1. ChrisKnottIns

    WIN 2x BTCC 2018 Weekend Tickets

    WIN 2x BTCC 2018 Weekend Tickets Hi, Our DashCam prize draw was really popular so maybe we'll give you the chance to win another one later in the year. As for now, I'm excited to announce a new competition open to members of this club/forum. When you request a quote for Chris Knott Car...
  2. oilman

    Win 2 tickets to Rockingham - 17th/18th June

    Hi guys Opie Oils have a pair of tickets to the British Racing Sports Car Club race weekend at Rockingham up for grabs, so if you and a guest fancy spending the weekend watching this great event, then you may be in luck! To be in with a chance of winning these tickets, all you have to do is...
  3. H

    lack of heat from Climate

    Im hoping to investigate this further this weekend but looking for some pointers really. my car has very little heat, it seems to blow air on all settings etc but it doesn't get that hot. after a while it does start to warm up in the cabin but not significantly, the oh so accurate gauge rises...
  4. Surfing Boris

    Club Event: Classic Car show 2017

    Guys, I have just been walking round the Classic Car Show and chatting to the TVR owners and mk4 supra owners club displaying here today. Got me thinking so went to the organisers office. Car clubs don't cost any thing to show for the weekend but it is a whole weekend commitment. I am looking...
  5. ryan3

    Rubbing Wheel Arch Liners

    Hey, I've done some searching on this but couldn't really find an answer, so I fitted HSD coilovers to the 15 over the weekend and set them up at roughly the height I want to run at but noticed that the wheels now sit extremely close to the arch liner when applying some steering lock, they...
  6. oilman

    Knockhill tickets - super touring cars!

    Good news everyone! Opie Oils have got another pair of tickets to Knockhill up for grabs, so if you and a guest are free on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of September then you may be lucky enough to spend it watching the Super Touring Car Festival! To be in with a chance of winning these...
  7. Chriscooke

    Open Event: Sxoc weekender invite for s15oc

    Hey guys, thought I'd post this here to see if there was any interest.. Even if you don't fancy going on track this should be a good weekend and an ideal opportunity for you to not only show off your s15's but to have a weekend with likeminded car people :thumbs: sxoc thread...
  8. L

    Car cover

    Hi all, Im after a car cover, preferably tailored for the S15 as i only use the car at the weekends/every other weekend. Anyone have a good one to recommend, dont want my paintwork damaged! Liam
  9. S15AK

    SXOC - Setertten Weekender

    SXOC - Snetterton Weekender Anyone else on here going to Snetterton this weekend with the SXOC lot? I'm going and will be on track :)
  10. D

    FS: S14 / S15 Suspension - Nismo & APEX

    Full set of Nismo S-Tune shocks and springs (Blue & Yellow variants) which came of my S15 when i bought her. (Pics will be up at the weekend) - No leaks or knocks at all £250 ovno NOT THE ACTUAL SETUP, but exactly like this, and admittedly not as clean. Will get pics up at the weekend. I've...
  11. Jaydej

    What are you and your S15 doing today?

    it looks like its a going to be a great weather this weekend what are people doing with their S15?
  12. S

    My s15, somthing a bit diffrent... Straight cam sr20, ITB's etc

    Somewhen I might get around to actualy doing a build thread... but atm here's a picture from last weekend. My dirty daily , Currently producing 451.9hp with Pulsar ITB's a HTA 3071r on a link g4 :)
  13. R

    FS: Spec-R floor mates & sun visors

    Will get some pics over weekend mats x4 £50 + post visors £30 + post

    Boon's wide body BN S15

    So last weekend I took a huge trip to pick up this Link to drifted article : http://www.drifted.com/damien-oconnor/photoshoot-garage-life-bn-sports-s15/6279/ It's an epic car, It's only done 46,000km Basically it's going to be a weekend car and for going to shows and events in...
  15. mattyjp

    Open Event: santa pod japshow finale 29th-30th september

    tickets are: £22 full weekend hardcore camping legends £14 sunday show offs gate opens at 8am on saturday and for those of you coming on the sunday it opens between 7-8am for clubs to get set up before the public arrive at 8am all the other info needed is on www.japshow.com For the weekender...
  16. H


    Hello, Its been a while since ive been on for a while but i thought i should make more of an effort an say hi. Although i kinda crashed it at the weekend :-(
  17. S

    Hi from Syd - S15 owner

    Hi everyone :wave: coming from a honda background and now a proud owner of a 00 Jdm spec R S15. It is a great car! I have always been in the modding/enthusiast scene, had a few hondas, mx5, more recently sold my DC2 integra type R to get the S15. already started on the mods, putting on some...
  18. K

    What bumper is this?

    Sorry for the terrible picture will try and get a better one on the weekend, how ever can anyone identify what bumper it is? Thanks in advance!
  19. S15AK

    Bring on the nice weather

    Cover is off the S15 after the rubbish winter months at last! :) new battery in, so going to give it a good blast this weekend :cool: Lovely day today, even up north :thumbs:
  20. T

    Here's my Spec-S from Finland

    Hello, here's my Spec-S model that came from Japan this summer. It's completely stock engine wise and as of now I'm not planning to make any mods expect maybe a new exhaust at some point. I'm planning to keep it somewhere between a daily driver and a weekend driver. Here's what it looked it...