1. Aurora61

    fender wiring harness relocation

    for those of you that are really lowered, where did you relocate the wiring harness running along the drivers side fender? I know its common practice to relocate the wiring across the strut tower, but i think it looks ugly that way. Ive heard that you can rotate the engine bay fusebox to make...
  2. P

    hello everybody

    im just after buying a 99 s15 last saturday, its my second silvia ill hopefull get pictures up in the next few days it has a some sweet modifications just need to do a few engine mods as i want around 320 bhp.joined the site because i want advice on what i need to do , im handy enough with the...
  3. pegliobaglio

    Nismo bits

    I have only picked my car up the other day and may sound a bit silly asking this but had a look over the engine today and noticed loads of nismo markings in the engine bay ,the rocker cover has nismo embossed in it,the air filter cover ,rad cap and strut braces also have nismo on ,is this...
  4. J

    FS: Sabelt harness and s15 rear strut brace

    as above harness 50e strut brace 60e 0860535246
  5. T

    FS: Low mileage White S15 Spec R interest?

    Hi considering selling my S15, which was registered just recently. its got 23k miles on it X Reg, Oct 2000 MOT 11months Tax 5 months just had breathing mods and strut brace, and OEM BOV mod, which i put on recently. EDIT* List of modication: Apexi Induction kit Apex Flexi 3" Front pipe...
  6. M


    Hi there! Im Marcus Im a big S15 fan and have pretty much signed up on here to have a lil' snoop for information on S15's I currently drive a 106 GTI and am a member of many forums. Ive been tempted to go jap for so long! And keep getting torn between ek9's RX7 FC's and S15s So thought id have a...
  7. X

    Pic Request: Cusco Strut Bar

    Anyone have this installed on their S15? (or S14) :) I just want to see if and how much it clears the hump. Thanks
  8. C

    EBC fitting..

    When fitting an EBC do you have to remove or block up this sensor...? Also what is it/what does it do? I've removed the boost solenoid on the LH strut, but this is on the RH strut. :)
  9. paddyb01

    strut brace help

    i got strut braces off a friend of mine went to put them on today and it nearly hits the rocker cover:confused: is dare any way round dis:confused:
  10. richy200

    FS: nismo strut brace fits s14/14a/15

    Hi guys trying to recoup as much money as humanly possible atm so going to sell my strut brace as it's not an essential part of my car at present The strut brace is not bent in anyway othe rthan how the manufactor intended it to be ;) the lacker has peeled off the brace in a few places which...
  11. B

    FS: s15 cusco strut bar (front)

    hi, i´m offering this one in and it´s a original cusco strut bar and comes out of my s15 spec s. the only reason because i´m selling this is that i wanna do a engine swap and the strut bar dont fit anymore. its in perfect condition without scratches. i´ts like new, but...
  12. sushiming

    FS: 200SX engine damper strut S15 S14

    guys ive got a used engine damper Strut needs some new bolts to go onto the engine and need a rub down on the underside of the part which bolts onto the suspension bolts but looking for £40 posted or £35 collected How it looked on my S15 when i had it
  13. Big Ned

    Tein or Cusco Strut brace

    Hi there. I'm thinking of getting a front strut brace for my S15, with plans to get a rear at a later date. I was just wondering which one it better, as they're both about £100. Plus, as far as rear strut braces go, which ones run underneath the parcel shelf? I don't fancy it sticking out the...
  14. M

    How to install Spec R Strut tower bar in Spec S

    How to install Spec R Strut tower bar in Spec S ... i have it, but i don't know how to install it :)
  15. S

    Part number for a nut

    Im not a real paying member so i cant se the fast catalogue:rolleyes: But could anyone give me the part number for the nuts on the strut tower bars ? the ones when u screw out the nutts/ put on the strut tower bar /and put on the nutts again Need for front and back Its a little hard to...
  16. meddler

    Fitting a rear strut brace

    Fitting a Cusco rear strut brace to a Nissna SIlvia (200SX) S15 This is a guide on fitting this, Into one of these. WARNING: MAKE SURE YOUR CAR IS ON A LEVEL SURFACE AND YOU TAKE ALL THE APPROPRIATE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. S15OC OR MYSELF WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOU...
  17. S

    Sherl's s15

    I only just realised I haven't got any pics of my s15 (aka Piper) on here never too late to start I guess... After alot of messing about with what to buy then waiting for it to be shipped I finally got round to fitting new bits to Piper. This week its the front strut bar, Apex coilovers...
  18. L

    Fitting the rear strut brace (need a clue)

    I bought a cusco rear strut brace recently.I was trying to fitted it today but seems after I tear up the carpet... I have no idea about how to remove the speakers tray. Anyone got a clue please
  19. channie

    Last parts order for a while!

    My parts arrived today! (Better than xmas!) There gunna be the last bits i get for a while after my suspension parts spending spree last month, my credit cards bills are abit silly and making me feel :hurl: The whole delivery... Trust Airinx kit... Greddy oil catch tank... Nismo...
  20. sushiming

    Engine damper

    hey guys I got myself a engine damper but I was wondering would it be better to have the damper on top of the strut bar or should it go underneath it?? I was thinking under the strut bar myself just wanted to ask opinons