1. M

    Wheel Size/Spec

    Hi, I've recently imported an S15 Spec R and have plans for the bodywork, which include 30mm wider front wings and 50mm over fenders for the rear. I'm not sure what size/spec wheels I will need, can anybody help or be able to point me in the direction of someone with a similar set-up who I can...
  2. E

    Where to buy pads?

    I'm struggling to find anywhere that sells pads and disks. Looking for some track gear really like a ferodo ds3000 or something up to a similar friction level. Also after some plain disks for cheap. Thanks in advance!
  3. FreakensNL

    WTB: ABS right front sensor

    I need a right front abs sensor asap Anyone ?? Don't know if s14 is similar...
  4. B

    WTB: DMAX style rear lights

    As above, don't really want any LED ones as I've got my foglght wired as the RHS reverse light, so needs to be clear, so the standard [non LED] ones would suit me best. Similar to the ones pictured Thanks!
  5. S

    Anyone know what rear diffuser this is?

    Anyone know what rear diffuser this is? I know it's mounted to a C-west GT Rear Bumper... but i'm trying to find the same if not a similar rear diffuser. Thank you.
  6. UncleDan

    Rear Caliper Fitment

    Hello guys, I tried searching the threads and I am currently searching the web to figure this out. I know the S14 and S15 rear calipers are very similar but are they directly interchangeable/direct bolt ons? can they fit right to the same bracket? Dan
  7. R

    WTB: Passenger Side Seat rail/Steering wheel

    Rail to fit bottom mount recliner steering wheel like nardi deep corn or similar but not rape money please 07817028470
  8. A

    Spec R Full Throttle Hesitancy/Stuttering

    No end of troubles with coilpacks, bought brand new set, [Shameless plug to Apex Performance] fitted them and all was well. Car has now developed a hesitation at about 3500rpm at full throttle. Part throttles fine.? To try and describe it better its an almost strangled/ clogging effect lift...
  9. s15Irl

    aftermarket spark plugs and leads for my spec s?

    hi guys, i used the search function but didnt get any info on what im looking for.. I looking for after market plug leads like magnacor, anyone know where i can get these or something similar? also what grade of plug should i use? any help would be appreciated! Thanks..
  10. C

    proof of Aus. delivered car

    G'day everyone I'm just wondering does anyone know how to check if an S 15 was Australian delivered or not? Porsches have stickers at certain places that will certify just such a thing, and i was wondering if the S 15 has a similar setup? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards Brad.
  11. E

    Rear diffuser

    Has anyone post something similar? Need info on rear diffuser.. any recommendations? :D
  12. F

    good jap-blogs or sites to follow?

    couldn't find any info here, so i'll just ask - i want to read some more, get some info, pictures etc. on japanese cars/tuning in general. I'd normally subscribe to something like modified.mag or similar, but i'm broke 'n stuff :rolleyes: was hoping someone here knows a good blog or similar...
  13. N

    Open Event: Drift Donnington

    Hey all, After meeting sliding-r last Saturday. I told him about the last DWYB at Santa Pod I did and that him and LuPix_S15 were interested in attending the next one when they can. It's a bit late notice but a new Drift venue very similar to Santa Pod has been announced that will be held...
  14. N

    FS: 19" axis alloys for nissan for sale

    These are in matt black very similar to gtr rotas £400 no tyres
  15. D

    WTB: Carbon bonnet

    Want a carbon bonnet for my s15, plus a set of tein coilovers or similar make anyone got either for sale?
  16. D

    WTB: Standard wheels in Ireland

    As the title says I'm looking for a set of standard (or similar) wheels for the S15 in Ireland. Preferably free or cheap :thumbs:
  17. D

    Clutch - weird

    Hi was reading through a very old thread I have a similar problem. Owned the s15 about 4 days (upgrade from an s13). Drove it 900km on my way home - everything was fine, until i stayed a night in a hotel, went outside in the morning to...
  18. A

    S15oc Sticker merchandise

    Guys, love the sight and want to advertise it on my S15. Im wondering if there are any stickers available similar to the ones ive seen on some of the cars in other threads. If so how do i go about buying them?
  19. M


    hey guys did a search still cant find nething. does anyone know if there is such thing as a bolt on diffuser made for s15's? im talking bout the smaller thinner ones that come standard on the gtr34 nur , or similar. i just want to chuck one on the front and rear just to finish off my kit. let me...
  20. japmadlad

    I'm back

    Oh yes i'm back on the road. finished fitting the new orc ogura Clutch & lightened fly wheel late last night & this morning I tightened up all pipes clips hoses etc. Took it out for a spin & all is good :thumbs: The clutch has very short travel so may extend the fork but only if I feel I have...