1. S

    S15 Tractor Noise

    Hello everyone I've experienced this many times, when my car is idling it'd sound like a tractor. Sound occurs quite frequently and some days it'd sound perfectly fine. When i release the clutch to the clutch point and give gas it goes away. I've done a few research and found out it had...
  2. P

    Does knock sensor fault pull timing and reduce boost?

    Had my spec R since March 2011. Engine and breathing all standard until a week ago. Since maybe November it has not been making standard boost and has felt quite flat and a bit unresponsive on the throttle. I have spent a lot of time looking for boost leaks, and last week fitted a new blitz...
  3. Parky

    Profec B spec 2 questions / help

    Alright guys, I've sort-of fitted a Profec B Spec 2 today, and could do with a bit of help with where the hoses should all be plumbed in. I went off the 'Actuator type' instruction / diagram in the manual, as I don't have the factory boost solenoid valve. see below. And it says to T-piece...
  4. driftmonkey

    Aftermarket air filter help

    so i want to fit this, and as you can see there is only one in/out... so the little one here can i do away with that? also what is that solenoid its plugged into? thanks
  5. dave_t

    Apexi AVC-R Problem - Boost Solenoid Clicking

    Today i noticed whilst coming on boost, the avc-r boost solenoid is 'clicking'. has anyone experienced this before? is the solenoid defective? & if it is, where can i locate a replacement ASAP before mapping in mid October.
  6. A

    WTB: Stock Boost Solenoid

    Hello im after a stock boost solenoid which is in good working condition and no longer used!! PM me if anyone has one they want to sell cheers Abs
  7. J

    WTB: few bits and bobs wanted :)

    hi im after a few bits :) n/s and o/s front wings - any colour but preferbly blue the peice near the gear stick which holds the gaitor. boost solenoid (i have a gizzmo boost controller) think thats it at the moment :cool:
  8. J

    WTB: boost solenoid

    anyone got one i can buy :)
  9. adzsy

    FS: VVT Sprocket

    Slight change of plan in one of my projects means that I have a VVT sprocket up for sale. I am going HKS Cams with standard pullies etc. It has done 37k with no noise what so ever, you can even have the solenoid with it. No idea what it's worth so I'll say £150 due to low mileage and see what...
  10. Ghost

    VTC solenoid

    is it ok/safe to drive with it disconnected??
  11. sliding-r

    Clicking when in boost, sound like it from ECU??

    hi, I fitted my greddy boost controller and fuel pump today no problems really! drove the car and have now kind of got the controller set up @ low boost till its mapped but have noticed a clicking sound when touching boost when i left the cinema tonight, it wasnt doing it before when the...
  12. C1TPT

    My car + An EBC = Doesnt work! :(

    Hi guys, unfortunatly I have completly lost it with fitting an EBC to my car!! I got a Greddy profec b spec 2 off my mate, fitted it.....nothing!! It was fitted correctly but whatever settings I used I couldnt get any difference in boost! So I assumed it was the solenoid and bought another one...
  13. C

    EBC fitting..

    When fitting an EBC do you have to remove or block up this sensor...? Also what is it/what does it do? I've removed the boost solenoid on the LH strut, but this is on the RH strut. :)
  14. LuPix_S15

    Gizzmo Boost Controller - HELP!!

    Howdy folks :wave: Just need the usual S15OC expert advice please lol... Purchased the Gizzmo MS-IBC Boost Controller which arrived yesterday (don't laugh - not paying Profec B prices or having to wait ages for one to arrive and this item's highly recommended by Driftworks who use it in...
  15. Topper

    Weird boost issue

    Had my car and boost settings setup by Jez ( ), I managed to damage the wire from my Solenoid to the main unit in the car, this caused my boost to run at around stock (slightly less - 0.7bar) from the 1+bar it had been. I got a replacement wire, made no difference. I then replaced the...
  16. C1TPT

    Greddy profec b spec II fitting and tuning??

    Hi guys, Right i've been reading lots and lots of threads on this but the more I read, the more I get confused!!! I fitted the solenoid how I think is correct, and tried tuning it! unfortuantly what ever I do on the boost controller it doesnt really make a difference. If I set them all silly...
  17. H

    Boost piping/solenoid set up

    Hi, :wave: I have a standard S15 but the boost solenoid isn't connected to the turbo :confused: . It has a pipe running straight from the boost actuator to ic piping. How do i set it up so that the boost solenoid is working again. Thanks for any help! :thumbs:
  18. Topper

    Boost Issue

    Guys, Looking for a bit of input: I fitted a new rad a while ago and tried to tap into the cable from my Profec B controller to solenoid, but i knackered the wire. Since then the car has boosted slowely to around 0.7bar. I changed the wire, which made no difference, so i tried another...
  19. Darren_S15

    WTB: Boost Solenoid

    If anyone has their stock boost solenoid laying around and no longer needs it Id be happy to take it off their hands. Would really like one of these before the weekend, but this might be pushing it. Anything else thats cheap and suitable will be considered too. Thanks, Darren
  20. A

    Fitting VTC Solenoid

    I finnaly have my new Solenoid to replace the old one. Now the questions are. Can I replace it myself? How hard is it? What tools do I need? How do I change it? I can't wait to put this in.