1. F

    WTB: Looking for a clean, low mileage S15 spec R

    Hello everyone, I've been looking to purchase an S15 as soon as my insurance comes down a bit and it looks like the time has come. Currently have a BMW m140i to hold off until the insurance on an S15 came down but now with my renewal coming up at the end of next month, they want £3-4k for...
  2. willy s15

    FS: nissan rb25det trans very low klms

    hey to all i have trans rb25det from r33 import halfcut with very low klms 102.000 it is runs very well no noise at all is almost like new trans -shift - rear piece to make connect i will keep it
  3. B

    Gearbox Specialist

    Hi All, I think a crappy short shifter has helped destroy reverse gear on my s15 six speed gearbox. I'm gonna have it repaired by Gravesend Transmission Services. I will let you low how it goes, as I understand this is a common issue on s bodies. Rgds Brian
  4. A

    FS: Bride Low Mount Seat Rail (Passenger)

    For Sale; Bride Low Mount Seat Rail (Passenger) Genuine Bride rail in good order SOLD
  5. B

    WTB: Wanted - Black S15 low mileage

    Hey All, After 12 years on the sxoc forum, I'm ready to make a switch to the dark side. I'm looking for a low mileage black s15, unfortunately I recently missed out on Nemesis Guys car :down: (I'd quite happily snap it up from it's new owner for a profit..hint hint! :wack:)...
  6. Badger0068

    Calling all slammed S15s on 18s! Tyre advice needed!

    Hi guys! Trying to get my s15 as low as possible but having some tyre clearance issues on the front.. Currently running 18x9.5 et18 7twenty Style 49s with 225/40/18 tyres. I've had the front arches rolled and slightly pulled however the tyres are scrubbing on the inner arches quite badly (on...
  7. pegliobaglio

    FS: Work emotion xd9 18"

    Work emotion xd9 18" Having recently got myself some cr2pc wheels these are no longer needed Work emotion xd9 in Matt silver (now discontinued) Specs are 18x9 et20 225/40 18x10 et38 255/35 All tyres are kuhmo ku39 with 2500 miles max on them so loads of life left . 3 wheels have light...
  8. A


    Hi all Ashley from SXOC had a few S bodies still got a S14a Kouki which im in the process of selling Joined the forum to have a look see at some clean low mileage, and pretty standard S15 Spec-Rs as i'll be after one in the next few weeks maybe a month Thanks
  9. S

    WTB: Low mileage Version R

    Hi, Looking for a low mileage S15 Ver R. If yours is for sale or know of another please can you send me more details, pics to: Humphriesjl@screaming.net Cheers Matt 07946111619
  10. sibbers

    My sensible fast road S15

    I was going to post this in the welcome thread, but it seemed like after 3 months that might be milking it a bit. Anyway, after focusing on tasteful handling mods and renewing aging parts to make the car feel modern again I thought I'd see what happens with a headlight restoration kit. Turns...
  11. Parky

    FS: (SSR) Koeing Monster 18x9/10 with tyres

    These won't work on my new car so up for sale they go. Koenig Monster 18x9 and 18x10, ET22 all round. PCD 5x114.3. I bought these from JDM Distro and they came into the country a year ago. Not mega low offsets but they do have plenty of dish due to the low disk. Straight and true, they have...
  12. Misiek_lbn

    blue Spec R on M25

    good looking, great sound, needs more low, but still love it:thumbs:
  13. L

    WTB: S15 Spec R - Budget of £9k - Low Mileage and Stock Preferable

    As per the title, been looking around for an S15 Spec R, I have a budget of £9k, no real preference on the colour but would like it low mileage and as stock as possible. I'm located in London but willing to travel for a good example. Thanks!
  14. phillll

    Coilovers & arms

    Hi guys, just a quick one. Looking at getting some HSDs in the next month or so. Which alignment arms do you NEED/are essential when lowering? It won't be going too low, but I'm guessing rear camber is a must when dropping? Cheers
  15. Jaydej

    Recaro cs help

    I've got my eyes on a lovely pair for Recaro cs however I need to get base rails I'm going to go for the bride super low but does anyone know what model I need?
  16. billy_t15

    FS: 2x Genuine bride Super Low rails

  17. Jaydej


    Hey all, my car has recently developed a vibration when I'm in 5th or 6th cgear and slowly climbing between 60-80mph, recently I have fitting 330mm ksports and also new wheels with second hand tyres (my tyre shop said they wheela are fine and have balanced them twice) there is no vibration on...
  18. Jaydej

    Does yours hang as low as mine?

    So my exhaust scrapes every now and again it's a 3" pipe does yours hang as low?
  19. T

    New Member! hey from vancouver BC canada!

    hey! im from vancouver bc canada! im 23, a mechanic at langley chrysler, and love cars with a passion! have been drag racing casually since i was 16 at the local strip, and just recently last season started drifting on a more competative level! i recently picked up my dream car!... well almost...
  20. Jaydej

    Help!!! Low boost!

    Hey people got a problem need some help and advise. So yesterday I tried to fit the hks ssqv but didn't have the piping so put the original one back on. Now today I've come to Enfield I've been driving really hard for about a hour and now I have low boost it sits at around 0.2bar and when I...