1. S

    FS: WANTED windscreen

    In need on a new/replacement windscreen, mine now has two cracks and just failed MOT. Anyone know of any?
  2. S

    FS: WANTED windscreen

    In need on a new/replacement windscreen, mine now has two cracks and just failed MOT. Anyone know of any?
  3. I

    WTB: Windscreen washer PUMP

    As title I'm after a front windscreen washer pump for my S15 R, I'm sure S15 S will use the same pump but s14a pumps are different. The front screen pump is the right of the two when looking at them on the bottle. Working used pump is fine but if someone with fast can lookup the part number...
  4. fez06

    WTB: s15 windscreen

    As above I know there like rocking horse **** but if anyone knows of one let me know cheers
  5. I

    Where is the engine number?

    I'm filling out the registration form for my S15 Spec R and out of all the question the only one I got stuck on is the engine number :wack: I have had a look around the engine, at all the export documents, vin plate, door sill, around windscreen, Google, searched S15OC. I have even looked around...
  6. laimis

    FS: S15 windscreen

    Sell S15 new windscreen cost 140GBP, shipping to UK 60GBP. If you have any questions on PM.
  7. S

    Pearl S15 from the Northeast

    Pearl S15 from the Northeast now featured on *ADDED* Car is now featured on Thought I'd start a thread on here as my "Introduce yourself" thread is getting a bit long. So I just picked up a Pearl white S15. 2000...
  8. S

    WTB: S15 Windscreen

    Anyone got an s15 windscreen/know where I can get one
  9. S

    Hi, Just got my s15 tonight

    Hi all, just got my s15 tonight. Havent got too many pics of it yet. Here are a couple Car has Impul front and rear bumper Nismo exhaust Tomei expreme manifold and turbo elbow Splitfire coilpacks Has a welded diff although think im gonna stick with the vlsd Qashqai satnav headunit with...
  10. John-

    What is this?

    Been doing some rattle hunting today, and found this wound up in my passenger footwell Could it be related to these on my windscreen? They don't seem to go anywhere, could it have been an aftermarket immobiliser or alarm? Any help would be appreciated
  11. M

    WTB: S15 windscreen

    As title got cash waiting I'm in gateshead but could collect Pm me and we can sort it out
  12. Fasthands

    Windscreen from Apex

    Has anyone had a windscreen from Apex Performance? Are they kite marked CE approved? Mine cracked when removing it due to preparing the shell for full respray :-( so new one it is. The chap fitting the screen asked me to make sure they are kite marked etc. chap from Apex said they are legal to...
  13. 2fst4u

    Brand new owner from NZ

    Hey all. I finally got my hands on an s15. I feel like I'm dreaming. These babies have been on my mind for the past few months and now I have one all of my own. She has a few wee niggles that need to be ironed out but that'll happen in due course. Here's a couple of pics I took today...
  14. pegliobaglio

    windscreen condensation

    Right chaps quick question,noticed I get real bad condensation on my front and rear windows/windscreen mainly when its a bit cold out,its got really bad recently though to the point if I ran my finger through it it drips like a tap all over my dash and end up with big puddles of water on it...
  15. richy200

    WTB: Oem silvia bonnet badge (lightening shape)

    Hi guys mine flew off the other day, didn;t have a clue waht hit the windscreen until i was home, turned out to be the bonnet badge. Does anyone have one i could buy? cheers
  16. M

    WTB: looking to buy a windscreen for an s15

    hi everybody. i'm looking to buy a phone number is 07767053092. thanks.
  17. W

    Windscreen Washer Jets Not Very Powerful

    Already done a search with no results found. When I pull the windscreen arm to release the screen wash onto my windscreen, it's so weak that it doesn't even make it onto my windscreen. Instead it just pisses onto my bonnet instead. What part could this be and how do I fix it? (Do I need a...
  18. D

    windscreen (windshield) again

    Hi Is s14 / s14a windshield (windscreen) the same as s15? If not, can anybody give me a full factory part number for s14 / s14a and s15? Thanks. Greg.
  19. Fruitbooter

    What a/c blower settings do you use?

    Im not sure if its just me but does your windscreen love to mist up slightly when you dont have the blowers going onto the window slightly? It doesnt mist up bad but at night when headlights shine at you, you can see a slight mist but then put the heaters on it and it goes. I normaly have the...
  20. AllanOrr

    S14 Sivlia Import Rear Screen

    Hey guys I have a shout at a rear windscreen on a s14 import that doesnt have the rear wiper that all the s14 boys are after, do any of you know if the s14 and s15 rear windscreen are the same fitment? I know it might not have the aerial etc and the heat element might not work but I will be...