! few pics: Japaneseusedcars auction: pics from garage in Japan: and new pics from Japanese port...
  13. P

    FS: [Brisbane]OEM Style CF bonnet Varis S15

    Genuine Varis Carbon Fibre Bonnet for and S15 $650 ono It is Uncleared carbon so it needs a good polish and to stop it from hazing a clear coat it has had a few bumps and was repaired in japan but it looks like its just had an epoxy fill it would be perfectly suited for painting
  14. LuPix_S15

    FAO: Feast Japan :D

    Hello Mr Feast Japan! :) Just wondering whether you are able to source used JDM rims and whether you might have a selection already I can think about? I'm after a set of 18" rims to replace the ones on the Stagea I'm getting: So really for like to like I'd be looking at 18x9 ET30 or...
  15. N

    Another Japanese tuning company partly collapsed. I could see this one coming.

    Yet another very well known Japanes bodykit company looks to be on the edge of colapes VeilSide USA Now Closes Business. I suspect Veilside Japan will be history too shortly from the letter below. We had to stop dealing with them years ago as it was such a messy company and became far too...
  16. M

    hi all, from japan

    hello guys, how are you??? my name is steven, from london, but living in japan now, and just bought a completely standard white s15. hopefully might see you guys around when i am back for holiday.. :cool:
  17. K

    Do you intererst to the JDM cars?

    Do you interest to the JDM cars? If you so, you should confirm following page. http://nissancars.kamikaze-drive.com/ We are the used JDM cars exporter in Japan. If you interested in, contact us in English. Thank you. ===================================== Managing Director Mr.Tetsuya...
  18. vinnie

    japan shipping

    hello poeple i have orderd my s15 in june and it got shipped out at the end of june. just got the paper work from japan and it says the car is landing in the uk in December!! can it take that long to ship the car from japan to the uk? 6 Months!!!! or am i reading the wrong part like...
  19. W

    my s15 spec R (still in japan) due in 5 weeks!

    Hi guys heres a few pics of the s15 ive just won in japan (andy from 200bhp really) lol a lot is goin to be sorted and changed for better items, including all the paintwork by myself! OOPS pics didnt upload!
  20. Feast Japan

    JP EVENT: Spring Drift Matsuri At Ebisu

    Another Ebisu Circuit Matsuri event has recently wrapped up and a time of thrashing it was. Total cars on hand was close to 500 as told by track owner Kumakubo. Possibly setting a new record for the annual spring event. Friday, a day earlier before the normal weekend event, a G1 GP...