1. Mycool

    White s15 in Gloucester

    I see a fellow white s15 most weeks in gloucester, parked outside the rugby ground near the mermaid chip shop, Anyones on here??? Felt so surprised when i first saw it!
  2. N

    FS: Garage Clear Out 2: Part Shop Max Steering Rack Eccentric Bushing & Cobra Down Pipe

    Garage Clear Out 2: Part Shop Max Steering Rack Eccentric Bushing & Cobra Down Pipe Having a garage clear out of all the parts I have built up over the years for my S15 Build. Now with a change of direction all my parts are available to you lucky guys! All prices include UK Mainland Recorded...
  3. shib

    Bodyshop in Midlands

    Anyone know of a good body shop in the Midlands?
  4. meddler

    999 Automotive

    I know this is normally not done, but I wish to recommend a shop that I went to today. Tyler at 999 Automotive in Yagoona (In Sydney for non Aussies) is a great guy and really went out of his way to get me the parts that I needed. If anyone in Sydney is wanting to buy new parts for their S15 or...
  5. S

    need some assistance with photoshop :)

    I'm planning on getting my wheels sprayed on my 15 but cannot decide if I'm going to like what i want. Could someone with some degree of skills in photoshop do me a quick chop as i have none These are the colours...there a candy colour so im assuming they may be a pig to shop? heres...
  6. J

    best oil?

    hi, whats the best engine oil to use on a s15, spec r? reason being is everyone i speak to at a shop doesnt know lol.
  7. vinnie

    White S15 outside my shop, in Gravesend

    Saw this S15 twice parked up here. So i thought i take a quick pic while in my shop. Had Dmax rear lights, GT wing, Aftermarket bodykit, Carbon bonnet, Red Bride seats. Had a small sticker in the rear window with FC Tuning. Was well load lol. First one i've seen in my home town lol.
  8. C

    Polybush lube

    What sort of lube is best to use with polybushes? I've ordered a load of bushes but forgot the lube and as they are coming from America, would prefer to get some from a shop over here. :)
  9. T

    Quick question, s15 driveshaft length ?

    I just sold my whole gearbox and trans last friday, got a z32 gearbox swap and measured it for a new one piece driveshaft and the shop needs the old (s15) driveshaft length and since it's in transit for a week I can't measure it. thanks in advance.
  10. 70YSR

    ah no!!! any idea?

    hey guys quick question seeing if anyone has any ideas.. my car started making a weird sort of rumble around 3000rpm... but only seems to do it when its decelerating past 3000 till about 2800.... sounds slightly like an exhaust leak.... got no idea where to look anyone heard this before?? turbo...
  11. naha_music

    anyone in need of some 'go-faster' decals???

    i'm not trying to advertise or anything, just wanting to help some folks out if your needing some decals. ' i used to run a small graphics shop in california a few years back, but ended up closing shop after some legal troubles. i still have some of my equipment to make decals and shirts...
  12. P

    WTB: Still looking for windshield Anyone Know a place near you?

    I cannot find a windshield out here in California. I was wondering if any of you guys have local shop who have them, so at least I could get it shipped outhere in the states thanks!
  13. E

    WTB: WTB APEXi Power FC

    I just want to buy 2 PowerFC, first for my AE86 Turbo that has SR20DET from first gen S14 and second one for my 99 S15. Do you know some safe place (shop) recomended for fast sersponse and repute? Thanks for any advice
  14. moomin

    wots the best oil to use???

    had a look in the helpfull threads but couldnt see anything i want to change my oil before my trip to rotorstock tomoz, was just wondering what people recommend??? (its gonna be a halfords shop so non of this nissan performance super duper oil direct from japan!!!!) cheers
  15. R


    Picture speaks for itself! I think the nails are a good 5cm as the number looks like the kind they screw into the guttering around my area to number houses. Will take it to a tyre shop in the morning to see what they say, I just hope it wasn't setup up by little shits on purpose.
  16. S

    I feel so gutted.....for my wheels..

    OK this pissed me off right away... I bought a set of Advan GII and also new tyres. I put them together and was going to fit them to my car But my nuts didn't fit!! It fits but it needs those hex type nuts whereas my standard is socket type..... Went to some local shop but I suppose only...
  17. D

    DriftDomain Ltd

    Hi I dont know if Im allowed to post this up so moderators please feel free to delete this thread if it breaks your rules, and please accept our apologies. I work for a business called DriftDomain ltd, our shop has recently gone live and we need opinions on our prices. All our prices include...