1. D

    Nuts and bolt Kits

    Hi, are there any nuts and bolt kits available for an S15 Spec-R? I would like to have a good assortment of nuts and bolts in my garage, or would a general kit from a hardware store do?
  2. JDM_virgin

    Auxillary belt kits

    Best places and brands to buy? Or just go with OEM?
  3. Lil SpecR

    Caliper rebuild kits?

    Where can I grab one from? Need one front ... :)
  4. S

    battery relocation

    Hey guys thinking of doing this. The kits look rather over price. Who's done it where did you get your kits or do you buy them in bits?
  5. P

    FS: S15 Pearl White touch up paint

    Two Pitwork touch up paint kits, each contains a bottle of BWK 0 Base coat and BWK 0 top coat. I am looking for £10 + postage if required. I am in Oxford and sometimes go to Wokingham/Bracknell area if this helps for pick up in person. I ordered these from pefectrun, once the shipping to UK...
  6. T

    Forging a s15 sr20det

    I want to forge my s15 so I can put a bigger turbo and cams Ect , I was just wondering what kits people have bought and where from and how much it was . Thanks .
  7. K

    Do S15 Uras kits hang really low?

    Hey guys, I'm deciding between a Uras body kit and an Origin body kit for my S15. One thing about the Uras body kits is that in some photos it makes the car look like it is very bottom-heavy and VERY low. Is this because the owner's have lowered their car that low or because of the actual kit...
  8. Silverstreak

    Full silicone hose kit for the SR20 DET

    I am in the process of having a full silicon hose kit made up for me. Once this has been done and I have tested the prototype, if it's good, then it will be being put into production. I will also be getting the cold air induction pipe done in both OEM and oversized for those of us running the...
  9. N

    WTB: Vertex ridge widearch kit

    As per title new or used, got cash ready to go! Incomplete kits considered!!! What have you got???
  10. - 0h -

    Anyone who has D-Max body kits

    hi there, can anyone who has D Max body kit to post up some pic of your cars? the rear view would be great...I would like to compare it to Vertex's ones. I think the D-max ones is slightly more flare for the rear that right? or they are actually the same and identical? I'm thinking...
  11. I

    Spring rate choice and Front / Rear distribution

    Hello, I'm looking for springs to fit the koni yellow I ordered. (Please no debate on this choice vs coilover, for this budget, I think it's the best solution) I want a setup for road driving, and particularly bumpy roads... And I wonder what to choose... Reading this topic, I think...
  12. J

    £199 S14, S14a S15 FMIC KITS XMAS SPECIAL!!!

    Hi Guys *** NEW OFFER!!! *** We have decided to Put on an super special offer for forum members on our intercooler kits for the Nissan S15!! As its nearly Xmas we wanted to give you guys the chance to grab one at a super great member price, See details below! BUY NOW PRICE!!! We are...
  13. J

    D2 8POT 330mm / 356mm Big Brake Kits for S15 and other SX models

    *** NEW STOCK ARRIVED OCTOBER 2012!! *** Hi Guys we have just received new stock of our Brake stopping D2 Kits in 330mm and 356mm for both the front and rear and as usual we are offering you guys a great Deal!!! We are not going to offer you a group buy! Instead we are going to let you get...
  14. Jay-pan

    Fitting side skirts.

    Probably a really simple answer, but how do most people fit there side skirts? Mainly aimed at aftermarket kits like the vertex kit. Just bought my Vertex Lang kit and about to test fit the skirts.
  15. miniorochi

    Gasket Kit

    Hi All Justy wondering if anyone knows where I can get a full engine gasket kit for 15 SR20DET. I'm assuming gasket Kits for s14s SR 20DETs will also fit? Thanks for the help
  16. Fruitbooter

    330mm brake upgrade

    Now I know some people dont like these kits as they use brackets to mount the caliper...but for those who have used it how would you rate it over standard? Im fed up of waiting for a set of ksports to come up and havent got £8/900 for new ones so im thinking about one of these kits for the...
  17. N


    Can anyone help me? I'm wondering is there a difference in the clutch kits for the 5 and 6 speed boxes? Not sure if the splines are the same
  18. S

    New bloke from Sydney

    Hey all, I'm Sam, a 24 year old electrician from Sydney. Owned my Jap spec 15 for almost 3 years now. Got it dead stock which is what I wanted. Pretty much gone from this: To this: Mods? Too many to list at the moment. I'd have to start another build thread probably, forgotten half...
  19. M

    phormula knock detection, cheap.

    not sure if this is allowed so mods feel free to delete this if its not. there is currently a group buy on sxoc being run by Horsham developments. for a phormula knock detection kit, they are doing various kits so if anyone wants in here is the link. they are doing them at bloody amazing...
  20. pegliobaglio

    suspension bush kits

    Hi guys, A question for those of you who have refreshed your suspension. I want to try do a full refurb in the new year,am looking into bush kits atm,superpro are top of the list atm as they are brilliant quality and not as harsh on the road as other kits can be,but this comes at a price! Atm I...