1. Surfing Boris

    FS: Lightning yellow Spec R Aero

    FOR SALE: NISSAN S15 SPEC R, £11, 800 ono Factory Aero kit in Nissan Lightning Yellow (only 1.97% of all S15s ever produced were painted yellow from the factory) Tomei 3 inch turbo elbow APW Engineering 3 inch down pipe with flexi 3 inch de-cat pipe 3 inch cat back exhaust, unknown brand...
  2. S15_SAM

    S15 on eBay

    "Just a heads up about this S15 on eBay, item number 272220587695 I have had dealings with this company a while back and when looking round there "bone yard " I enquirer about this very tired looking yellow s15 and was told the car came from Ireland and had been involved in quite a bad...
  3. T

    Unusual Colour s15's in the uk and irland

    Hi, I was just looking to see what unsusual colour s15's there are in the uk and ireland. So i wanted to avoid the usual white, yellow, red, silver and black ones, as much as you can call any s15 'usual'. I've seen one of our members has a nice midnight purple car posted in the favorite...
  4. Surfing Boris

    How many Yellow Aero's are there in the UK

    When I bought the yellow aero Torque GT told me it had been a hard find for them, especially in such a good condition and I have been to a number of meets with fb car groups in the south west and had loads of people say how they have never seen a yellow aero. I am now wondering how many yellow...
  5. M

    Yellow 15 engine bays! need ideas!

    go! give me some inspiration :D
  6. S

    FS: EBC front discs and yellow stuff pads

    Brand new in box drilled and grooved stock replacement front discs and yellow stuff pads Pads in picture are for a 300zx TT but are the same for 200sx s14/s15 £250
  7. F

    Yellow s15 at SVA imports for sale.

    Hi everyone I know I'm new here but you have to start somewhere. im hoping to be an owner of an s15 spec r soon and this one caught my eye. it looks very well priced and in fantastic shape. Almost...
  8. B

    FS: 1999 S15 Silvia, full aero in yellow for sale

    Selling my rare lightning yellow, full aero s15, the car is in great condition and I've owned it for nearly a year now! I don't use it very often anymore so decided to sell it 1999 86,000 miles full aero kit factory tints nismo s-tune suspension nismo pedals hks mushroom filter standard wheels...
  9. L

    S15 YAU ----Yellow S15 Spec R

    Hi all Spotted as title states a yellow Spec R this morning, had a kit, aero spoiler, fmic, dmax rears. saw you at the car garage (used to be mole valey) on the outskirts of capel this morning at say 9:15. Looks awesome, who are you lol? Thanks Liam
  10. C

    One white one yellow. Jimanji nights LockGelly

    White one was out drifting on track then had a bad smash, yellow one sat in the car park. Just wondering if it's anyone on here? The video can be seen here With both cars featured.
  11. J

    Yellow headlights

    After buying my S15 I've noticed that the headlights have an unappetising yellow tinge to them, I've been told that this may be the plastic getting old and brittle, and replacing them to get perfectly clear lights again may be necessary, my question is; is it possible to clean them up by t cut...
  12. T

    yellow jackets V splitfire coilpacks

    Which of the above is the best as regards performance and value for money.I know about splitfires but know zero about yellow jackets as i have not got any history with these and not many on here seem to use them :confused:
  13. S15_SAM

    Sam's wide arch Pearl Yellow S15

    Well I've had my 15 for 10 months and changed a fair few things in the time so here's the story of its life! I first saw it on done deal, an Irish site and instantly new I loved it. The £6,900 price tag even more of an eye catcher. After speaking to a girl named Aishling we swapped details...
  14. adz87kc

    Top dead centre?

    Hello :) I'm hoping one of my fellow boost brothers can help me out here... I read that before i take off the cylinder head (car is a JDM spec R) that you need to set the engine so that cylinder 1 is at TDC. I ***think*** i've got mines set ok but would like someone or a few of you to confirm...
  15. LuPix_S15

    Coloured headlamps - neat trick :)

    Hola! :wave: Yes I know it's been a while lol but I have updated my S14a track project thread :p and just remembered a neat little trick I did recently on my daily Lexus which cost me very little that I wanted to share with you guys! Anyone who fancies coloured (usually blue or yellow)...
  16. D

    Yellow s15 what colour brakes

    Hey guys With a yellow s15 what colour brakes do you think I should spray ? Black ? Pics would be awesome Thanks ladies !!
  17. M

    Yellow S15 - Mt Glorious, Sunday Nov 7 2010

    Was in my blue s15 on Glorious this morning and went past a sweeeet yellow s15 going the other way. He flashed his lights at me and I gave him a wave but didnt get time to see the plates. Is it someone on s15OC?
  18. S15AK

    Help - Part required

    Hi Guys, Not sure what the correct name is, but I need the round caps that covers the back of the headlights (the cap that cover the HID's behind the lights under the bonnet). I don't have them on my S15, and that might be why my front headlights are going a little yellow :( Can I get that...
  19. S

    What is this Works9 S15? Anyone got any more info about this car? I'm particularly interested in the colour. It looks like Lambo Gallardo yellow but not sure....
  20. paddyb01

    radio problem

    when i turn on the radio it works grand but when i turn off the car and take the key out the radio stays on is dare 2 power wires behind the radio the only one i can find is a yellow one... anyone have any ideas