1. S

    Recommended Brake Pads for fast road use

    Hi all, been trying to nail down the best brake pad options over the weekend. after a low-dust pad that doesn't really require warming up to be useful (like i hear the EBC yellowstuffs do) as i use my car daily for commuting too. greenstuffs appear to fit the bill but ive also come across a...
  2. JDM_virgin

    EBC yellow pads. confused@fcuk

    EBC website says that product code for s14/s15/r33/r34 sumitomo calipers is DP41200R however this shop: EBC YELLOWSTUFF FRONT PADS DP4775R FOR NISSAN SILVIA (S15) 2 99-2002 | eBay has these for sale- DP4775R and claims they are for an s15 fitment and the EBC site says they are for a 99 nissan...
  3. E

    Where to buy pads?

    I'm struggling to find anywhere that sells pads and disks. Looking for some track gear really like a ferodo ds3000 or something up to a similar friction level. Also after some plain disks for cheap. Thanks in advance!
  4. L

    Reputable parts supplier.

    Hello everyone, Can anyone point me in the right direction please. My s15 is in the garage having some work done and I need to purchase some parts. My question is who do I go to? I used to go to driftworks for most of my stuff but they only do suspension and wheels now so I need to find a good...
  5. langers

    Best place to buy Ferodo DS2500?

    As the title stats, where is the best place to get these pads? There's a few on eBay, but eBay is full of fakes so I'm a bit hesitant to order off there. Also will s14 pads fit the s15 calipers?
  6. A

    FS: R33 Brembo Front brakes & R33 Twinpot Rear brakes

    Now Sold Hi S15 owners, I was posting this up on the SXOC, where I'm a long standing member, and I thought you could be interested too, some of you already know me through my work - sure you can get it from the account name, not here to plug that, R33 GTR front Brembo setup Direct S14/S15...
  7. B

    FS: Skyline R33 front brakes

    Skyline R33 gts-t front brake setup Pr of calipers removed from fresh import car with 42000miles Pr of DBA4000 performance grooved discs, as new Set of good Ferodo DS2500 pads Pr of brake hoses Sale due to upgrade to K Sport 8 pot kit Discs and pads alone were £480 new from RB Motorsport All in...
  8. T

    FS: Brake parts, s15 disks, z32 alloy calipers, 310 alloy bells and rotors......

    I've got a set of used but serviceable s15 disks £15 Brand new in packaging s15 discs £30 S15 rear brakes with handbrake cables, drivers side was leaking £30 S15 rear brake pads, etc green stuff, done 100 miles, as new £20 Z32 alloy front calipers, project mu Street pads, with apex 310mm light...
  9. P

    FS: Brembo sport pads for R33 GTR brembo calipers (also fit 350Z brembos)

    These were ordered from Europerformance in August 2014, I had recently fitted R33 GTR brembos front and rear and wanted fast road/track pads for a track day on Brands Hatch GP circuit in September. I had not got around to fitting the pads when I wrote the car off at the end of August. I have...
  10. S

    brakes lock up easily

    hey guys my jdm spec r locks up/abs kicks in too easily it seems and it feels like i cant brake hard at all. i dont know if this is because of my brake pads (oem) or some abs problem also front tyres are stock width and full tread depth. some advice would be greatly appreciated
  11. I

    FS: Bigger EBC yellowstuff pads

    I have a set of bigger EBC yellowstuff pads to sell, to be used with 315/330/345 brake kits using nissan calipers, they have more than 50% life left in them. Pads were used with the 315mm discs and have a slight lip because they overhang the discs by 1mm or so. They have done 4 trackdays + 5...
  12. O

    Brake pads and disc's buying advice

    Hi Guys I need to change my brake pads and discs, just wondered where's a good place to get some decent ones from. I've got standard Spec R brake setup I only use mine as a daily so don't need a race spec. I saw the FAQ about brakes but the pads seems race orientated and no one mentions what...
  13. Lanyard

    WTB: Standard Rear Brakes!

    Being messed around by some idiot on DW about sending my z32 rear handbrake mech out and have no standard rear brakes (and thus no handbrake as i'm running R33 Skyline rear brakes) for the MOT!! Don't care about pads or lines, just need some none sticking s14/15 rear brakes ASAP... Like...
  14. S

    FS: Skyline r33 gtst EBC uprated rear discs and yellow stuff pads

    For any of you that may be running R33 rear brake set up Brand new in box drilled and grooved rear discs rear yellow stuff pads £250 for the set
  15. S

    FS: EBC front discs and yellow stuff pads

    Brand new in box drilled and grooved stock replacement front discs and yellow stuff pads Pads in picture are for a 300zx TT but are the same for 200sx s14/s15 £250
  16. Lai

    Where to buy brake discs and pads?

    As above Can anyone recommend where to order discs and pads? Don't really want to buy on ebay so any recommendations would be muchly appreciated Thanks, Lai
  17. vinnie

    FS: S15 Spec R front calipers, pads and discs

    Up for sale is a pair of front spec r calipers, all in good nic, pads have a a lot of meat and there Nissan OEM pads. Discs are fine. these will be a good upgrade for a spec s :nod: Will get some pics up once its sunny £50 including delivery
  18. B

    Spec R front calipers on a Spec S

    Well. I considering upgrading the front calipers on my Spec S to Spec R/Kings S14 twin piston calipers. Couple of questions I have about it: As far as I'm aware they are a direct bolt on job to a Spec S. Am I right in saying that? I know the pads are completely different but the only...
  19. J

    Rear Brakes Dragging. Help!

    hey guys, i know im a new user, so sorry that my first post is a plea for help. however, i am totally stumped on this issue and any help would be amazing :) so i replaced all my rotors and pads at the same time about 2-3months ago (just after buying the car). noticed a couple days ago that my...
  20. Nissan_S15

    S15 Spec S Brake Recommendations?

    Hey guys, My S15 Spec S has just been left with Horsham Developments today in order to replace the brakes. Whilst this is being done I'm thinking of upgrading the brakes to something better than standard. However this seems to be quite difficult at the moment as both the front and rear are 5...