1. R

    FS: 2002 Silvia Spec R (Pewter Grey)

    2002 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R - £9,495 Imported just over 3 years ago and bought locally through a friend. I have owned for almost 2 years. 129,000km on the clock. Engine is untouched and is completely standard right through to the exhaust. This has never failed to start and even in the...
  2. A

    Do you drive your S15 daily?

    Whenever I go to a garage or someone asks me about the car or anything, people always seem to ask how often I drive it. I say...everyday & they are always surprised. I feel like they know something I don't.. when I have mechanics being surprised I drive it daily it makes me wonder. I know these...
  3. langers

    What did you do to your S15 today?

    I haven't seen this kind of thread on here, so I thought I'd start one. Basically, as the title stats, just post what you did to your S15. It can be any job, big or small, drive outs, meet ups, purchasing, selling, modify, drifting etc. Photos are a plus, but not necessary. I'll get the ball...
  4. Surfing Boris

    After 18 months I am finally an S15 owner!!!

    I have finally done it!!! Went to Torque GT this afternoon and went for a drive and climbed all over the car. Very happy
  5. C

    Looking for an S15

    Hi guys. I am looking at buying a Spec R S15. I was just wondering if anyone could give me an insight of what they're like to drive daily, running costs, and I'll have about 5K spare for Modifications. What are the recommended more etc. Thanks in advance :) .
  6. I

    WTB: S15 spec S diff

    Looking for a Spec S diff, that is 4.083 final drive :wave:
  7. phillll


    Hi guys! Been browsing the forum for a while now, but picked up my S15 on Monday from Torque GT. You may have seen in on the website. Someone pulled out of buying it so it was offered to me. After bidding on cars for months I decided this was the best option to go with. It was a Grade 4, it...
  8. L

    Possible future S15 owner

    Hey guys, I've started to searoiusly think about getting an S15 spec r through an importers like Torque GT or similar, the only thing putting me off is that i've never really seen one to look around and sit in to see what i really think, let alone drive one. What are they like to live with...
  9. T

    track rod ends

    Hello , I was looking for some advice my car needs new track rod ends again , I only replaced them last year . I drive my car most days what would you guys recommend that i buy .
  10. C

    S15 from Bouremouth

    Hey everyone I'm Marcus and I'm from Bouremouth. Currently have an s15 that has abit of damage as someone decided to rear end me last night whilst I pulled into my drive. Nothing major so will be back to normal soon Hopefully the images come up
  11. S

    Play in my drive shaft?

    Ok had the chance to get under my car the other day was having a look around ond found that when I held the drive shaft I was able to twist it about 10mm or so. Is that normal to have a bit of play or am I going to have to doo somthing about it?😳
  12. R

    Cold Start Grind

    This happens intermittently but can't seem to find any information on it. Let me set the scene.. Its your average dry morning and I'm about to take my car out for a drive. I start the car, Put my foot on the clutch and pop it into first. I lift the clutch and GRIND, then gone. It only lasts...
  13. LeeSpecR

    Best oil for a tuned sr20det.

    I'm going to change the oil on my s15,I've had a look through the forum and lots of people use different oil. I'm looking at millers,the nano drive stuff. What viscosity would you use? 10/40? Cheers Lee
  14. G

    driving with a 2 way diff

    hey guys came to get some more knowledge I just test drove a car. worst conditions, it was raining and was very distracting. I noticed that the drive in low gears (mostly 1st and 2nd) wasnt smooth. (in reverse too i think) and the owner said it was due to the 2 way diff installed. He said he...
  15. S15_SAM

    Lydden hill BDC, 14 April one white one blue

    Saw these two at BDC a fee weeks ago. Had a nice little drive with the guy in the blue one. Got the drive past video? Lol.
  16. L

    Car starts, but nothing works

    Got into my spec s this evening to drive home from work, it's started fine, but nothing is working, no clocks, no wipers, no heater, no windows, no indicators, but I was able to drive home. anyone ever heard of this problem before, or know what it could be, thanks in advance
  17. S15_SAM

    Broken Nismo 2 way what's snapped?

    Hey guys. Just broken down and got recovered! Total nightmare as I was on my way back from a wedding with a full car! Just got back now, after getting it back to my garage. It's COLDDDDDD tonight!!!! basically was slowly coming into a roundabout, changed down gears then thud, lost all drive and...
  18. J

    Arch Rolling

    I live in Northampton, anyone around the MK/Midlands area had arches rolled? Where did you get it done/price/how long it took? I'd like to get it done in a day, like drive there, have it done, drive home the same day, is that possible?
  19. Jay

    white s15 in thurrock services tonight

    as above, i was in the black spec r parked behind you with my mate in a saxo. just went out for a drive as i hadnt been out in a while.... car looked sweet by the way!:thumbs:
  20. Jay-pan

    Diff and drive shafts swap information

    Hi guys, I have got a 2 way Diff on my S15 but it isn't for me so going back to the original diff (If anyones interested in a swap + cash my way) Anyway I went to the garage just to have a full inspection to make sure every things okay, when he was checking he said there was quite a bit of...