1. W

    Hello From Surrey

    Hi everyone, so i finally done it and bought my first s15. This has been a dream for me for close to 10 years. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and i could not be more happy with it, looking around on the form i believe this to be N80Jamie old car, if he is reading this i just want to say you...
  2. sjt47y

    Importing my own car from another country.

    Wow it's been a long time since I posted. I like to ask if anyone knows a company that can provide the service of importing my s15 from Asia. I have it sorn at the moment and lying in Malaysia. Which is such a shame. I like to bring it to the UK but just don't have the time to go through...
  3. JDM_virgin

    signal booster issues This is what i bought to try and get FM signal to my stereo. Its a Kenwood head unit and I'm using the nissan micra adapter to plug it...
  4. JackPilk

    WTB: S15 Type R Aero - WANTED

    Hi all, I have been lerking in the shadows of this forum for a while now, reading all your build threads and admiring your cars and advice. I'm Jack, I'm from Exeter in Devon I've had a one S13 and two S14A's all running above standard power so I'm quite used to the SR20 as well as the cars...
  5. J

    Express Odometer Check - SPECIAL

    20% off this week-end only. Verify your vehicle's odometer reading now.
  6. Havoc

    Aftermarket Boost guage source.

    Right just a quick question I have a after market boost gauge and have fitted it to the car but its not reading any vac or boost levels. I removed the factory boost pressure sensor and used the hose that was original connected to this but its not reading anything. Is this connection not...
  7. P

    WTB: Right rear Brake caliper for parts (S15 or S14)

    Can be leaking/corroded caliper/damaged seals, I just need one or two parts from the handbrake mechanism. (one part I definitely need can come from a left or right rear caliper, the other part which i might need is handed so I need the correct side). Collection preferred, I live in Berkshire...
  8. JDM_virgin

    Apexi type 2 fmic kit

    bit late to ask this now but here goes, just given a guy on driftworks a deposit for an apexi type 2 fmic kit with piping from turbo to inlet manifold :) only thing is it was off an s14a, so my question would is how hard would it be to modify it/my 15 to make it fit or has anyone done this...
  9. J

    Odometer Check Pre-christmas special- more than 50% off

    Dear Forum Members, Unfortunately it is a fact that a lot of imported Japanese vehicles sold in car yards do not have the correct odometer reading. Winding back odometers (“clocking”) is widespread in grey imports. This issue can be addressed as we offer a new tool for current and prospective...
  10. Nissan_S15

    Meet: Bracknell/Reading area meet!

    Hi there, Haven't really seen anyone about in the Bracknell/Reading area with a Nissan silvia yet apart from me lol. But if you do happen to own one in this location, I thought it would be cool to arrange a silvia meet sometime! Let me know!
  11. J

    Japanese Odometer Check says hello

    Dear Forum Members, Unfortunately it is a fact that a lot of imported Japanese vehicles sold in car yards do not have the correct odometer reading. Winding back odometers (“clocking”) is widespread in grey imports. This issue can now addressed be addressed as we offer a new tool for current...
  12. fez06

    stock boost guage reading

    just a quick one what should the stock boost guage read mine goes up to roughly 6. i know on my drift car which is an s13 i get 7psi standard but notice the S15 stock guage isnt in psi. is mine reading correctly? cheers
  13. C

    Another Scottish Noobie

    Hi there everyone, I'm Alex from Stirling in Scotland. I'm currently in working with Mike from Torque GT to import a spec R with a aero kit in any colour really. As this will be my first experience of both rear wheel drive and turbo's I'm hoping you guys can share your knowledge and expertise...
  14. J

    soooo my knock reading is 59....

    im guessing this isnt good? could this be why my car keeps cutting under full throttle?
  15. S

    fitted oil pressure gauge, reading 6bar!

    Just fitted an oil pressure gauge and its reading 6bar so naturally iv **** my self :O Not sure what it should read, with a bit of research it appears it should be about 1.5 when warm, what should it be when cold?
  16. CMR

    ABS query

    Has anyone removed the ABS pump and corresponding parts, but retained the sensor in the diff and wiring back to the ECU, and still got a speedo reading? Want to remove ABS eventually but don't want to lose the speedo or mess about with a digital converter etc.
  17. JaseYpk

    GIZZMO EBC Help!!

    Erm yeah, i'm being a general mong again! :cool: I've wired the solenoid and controller up as per the manual, however i'm getting no reading through the controller... just sits on 0.00.... :/ So, my first thought is the vacuum hose to the back of the controller isnt.. well.. isnt carrying a...
  18. K

    cam choices

    whats the crack guys, what are you all using, what powers are you getting...... im looking for upto 400bhp was going to go for hks 264 but after reading a few threads on here 256 maybe plenty?
  19. pegliobaglio

    miles convertor??

    Hey guys,quick question for you. My speedo has been converted to mph,but my odometer seems to still be reading in km,will this still be accurate or should I look into having it converted to miles? Don't know why it hasn't been done by the importers........
  20. D

    FS: STACK gauges and shift light

    Few bits for sale not I've split my old S14a :) Stack Pro Control Oil temp/pressure gauges. Mega bits of kit, have warning and peak recall, colour changes if the reading is too low or high etc. Bit of info here...