1. Hunts15

    Bn Sports S15 (My Phat Girl)

    Well after trawling the net for the last 5 months searching and trying to figure out how id replace the S15 i sold two years back and regreting it soon as it left the driveway, i made it a mission that it would be replaced one day. Im in australia at the moment and been workin like a black...
  2. Fruitbooter

    Meet: West Midlands people...fancy a meet?

    So Craig tried to sort a meet not long back but it didn’t end up that busy so I’m told :D Does anyone fancy a meet before the years out or shall we wait till next year when its warmer now? I know there’s a good handful of people in the Midlands so if we can find a date when everyone’s free...
  3. pegliobaglio

    FS: civic type r 2010

    right guys have been thinking about doing this for a while now as i want to finish my s15 so need to free up some cash. 2010 crysta black type r 10.000 full gp pack honda lsd hid usb tyre pressure sensor red footwell lighting(honda) type r matt's Under warranty till 2013 i believe usual final...
  4. zml

    FS: mx5 mk1 S special euros import 1,8L video watch

    need this for quick sale. mazda mx5 mk1 special 1.8L import many new bits has just put in.. Mot till next year Jan tax till end off June. solid body no rust. oil changed 2000kms ago. engine start every time runs perfect new ordinator tosen Diff jasma 4 branch manifold custom make stainless...
  5. C

    FS: S15 Silvia Spec R Blue

    S15 Silvia Spec R Blue Advertising this for a mate; NISSAN SILVIA S15 Spec R AREO 1999 Genuine Spec R Turbo 6-Speed (86,576KM) Full years M.O.T. till 30th October 2011 TAX till 31st january 2011 (Full UK Tax) Clifford G5 Concept 650 MKII Security alrarm system including REMOTE START...
  6. R

    Reaper WorX Summers Over Sale.

    This offer is only open to Forum members and will last till the 21/11/2010.
  7. $

    $hifty's S15

    Hi all, For the moment progress is slow with the mod's since i bought it, the only changes being to the exhaust, rear lights and 2 12" JL subs in the boot! :) I've decided to wait till after the winter for the wheels, even though i spend all my spare time looking at alloys for her :(
  8. M

    Hi all, s15 owner in a month or 2!!!

    hi everyone, just starting to get into the import scene, all my mates have s2000's and 2 of my mates drive s15's, drove one a few weeks ago and fell inlove. now im out shoping for a s15, i dont wanna rush into it, id rather look around till i find one that screams BUY ME NOW! thanks for reading...
  9. B

    FS: 2001 Nissan S15 Spec R 295bhp Auto............ £7995 Quick Sale

    This is my spec R up for sale, I not happy :no: about selling it but needs must. This car is absolutely fantastic fun and I am seriously going to miss it when it goes. This car is unusual because its a auto but dont be foolled, the gearbox is strong and powerful enought to deal with any...
  10. X

    Ahoy from melbourne australia..

    hi everyone, im currently a Honda Prelude owner, and have been for some time, brilliant car, but never really bothered trying to make it more powerful, and focused on handling aspects instead. Its been pretty good to me, but its getting on a little, and decided i'd like something with a little...
  11. T

    tripleJs15 Dyno'd on e85 at 29psi (Dynojet)

    Maxded the injectors out, so we stopped at 584whp, will swap out and try again later this summer, going to enjoy the car a little till then.
  12. sliding-r

    X-Trail Coils in a S15

    are X-Trails coils the same as the S15? have seen them advertised as being compatible, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SPLITFIRE-DIRECT-IGNITION-COILS-S15-SILVIA-SR20DET_W0QQitemZ370205173209QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item5631f2a5d9 the reason i ask is my car is still...
  13. Curryzz

    Where can I find the relay for my indicators?

    I no it's in the fuse board in the drivers side footwell but anybody no what relay it is? Need to change it, my cars of the road till I can find it,cheers
  14. B

    new speakers.

    right.. i fitted a sub and amp last week.. perfect.. working fine... then i go to put in 6x9 speakers.. they dont fit... so i made them fit.... :annoyed::annoyed: ... so everytime i go over a ramp or anything they cut out all the speakers... to get them working again.. all i have to do is pull...
  15. F

    S15 Australia Insurance?

    Hi Just wondering from the Aus Members, how much insurance is to cover the S15 and which company? I plan to get one when i am around 21-22, in one to two years so i can wait till after i get my full licence! Thanks for any replies!
  16. D

    Oil filter!

    Just have my sandwich plate fitted but my old oil filter didnt come off too handy so putting new one but the problem is that its saturday evening and everywhere closed till tuesday as its a bank holiday monday. Normally use genuine nissan parts but cant get one till tues but have an aftermarket...
  17. S

    Cross weight balancing

    I'm thinking of bringing my ride for cross weight balancing soon, any of you guys have done that? If so, how is the improvement in dynamic stability? I resisted till not cause it will make the all the gaps between the wheel arch and wheel different........
  18. raytsang

    fueling up grades

    hey guys im planing to fit 740cc injectors and bigger fuel pump.. ( a how too install be cool too) im was woundering what to set the power fc too take the new stuff and run good enough till i get it tunned, oh im gonna put in a z32 AFM with apexi pod.