1. AshOBNXZ

    Water Temp Sender

    Hi guys, My BLITZ water temp gauge has been playing up for a while and today since work was quiet we decided to look into it. Found that whoever had it in Japan had somehow drilled and sealed the sender into the top radiator hose and that it is very slightly leaking coolant. One of the guys I...
  2. H

    S15 Spec S (with added DET) EML issues

    have had a few issues with my Spec S to DET conversion.....any thoughts welcomed: Ive just completed an S14a engine, box, ECU (no NATS) custom S14a/S15 loom etc into an S15 and i have a few issues I'm hoping someone can shed some light on or suggest courses of action. fired up today for...
  3. A

    Greddy temp sensors

    I need to replace my temp sensor in the sump plug but theres 2 to choose from & im not sure which mine is. http://www.greddy.com/products/electronics/gauge-accessories/filter:make:Tempature+Sensor/ Theres 2 sensors one says replacement temp sensor & the other is the same but its warn/elec. I...
  4. R

    Water Temp Question

    Hello, first post and hope it will be my last. I have a 1987 s-15, one owner, 142,000 miles, 2.8l V6 with automatic transmission. I just got this truck this past week and had been driving an 92 S-10 with same motor in it, only 5 speed manual transmission. My question is on my 92 chevy the temp...
  5. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    radiator fan thermal switch?

    Hey guys im wondering how do you change the temp for when the radiator fans come on
  6. T

    oil cooler/filter relocation

    since uppjng the power would like to get one of these next to keep temps under control? question is car came with defi oil pressure and oil temp gauges so what kit comes with a sandwich plate that takes these sensors and fits the engine block :confused:
  7. B

    FS: Unwanted parts for sale, tein,defi,tomei

    Im selling some parts I've collected fir my s15's as I no longer have a use for them, full set of defi 60mm gauges with controller, new sensors and new wires, gauges have a few marks on the faces but doesn't affect them when lit up, Boost, water temp, oil pressure and oil temp looking for...
  8. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    95 degrees water temp stuffed thermostat?

    im pretty certain thermostat's stuffed just want to be sure and what new one should i get?
  9. M

    WTB: Rear lights and gauges

    After some aftermarket rear lights, preferably 50/50 smoke and red, but any other smoked ones or white/red will do. Also oil temp, oil pressure and water temp gauges. Matching set of good quality.
  10. justin666

    Part Number: Coolant Temp sensor

    Hey.. Just a quick one hopefully, Anyone have a the part number for the coolant temp sensor for a 99 spec R? Think it starts along the lines of 22630-????? Ta muchly J.
  11. Jay-pan

    Depo gauges

    Anyone know where i can purchase four Depo peak warning gauges for less than £214 best price i have so far about to order them but want to see if anywhere else is doing them cheaper. The gauges are Oil temp Water temp Oil pressure Boost Bar
  12. Jay-pan

    Speed dial and temp

    Hi guys, Just had my car converted from KMH-MPH but when below 50 its totally fine reads spot on. Then soon as I go above 50 it starts waving around and some times just sits at 0. Now i think its the little converter device is faulty so got a new one sent out free of charge. But is there...
  13. S

    need some help with odd gauge issue...

    Got some problems with some gauges iv fitted and was just wondering if anyone with electrical knowledge can give me some advice. Heres a pic so you can see how there placed in the car, will help me explain it :) From left to right (as you look at the pic) , temp, pressure, boost. Fitted...
  14. 70YSR

    help - temperature gauge dropping!!

    hey guys just wondering if anyone would know why.. when my car hits about 3.5k rpm my standard temperature gauge drops a little and by about 4k its reading about 1/4 not halfway like it should. However if the revs drop back below that the temp gauge goes back up to normal and it sits there as...
  15. S

    FS: Apexi EL2 series gauges

    ive decided i dont really need these there apexi el2 series gauges with black face all include peak and warn lights plus a cool start up dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktk4i_cLjx8 i bought the oil pressure, oil temp, exhaust temp,fuel pressure and controll unit from a member on here only...
  16. S

    She started to knock really bad

    :(Last night about 60 miles from home my ECU light flashed at me which prompted me to look at my PFC and I noticed knock had gone into 70's. I also noticed that around 2500rpm that the cams/cam sounded ticky (you know like an old vauxhall engine sounded on startup until it quietened from supply...
  17. W

    FS: 52mm defi bf guages, controller,leads, pods, CHEAP!!!

    Hi guys im selling these as i didnt even bother looking at the sizes when i bought them and found out they dont fit in my boost pod, im also going to be putting my car up for sale soon so would like to free up some cash to be honest. These guages light up white. 1x boost guage with sender and...
  18. M

    FS: 4 defi guages and controller2 unit

    hi guys, bought these from a friend of a friend locally, originally fitted in an evo. these were to be fitted to my rx7 but there has been a change of plan and that is being broken down and sold as parts after the new year when its mot runs out, i have a new project on the horizon :) Oil...
  19. N

    Advice Needed - High Oil Temperature when cruising!

    Hi guys, I am from a tropical country Singapore and have recently encounter a engine oil temperature issue which even my mechanic could not figure out, hopefully i can find the root of the problem with all your gathered experience and knowledge on S15. Here it goes - When i am cruising around...
  20. S

    Chain or VVT Rattle

    I have done a search and not found what I am looking for regarding the above. I thought I had already asked about this but I cant find it. About 3 months ago I was getting a tick/rattle which under closer investigation looked like it could be the water pump impeller as the shaft had some play...