1. H

    WTB: A pillar without gauge pod

    not sure if they exist, have a standard A pillar with a pod looking for one without
  2. N

    Fitting aftermarket boost gauge

    How have people fitted their 60mm boost gauges in the stock a pillar pod? Ive filed away the tabs inside the pod but it's still about 1cm away from the edge. I cant leave it at that either cuz the gauge can move about. Any help would be appreciated :)
  3. S

    Open Event: Japshow finale Santa pod 12/10/14

    Is the s15oc gojng to japshow finale at Santa pod on the 12th October? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. N

    Santa Pod 1/4 mile times

    Went to Japshow at Santa Pod on sunday and took the car up the strip The car is currently boosting to 0.7bar, has a cone filter and a 3" catback. Apart from that it's stock as far as im aware. My best run was a 14.7 @97mph, which to me sounds pretty slow as i got a 14.6 in my astra turbo which...
  5. Jaydej

    Open Event: JAP show Santa Pod

    hey all, im debating weather to go or not trying to see if acouple of my mates are up for it. is anyone on here going?
  6. S

    strange noise/ rough start up on cold

    Car suddenly developed a rough start up and idle only on cold start sort sounds like coming from the belt also pod sounds out of place could be dusty afm? I have the z32
  7. JaseYpk

    FS: Defi BF Temperature Gauge £40

    Defi black face water temp gauge, comes in original box with instructions, and little 'pod' to stick it to your dashboard if you wish. Does not come with anything else. no sensor etc! Literally, gauge, pod, instructions, box. thats it. I've got a big data cable for connecting this to another...
  8. R

    s15 silvia

    Hi i'm looking for a pod filter to replace my old one which didn't make the induction noise. I don't wan to install metal piping because i've seen pod filters make the induction noise with just the normal rubber pipes. I currently have this pod filter this pod filter didn't make the induction...
  9. D

    Hi from New Zealand

    Hi Everyone! My names Daniel I’m from Hamilton, New Zealand Have recently converted from the Skyline side and have brought a NZ New 1999 200SX 6 speed Have always seen good things from the SR20 but hoping that this forum and you guys will smooth out the change from the RB so I can get the...
  10. D

    s15 stock boost gauge pod and fitting aftermarket gauge

    what boost gauges fit in the standard pod, size etc, anybody have any pictures
  11. P

    Open Event: RWYB santa pod Sun 19th Feb

    Just wanted to post that I am taking my Spec-R down the strip at Santa Pod, to see what she will do, in case any other S15's are there from this forum or fancy going along. Engine is standard as far as I know. Has got stiffer cusco coilovers (which I realise won't help), is lowered with a...
  12. D

    FS: Nice s15 spec s

    ok here it is, i just wana start off by saying that im in no rush to sell by any means as i do still love this car. the only reason for selling is to buy a r34 to get the family in on the weekends. i brought it bog standard, and since then have done the following: wax oiled hks air filter 2.5"...
  13. N

    Open Event: Drift Donnington

    Hey all, After meeting sliding-r last Saturday. I told him about the last DWYB at Santa Pod I did and that him and LuPix_S15 were interested in attending the next one when they can. It's a bit late notice but a new Drift venue very similar to Santa Pod has been announced that will be held...
  14. C

    Open Event: The fast Show - 21st March

    Just wondered if anyone was going to this at the weekend, its at Santa Pod: http://www.thefastshow.com/
  15. S

    ARC airbox anyone?

    Is there any advantage of having ARC super induction over pod filter with airbox and duct? It's a panel filter and nicely fabricated box with funnel but will it really outperform pod filter? eg. engine response at low, middle, and high RPM and negative pressure etc? Anyone had any experience...
  16. D

    Smell + bad idle

    Car smells like a burning kerosine lamp - and idles like turd. Must be running rich as... I've replaced the oil, going to check sparkies & O2 sensor tomorrow - anything else that will cause this in the s15's that I should check/fix? Can't pinpoint the cause, happened after the day I switched...
  17. kimi

    santa pod

    anybody going to Rotorstock at santa pod this weekend? i will be there on Sunday :wave:with InitialD :D If anyones going come find us and say hello :nod:
  18. DeanS15

    3 gauge pillar pod?

    does anyone know if these are available to buy for the s15? basically im looking for one to replace the pillar where the stock boost gauge is, but preferably with 3 52mm gauge holders. after some thought i would rather this and fit a double din head unit than fit a single din stereo and din...
  19. G

    strange intake noise

    hey just joined up im bluey lol (sorry for the **** intro) any way owned my jap spec s15 for bout 7 months car came with a few mods hks pod and exhaust only engine mods. i installed a greedy cooler bout 2 months ago then changed to a k&n pod just for the sake of it and a noise now comes out of...
  20. J

    Jap show finale

    .... who's going? :) I'll be there, in the R33, which (as a bit of an update) now features custom leather/alcantara interior and a tasty elbow/downpipe/decat and cat-back combination! I thought selling the S15 was suppose dto save me some money?! :eek: Mmm. :wack: How's everyone anyway...