1. Johnny

    WTB: Interior dash lower trim panel + glove box

    Wanted Interior dash lower panel with glove box Lower dash under steering wheel
  2. S

    FS: driftworks rear lower arms

    i didnt use the lower arms i bought as i think its a bit overkill. probably need a grease up looking for £150 ono located aldershot. DSC_0119 by shifty biscuits, on Flickr
  3. tooley

    FS: Part Shop Max Super Steering Angle Knuckles and Lower arms

    Hi All, Selling my old setup. S14 knuckles with the ackerman correction boss welded on by ashfab. I have done 4 events with these knuckles. S15 lower arms with strengthening bracing and lock stop removal. New ball joints (Last October). I have done one event with the new ball joints. No...
  4. dave_t

    WTB: S15 OEM Gear Knob Insert (Grey Plastic Lower Bit)

    I'm after a spare OEM Plastic Insert, the grey lower part of the oem knob, which is removable - pictured below. I know a lot of people change their oem knob and probably have it going spare :thumbs: Paint condition not important. PM me for quickest response -Thanks -David
  5. G

    5 speed conversion trim troubles

    ive put a 5 speed gearbox on my spec R, when i put all the trim back in ive found that the gear lever is catching on the plastic surround trim (the smaller silver plastic part which has the 6 speed pattern on it) when im shifting into the lower gears and reverse. i know others have put the 5...
  6. N80Jamie

    Couple Of Q's

    Couple Of Q's (Preventing bootlid from flying open) First of all im going to go ahead and remove the rear spoiler from the Silvia and just wanted to know how much this job should roughly cost? Also, will the whole bootlid have to resprayed when doing this job? Secondly, i'm wanting to wind my...
  7. dave_t

    WTB: S15 Lower Dash Panel (Below Steering Wheel - example pic inside)

    After a spare/replacement lower dash panel, that fits below the steering wheel, so i can custom mount my AVC-R Here is an example picture of what i require must be in decent condition, drop me a pm if you have one :thumbs:
  8. Benne

    WTB: front right lower control arm, tension rod and wheel hub assembly w knuckle spindle

    Just need to get a chassis back on wheels again so seaching for front right suspension parts except the strut/spring: S14 or S15 front right - lower control arm - tension rod - knuckle complete with wheelhub I don´t care if the parts are rusty or worn, just need to get a wheel mounted...
  9. P

    What used value my cusco coilovers?

    Hi, my spec R was imported with Cusco Coilovers, an early Zero 2 model. I am now on standard suspension and think I might keep it that way (will hold of deciding until after a track day I have booked on in June). I would like some ballpark idea of used value for the Cuscos. Can anyone suggest...
  10. Fruitbooter

    FS: Buddy Club P1 Racing wheels

    4 good condition wheels, excellent tyre tread left. Wheels could do with a good clean as there are bits that need a good scrub and pollish. There is the odd chip and scratch but nothing serious. 16 x 7.5 +12 all round Tyres are some 'Sunew' make YS112 in 205/55 Not the most aggresive...
  11. J

    japspeed lower arms. help.

    hi. ive just had these japspeed lower arms fitted but no idea how to set them up. any else got these that could help?
  12. L

    Got me some new wheels!

    Shameless copy & paste of my post on SXOC, sorry! :p Replaced the bronzey 17" CrKai's with some 18" GTR's and GTR-D's :D I've a good bit of poke in the rear but she's only rubbing on big bumps, and it's only the inner lip of the arch that's rubbing, so I'd say I'll hammer it up. Guessing I...
  13. J

    WTB: need these a.s.a.p money waiting!

    basically i had a accident in my car need a few things to put it right, need them a.s.a.p can pay straight away!! drivers side front lower wishbone arm + ball joint oil cooler rad front anti link bar (drop bar) need these a.s.a.p!
  14. J

    Japspeed Nissan Rear Lower Adjustable Control Arms *BACK IN STOCK*

    Hey S15OC :D We've Just got back in to stock our Nissan Rear Lower Adjustable Control Arms Adjustable rear lower arm kit. These lower arms are designed as a direct replacement for the standard units. Adjustable for track so you can either run a huge amount of camber or adjust both the lower...
  15. J

    Japspeed Nissan Front Lower Adjustable Control Arms

    Hi Guys we have in stock our Nissan front lower control Arms. These adjustable front lower control arms to fit the Nissan S13, S14 and best of all the S15 model, will eliminate the ‘play’ commonly experienced using the standard equivalent, by doing so this will give you a much more precise and...
  16. lvaleiron

    WTB: looking for both front lower control arm - oem

    I'm looking for both front lower control arm (L+R) oem in good condition.
  17. S

    FS: [Brisbane, Australia] Sold car, leftover parts for sale

    PICKUP ONLY or organise your own courier GOLD COAST Weekends or SUNNYBANK HILLS weekdays Ultra Racing Braces ($300 for BOTH sets)New Details: http://www.ultraracingaustralia.com/page18.htm Both Front Lower and Side Lower braces Nismo Gearbox Mount ($100 ONO)New
  18. Fruitbooter

    Subframe arms

    In the process of taking everything off and just before I bag up the bolts and separate the arms can someone just tell me what each one is. 1. Lower arms? 2. Toe? 3. Camber arms? 4. Traction? Please correct accordingly :D
  19. U

    Udi's S15

    2002 Spec-R GT Bought off an old man with 27,000 on the clock, bone stock Done a few little things to it: - HKS Silent Hi-Power tbe, FMIC, JDM ecu - RAYS Gram Lights 57maximum, Potenza 050A's - R33 Front calipers, 296mm slotted rotors - Adjustable camber/caster/traction/toe rods, lower springs -...
  20. R

    FS: S15 Standaard front lower and rear lower arms

    For sale standaard front and rear lower arms for the S15, let my now Greetz ron