1. H

    WTB: SR20 Rubber oil return pipe

    wanted as above the small 3" or so rubber pipe between Turbo oil drain and sump needed asap
  2. C

    WTB: Decat pipe

    Looking for a decat pipe to fit the standard exhaust. Does anyone have one?
  3. H

    WTB: Silicon pipe

    Or similar I need a lefty 5" long, straight with a 63 (2.5") ID needed really urgently essex area
  4. S

    FS: Spec S ARC style intake pipe.

    Got an s15 spec S (sr20de) ARC style intake pipe here. It's painted in satin black crinkle paint, the paint finish is not great and it has a couple of small dents in it... Still works as it should though and will come with the rubber pipes. Open to offers. Collection preferred (PL26) or I can...
  5. K

    WTB: Standard intercooler with pipe

    As title please.I am after a set of STANDARD intercooler with all pipe works.Cash awaiting.Thanks
  6. A

    What is the name of this blanked off pipe & how to seal it?

    Im getting a small leak from this blocked off pipe, its sealed with wax or something how do you do that, or is there a proper bung type of thing you can get? Thanks.
  7. F

    S15 Horsham development maps

    Anyone got any links to the hd maps? Currently got updated fuel pump , air filter , intercooler full exhaust with down pipe , what stage map could I get without changing injectors?
  8. tooley

    FS: HKS Turnbo, Mani, Exhaust etc for sale

    Hi, Totally had a carve up of my Turbo system and exhaust so I no longer need the following. HKS GT RS Turbo Includes lines - Good working order no play. HKS Actuator HKS Stainless Steel Manifold - no cracks. Came with turbo. Ideally don't wand to break the two as they make a good set...
  9. gaz15

    WTB: 3 inch down pipe

    As in the title, looking for a 3 inch down pipe
  10. S

    FS: S15 HKS exhaust

    Having a clear out of old car parts and have this from my old s15. It came in the boot of an imported S15 that I bought but never got around to fitting it. Doing some research on the Jasma codes it seems to be a HKS back box. With some selling on Japanese auction sites. Condition is decent...
  11. L

    Removing rear hub nuts

    Hi guys, just gone to tackle the z32 rear brake conversion and failed at first hurdle [emoji17] my drivers side hub nut is not budging, the other side went fine but I've got a 4ft scaffold pipe on my breaker bar and I ended up shearing my 1/2'' extension! Any tips? It's not a left handed...
  12. JDM_virgin

    FS: 3" dump pipe and down pipe

    For sale is my 3" Toyo sports down pipe and dump pipe (turbo elbow) Stainless steel have covered less that 700 miles, TIG welding is immaculate. The down pipe sits flush with the floor pan so it will either need 'persuading' or you can do what i did and leave it which didn't cause any issues...
  13. JDM_virgin

    what nuts to use on dump pipe

    Morning guys and girls, here is a question for you. Was driving home last night and my exhaust began to blow so i assumed it would be a cracked manifold or part of the dump pipe, however upon inspection what i found was that all 5 (!) of the nuts i used to bolt my dump pipe to the turbo had...
  14. L

    FS: For Sale: Complete stock air box, pipe work and filter

    Hi guys, Got for sale a complete stock air box with what looks to be a brand new filter and also the intake pipe. Good condition, no cracks could just do with a quick clean. Asking £50 but open to offers. Prefer pick up from stoke-on-Trent but delivery can be arranged. 07946585125 Leo...
  15. J

    WTB: Centre box

    Looking for a centre box, mines got a lovely crack in it! 2.5" pipe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. JDM_virgin

    where do these pipes go?

    I bought a set of reinforced silicone hoses online to replace my old rubber ones whilst the car is being overhauled. So far I have fitted top and bottom rad pipes, cam cover front breather and breather pipe from intercooler pipe work to throttle body (the one that goes over the fan shroud) but I...
  17. JDM_virgin

    WTB: Branded down pipe and elbow

    As in the title, 3 inch down pipe and elbow- stainless obviously. I bought toyo sport ones and the downpipe is tight against the passenger footwell so eventually something will crack :( lesson learnt but cheap but twice :(
  18. Jaydej

    Does yours hang as low as mine?

    So my exhaust scrapes every now and again it's a 3" pipe does yours hang as low?
  19. L

    S15 type s dyno

    Hi guys just brought Ashley meades s15 na it's had a few mods as you all know just looking at the dyno results and it made 152bhp isn't this less than standard what's wrong? Since this dyno it's had Fujitsubo header and front pipe cat back system and arc super intake pipe, what you reckon that...