1. I

    WTB: S15 door lock motor (passenger side)

    I'm looking for S15 door lock motor which is attached with 2 screws onto the door closing mechanism, I only need the motor unit, passenger side please.
  2. relentless

    Central Locking is relocked itself

    Hi Guys NZ New S15. I have this intermittent problem, initially it'd happen maybe once a month so I didn't think much of it but it seems to happen once a day now and having managed to lock myself out of the car this morning I thought I'd see if anyone here has seen it before. So I have a...
  3. T

    Turbo setup...Metal lock nuts or use Lock Tabs

    Need some feedback here guys as my turbo is coming out for all new gaskets and braided lines at the weekend.should i just get some OEM Lock tabs or are those driftworks metal lock nuts a better idea the only mods done to engine will be elbow and downpipe so more or less standard set up.Im...
  4. L

    WTB: S14-a auto LSD diff or other good ratio lsd for s15

    Hey just brought a lovely s15 na of Ashley Meade looking for a good ratio LSD that will lock well for drift days pm me thanks
  5. O

    WTB: s15 boot lock and key

    Hi Guys I was after a boot lock and key for my S15, anyone know where i can get one or do i need to order from nissan? Thanks
  6. J

    front wheel alignment?

    hi, does anyone know of a decent closeish to northampton shire to have a go at sorting my front wheel camber and steering lock? thanks james
  7. R-Spec

    Track rod ends (S15 Spec R ...same as S14 I guess???)

    So one has failed the MOT for me.... question is I assume they're the same as the S14 ones so I could just to Nissan... What other options do I have and can you get more steering lock out of aftermarket ones? What should I pay for a pair? :-)
  8. superK

    WTB: Ignition switch and matching lock set

    As above for s15, looking for a set working off the same key, Thanks
  9. Mange

    Hicas locking

    Hello guys, I've just bought myself a S15, but it is with HICAS 4ws and this I would like to get rid of. Is there anyone that have got any tips or could give me any advices on how to do this? I will buy a hicas lock bar kit like this one on DW...
  10. - 0h -

    about the Boot lid

    just curious to know if you want to swap the boot lid, for the boot lock, do you just take out your boot lock and put the lock into your new boot lid? and is it hard to take it out? cheers sorry if i'm being noob here...
  11. J

    electrical problem :(

    well i brought the car wednesday and everything was fine until yesterday. i was parked up and i went to start my car and pull off but it wouldnt tick over. The dash lights came on fine but the turbo wouldnt turn on. i then tried to immobilse the car with the remote but it wouldnt lock or unlock...
  12. M

    Just got a standard s15

    Hi guys, I'm happy that fnally i can be a part of this forum... just bought myself a pewter s15 spec-r A/T... with not working boost gauge and central lock. Thinking of getting some wheels first and probably some body kit and repaint. any advice will be appreciated. Thank you :wave:
  13. N

    Hi-cas lock out needed

    Hi guys, I've been ordering the mods i want for my Silvia but i'm struggling to find a Hi-cas lock out bar, can anyone point me in the right direction? Apex said it would be around £200 but would have to look into it, Japspeed said remove the rear axle and bolt on a new 1 lol or...
  14. A

    need help w driver side door

    hey, my driver side window wont roll down. at first i thought it was the motor but when i use the power lock switch it will unlock the passenger door but not the driver side. the mirror adjustment knob works for both sides plus the power folding mirrors just the window and the lock wont respond...
  15. S

    FS: Standard diff needed!!!

    Standard diff needed as my fully locking diff is not good for the road. Does anyone know any breakers in the UK that I could get one from? Also would anyone want the Lock diff? I was told its Cusco but im not sure.
  16. J

    WTB: Door lock part wanted

    Hi all, im looking for a part of a door lock. Mine was damaged when someone tried to break into it. I tried an s14 one but it is different. I have circled the part that i need, so if anybody knows of one being broken, that would be great:thumbs:
  17. simon

    wheel bearing lock nut

    while fitting my new rear wheel bearing my mechanic broke the wheel bearing lock nut, i cant find any info on this nut or how to get it, my local nissan dealer hasnt a clue, and no parts suppliers around me seem to have one does anyone have the part number for this nut or the measurements for...
  18. A

    Brake issue

    My friend has an issue with his brakes that we can´t manage to sort out. He changed the fluid lines, removed the calipers and drained the system. Now when we bleed the brakes there is no air coming out. When we drive the car and press down the brake pedal hard the rear wheels lock up and the ABS...
  19. mint

    Passanger Lock problem

    Alrighty Folks. Ok when the car got ported over i got Torque to install an Alarm system for me, i got the Cobra system (iirc, I'll double check..) Anyways been working a treat however last week (When it was hella cold) when i went to open the pass door it opened onto the latch and got stuck...
  20. P

    Help with 2 problems please

    Right firstly been to have a drive of my silvia tonight im picking it up tomorrow. 1, when turning the steering lock to lock or at slow speeds i can hear a twang noise from the springs on the front of the car. Its got coilovers fitted but not sure what make etc and they're a hard ride. If WD40...