1. J

    Open Event: Team japspeed at awesomefest!!!

    TEAM JAPSPEED ARE AT AWESOMEFEST 2011! Team Japspeed have confirmed that they will be attending Awesomefest at this weekend! Taking part in the night Pro demo as well as the public track time; Shane Lynch, Paul Smith, and Stephen “Baggsy” Biagioni will all be in attendance bringing with them...
  2. S15_SAM

    Awesomefest anyone going?

    Alright guys. Me and the mrs are heading up to Awesomefest next weekend, just seeing if anyone else from here is heading up?
  3. J

    Japspeed at japfest 2 this weekend!!

    Hi guys, Who’s going to Japfest 2 this weekend at Donnington Park? Just to let you all know that we will be attending JapFest 2 and We’re going to be there with the Japspeed cars and with our show trailer, make sure you come over and say hello! The Japspeed show trailer is something new for...
  4. C

    New From Donegal Ireland

    Hey my names Matthew Im from Donegal in Ireland I have been into hondas for years and its all iv driven and done work to but after getting a run in a friends silvia iv sold up all hondas and decided to go for a knee-san i was originally out to get a ps13 and do a onevia conversion but with...
  5. oilman

    Opie Oils - Up to 25% Off Now Ends Midnight 30th

    UP TO 25% OFF AT OPIE OILS Due to high demand we have extended our weekend special offer for up to 25% OFF EVERYTHING until midnight Monday 30th May. To get your 25% off use your members discount & get an additional 15% with the voucher code below: Voucher code: WEEKEND If you don't yet...
  6. DeanS15

    FS: 2 x japfest tickets

    won't be needing these as i can't make the show - they're 12.50 each, on the day they are 20.00 each on the gate. :) if you are an sxoc member i will include a club stand pass as that is members only. please let me know asap to ensure whoever needs them gets them before the weekend.
  7. crazymat666

    carbon bonnet is abit dull :(

    i got a carbon bonnet but needs relaquering but is there anything i can for the mean time to living it up abit as japfest is this weekend and wouldnt mind showing it off a little:cool:
  8. Y

    Any Buckinghamshire/Milton Keynes S15 owners?

    Would love to have a quick meet and catchup to see what the cars are like if anyone is about one weekend next year? :D
  9. N

    Former FTO owner.....

    HELLO :wave: After wanting an S15 since i first saw one 3 years ago, I finally managed to get the money together to own one, thought I'd say a quick hello, I'll upload some Pictures over the weekend!!
  10. Max

    New S15 owner

    Hi, I'm Max from Reading. I'm picking up my Pearl White S15 Spec R on Friday night, can't wait! About the S15, it was imported by Torque GT last summer and I will be the 2nd UK owner and its totally stock apart from alloys, air filter, rear lights and bumper (hope that does not indicate rear...
  11. LuPix_S15

    Nurburgring Trip - This Weekend!!

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd post up a thread before I head off to Nurburgring for the first time this weekend. I'm going with some mates I've know for a few years from Streetrace modified cars forum and there's a chap who used to run a Ring trip business who's taking us there and back etc :)...
  12. Darren_S15

    Open Event: JAE 2010 September 10th - 12th

    Ok so Im going to attempt something that I do not think has been done before and try and get the S15OC at JAE this year. This is a great weekend event (one of the best Jap car events of the year), Ive been for the last 4 years myself. Great chance to camp, drink, BBQ and meet other members...
  13. T

    Has anyone been to see this car?

    http://pistonheads.co.uk/sales/1621322.htm Been for sale for a while as far as I belive... I'm after a few cars to look at this weekend so wondered if anyone has any remarks on it?
  14. C

    FS: Group Buy - Nismo 740cc injectors - CLOSED

    **This Group Buy is now Closed** I'm going to order a set of Nismo 740cc injectors at the weekend but as asual, the more sets purchased at once, the cheaper they get. Heres an example.. 1-2 sets - £379.00 3-4 sets - £346.00 5+ sets - £336.00 - **Currently on this price** Is anyone...
  15. LuPix_S15

    JDM Allstars Pics Gallery

    Ok guys - here are the 'best of' pics selected from a large collection taken at JDM Allstars weekend (Round 1, Manchester Trafford Centre). Was truly an awesome weekend... the drifting was competitive, the track layout streeto style so everyone's close to the cars and smoke :D The club area...
  16. LuPix_S15

    Club JDM @ JDM Allstars *VIDEOS*

    Ok folks, Finally completed both vids I compiled from JDM Allstars weekend up in Manchester. Was a truly awesome weekend. Hooked up with Tilly (who's since sold his S15) and also met up with Gav :thumbs: As some of you know took some snaps of his amazing Wisesquare Silvia :cool: Vid of our...
  17. C

    Open Event: The fast Show - 21st March

    Just wondered if anyone was going to this at the weekend, its at Santa Pod: http://www.thefastshow.com/
  18. L

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, The Name is Madni, Jus bought a S15 at the weekend had an Altezza before that, always had a thing for an S15 So i got one Whooop whooop!!
  19. D

    This weekend....

    Well.... since i sold my silv' over 12 months ago, i've been driving the missus's 1.4 fiesta and my trafic van. But my power desire was put to rest for a short while this weekend.... i went out in..... OH MY GOD! they are SO fricken awesome! they literally make ANYONE a...
  20. sparks

    new goodies

    new goodies pics up now japspeed elbow downpipe and decat added at the weekend feels like a new car