1. Trial_S15

    Round 2; Prodrift Irish Championship & Prodrift Super Series (not 56k friendly)

    Round 2 of both the Prodrift Irish Championship & European Prodrift Super Series were on in Punchestown at the weekend. It was a fanastic weekend and the weather wasn't bad either. Here's just a few of the pics I took over the weekend - figured I'd throw them up! Day 1: Prodrift Irish...
  2. T

    WTB: nismo s-tunes

    If anyone has, or knows of any nismo s-tune suspension available im in need of some. when changing my oil this weekend i found one of my d2 coilovers was leaking.
  3. mint

    s15 Site Photoshoot @ JAE 09

    Ok lads. For all those going to JAE, Id like to organise this if possible? (Nicely / Team Hope you dont mind? If so let me know) Basically if we can get a list of who's going to JAE this year and which days you will be there, Also when your planning on getting there and leaving. This way, we...
  4. Darren_S15

    WTB: Boost Solenoid

    If anyone has their stock boost solenoid laying around and no longer needs it Id be happy to take it off their hands. Would really like one of these before the weekend, but this might be pushing it. Anything else thats cheap and suitable will be considered too. Thanks, Darren
  5. D

    New Owner of a S15!

    Hi everyone! My name is Daniel. I?m living in Sweden. And yesterday I bought a Silvia S15. Delivery next weekend or the weekend after that. (A friend orderd a Supra.So we are going to get them at the same time.) Hard to wait that long. Some info about the car: Colour: Blue Rear spoiler: NO...
  6. A

    Starting issues

    Was about to take the S15 out of the garage yesterday but the car did not start. I will take a look at it in the weekend but thought I would run a few Qs with you first. Does the S15 have a Imobilizer? The car didn?t come close to spark so I?m guessing no fuel. So are there any fuces for the...
  7. D

    Driftworks S15 Desktop

    Nicely asked me to post this here :cool:. I've made a desktop photo using a picture I took on the weekend. If anyone else is interested, here you go :thumbs: : 1600 version 1200 version 1024 version 800 version :thumbs:
  8. kimi

    JAE next weekend

    Ok so its JAE next weekend guys, whos going ? i wasnt going to be around , but now i am :D:D i'll be parked on Coordsports stand :thumbs: just wondered if anyone else is comming along.
  9. oilman

    Castrol Weekend Offer

    This weekend we have a Castrol special. FREE with every Castrol order you will get a FREE Castrol Lanyard Strap!!! (We preferr to call it a Handy Strap, it comes in black with gold Edge logo and a usefull detachable spring loaded snap on clip.) We have LOW prices on quality products like...
  10. oilman

    Motul and Mobil Weekend Offer

    COMING THIS WEEKEND MOTUL AND MOBIL PRICE SLASH WEEKEND! From 6pm tonight, until Monday 5th March you will find some great discounts on our ranges of MOTUL and MOBIL Oils. Our LOWEST ever prices on quality products like MOTUL 300V, MOBIL1 and MOTUL 8100 street oils...
  11. J

    Finally swaping my FTO for a S15

    Hey, just wanted to introduce myself to all you guys who i havent already met via SXOC, for the most part, probably as im gonna be needing so much help and guidence over the next few weeks as i try to sell my FTO GR i'v had for the past 4 years in order to buy my first slivia S15. I was hoping...
  12. Nicely

    Defi and Wisesquare additions

    Fitted a couple of Defi BFs last weekend, so got some photos to share :)
  13. J

    Jap-Show - Santa Pod - Saturday June 25th

    Anyone likely to be going? I realise it's a long shot the weekend after Silverstone! :)
  14. Nicely

    D1GB Round 1 at Rockingham

    Thought you might like to see Barky's photos of the 1st round of D1GB at Rockingham last weekend :)
  15. J


    What's yours on average? I've been monitoring mine over two tanks of 97ron. Very sadly, ?110 had delivered just 500 miles :eek: :( That's 20-mpg Is this normal? I do a 10 mile run to work each morning and back in the evening. I occasionally take it out at lunchtime too but only 10 miles...
  16. J

    Helloooo! :o)

    Hello everyone, newbie here! :wave: Well, I haven't actually got my S15 yet - I take delivery over Easter weekend but I'm so chuffed I thought I'd get on the board with you guys straight away! It's a bit of a funny meeting really between me and the S15. I was at Torque imports this weekend...