1. lewis


    Hi everyone, Unfortunately I am not an s15 owner yet, however I have the guys over at torque gt doing their best to find me a minter. I have missed out on a couple of good ones so far, (budget couldn't stretch that far) but I'm hopeful and the guys at torque have been amazing so far, really...
  2. C

    WTB: Everything 😜

    Started a build and thought it would be great o start at the source (s15 forum makes sense) i i have a build thread on the welcome page but have to kick start with a few posts to get started but anything that people have spare laying around that I need I thought I'd start a wanted thread so...
  3. K

    new owner from kelowna, bc, canada

    just picked this bad boy up lookin forward to learning lots here, only one problem with the car so far: today either the tranny or clutch started to make a funny noise. its a grinding or whining noise. happens both when idling or when driving (louder when driving), only time there is no...
  4. D

    New from Germany, Hi everyone !

    Hi everyone at S15 Owners Club, Recently heard about the forums on the www and would like to introduce myself as a new member up on here. My name is Dominik, I'm 25 years old and live in the beautiful city of Hamburg in the northern part of Germany. I started owning jdm spec cars back when I...
  5. Mike

    The dispatch camper.

    Though this might be of interest to some. I have been converting our Citroën Dispatch into a weekend camper. I set a deadline of the Silverstone F1 to get it done. Might get there... Well it was ply lined when we bought it and I carpeted it and put some speakers in, it's been like this for 3...
  6. D

    New clutch ? help ?

    Hi :) I have a s15 spec r, running about 310bhp but in a few months it will be around 400. I use this car as a daily so i dont want something horrible to drive in traffic. My clutch has started slipping. Wondering which clutch to go for as i have about £400 to spend. i have been looking at a...
  7. armouredsnake

    WTB: Spec S pod-less drivers side a pillar

    Hi guys, Been a while since I last posted. Ive got a big build list coming together which i will get started very soon as things start to move. I am at the moment looking for a spec s drivers side A pillar without the boost gauge holder. I started to mod my current A pillar and get it...
  8. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    knock sound just started..

    not too sure what it is but it only just started and it sounds like its coming from the bottom end area. Stuff just keeps on coming..
  9. C

    S15 FTW Chapter 3........

    About time i started a project thread for this seeing things have started happening. little history, had a fair few cars when i was young from civic ek9's to a seriously cool escort cabby with a rs2000 engine one summer :cool:, then when i was 19, got a s14a spent loads on it and even got a...
  10. tooley

    FS: S15 c-west bumper copy

    Using my vertex bumper instead. £70 repair has been started
  11. JaseYpk

    Japspeed Oil Catch Can On auction, started at 99p! Ends midnight thursday!
  12. eiden88

    S15 slow street build

    Hi everybody, I've been on here for a while now (since 2009 or so), never started a build thread for my 15 as it was proceeding very slow due to lack of funds and university duties. Now I thought it was well time I started my own build thread, so here we go :) Car's specs as I got it: ps13...
  13. R

    turbo gone??

    hey all went out this morning and car was fine, went to shop, wen came back out and started up was a very rough idle and sounded like a scooby, managed to get home, felt like lacking some power, but noticed blue smoke appearing, switched off, opened the bonnet and some blue smoke was drifting...
  14. Havoc

    Nismo GT PRO help?

    Right guys, I have a Nismo GT Pro diff on my car and just of late it has started clanking or shifting the plates when I drive normally in a straight line down the road, its also does it on the motor way when you are using the accelerate but when you come off the power it stops clanking and...
  15. Ghost

    Air in cooling system

    as the title says i am getting air it the coolant, i can hear it bubbling when i turn off the engine. when having a look tonight we noticed it only started about 10 seconds after turning off the engine. the turbo lines have been replaced a few months ago because one of the water lines burst and...
  16. J

    Start up and Battery

    A couple of questions; I have been having slight start up problems, not severe it's only not started once but sounds like its struggling sometimes, it's only when it's been started up more than a few times in a day, if I just use the car for going to work and back with a large gap I seem to have...
  17. N

    battery light stays on

    wel lads im after buyin an s15 but the battery light stays on whilst I drive??? does this mean i need to replace the battery or what?? she was jump started when i got her but she seems to start everytime but the light stays on!
  18. Larsz

    Start problems 2000 spec R

    Hi, I have used the search, only a few things came up that might have helped me, but it did not in my case. Problem: The very short winter we had here in NL, killed my previous battery. Replaced it and the car ran fine. Since im without a job, ive left it sitting on my driveway. One week later...
  19. Y

    No 5th or Reverse. Please Help

    Hi i just joined today as i hope to get my s15 up and running as things havent being going to well since my purchase.. Ok my problem started when i went to change the gearbox oil..i removed what i thought was the fill bung for filling the oil..instead it was a long bolt about 90-100mm in...
  20. Darren_S15

    MOT Breakdown

    Had my MOT yesterday which Im please to say was an easy pass :nod: Unfortunatley while driving home down some twisty country lanes there was suddenly a loud 'PSSSSST' and my car slowly concked out and I ground to a halt :( Put on the hazards and got out to have a look under the hood as my...