1. J

    FS: Japspeed Toe/Camber arms S14/15

    I'm selling a set of Japspeed camber arms and super low toe rods. Both have been fitted to my car approximately 4 months, so they're in good condition and in the original boxes. One of the bolts for the camber arms sheared when I took them off the car but everything else is there. Sold
  2. ArTo

    WTB: Japspeed S14/S15 Exhaust Catback

    Hey looking for this exhaust from Japspeed. Its out of stock at the company :/
  3. G

    Cat back Exhaust fitment for S15

    Hey, sorry if this has been asked before but I am struggling to find an exhaust in stock like the Japspeed one in this link Nissan S15 Cat Back Exhaust System If it comes to it I'll see if a garage will custom make one as I'm set on having a single pipe back box which comes out at an angle but...
  4. S

    FS: s14/s15 Sr20det Japspeed manifold

    Sr20det Japspeed manifold. Brand new in box with gaskets nuts and bolts. £100
  5. T

    Dealings with Japspeed

    Well I am thinking to use this crowd for my front mount intercooler and my braided turbolines i see the name Japspeed pop up alot lately so just wondering how good are the parts they sell and has anybody dealt with them in the past
  6. S

    Help for next mods...

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on what to do next with my S15. I brought it about a month ago with these mods: Greddy intercooler Greddy profex boost controller Z32 air flow meter Nistune ecu + remap Hks actuator Apexi intake Splitfire coilpacks Walbro fuel pump Japspeed down pipe Japspeed...
  7. K

    FS: Garage clear out! Japspeed, aero, apex, standard ect

    I thought it was about time I cleared out my garage of some spares I have lying around. Japspeed 3 " s14 / 15 turbo elbow £ 45 Japspeed 3 " s14a turbo elbow £ 35 slight damage Apex t28 braided turbo lines £ 50 Pearl white s15 aero spoiler £ 80 I will do a deal with my boot for a pearl white...
  8. Jaydej

    Turbo elbow

    Hey people, I need to get a elbow from somewhere but don't know where. I was going to go for japspeed but they don't have any in stock. Anyone know a good place to get one from
  9. J

    S15 is going up for sale...

    My s15 is going up for sale but I'm really struggling on the price... I don't want to price it too high or too low... Any idea of what I should be asking around... Thanks bumper will be repaired before it's sold... Spec:- Alrite mate, here is the spec, probably forgot some things...
  10. Havoc

    FS: Garrett T28r

    Garret T28r for sale.. Perfect condition.. Pretty much no play only what would be standard for oil movement. Boosts up perfectly no smoke and really responsive. Can send you a video of the turbine wheel if requested. £400 with manifold, japspeed turbo elbow and braided lines. £360 for just...
  11. Nickichi

    FS: Japspeed 50mm Radiator - £100.00 Collection Only

    Hi Selling this since I've decided to fit a blitz radiator instead to my car. Brought it a couple of years back during a group buy from Japspeed but never got around to installing it. For whatever reason, it wouldn't sit right in my engine bay and the only options I could see was to either...
  12. M

    WTB: Japspeed back box

    Need a japspeed back box. Let me know what youve got Thanks
  13. CMR

    FS: S13, S14, S15 Silenced Decat

    Decat Silencer / Silenced Decat for S13, S14 and S15. 315mm Bought new from Japspeed two weeks ago, no longer needed. Brand new still sealed in the box. Dramatically lower your exhaust noise without sacrificing performance. £79 from Japspeed, more on eBay £65 Posted
  14. J

    Japspeed Evolution Winter Bundle!

    Wrap up for winter with our fantastic new Japspeed Evolution Winter Bundle, the perfect gift for the upcoming winter season! Included in the bundle is the brand new Japspeed Evolution hoodie, the perfect way to keep you warm whether you're sat at home or stood trackside! The new-look hoodie...
  15. J

    Japspeed 'BGW' Carbon Wings!

    Hi guys, We have just received new stock of our 'BGW' carbon fibre spoilers and we are offering you a great price! DO NOT MISS OUT! We have used our 'BGW' wings on our Japspeed drift cars for a few years now and with many other drivers also running these too they have become a very...
  16. J

    FS: 99' Crystal Black S15 95K

    It's now official guys, as I've just bought a mint condition RB320 the S15 is up for sale: Spec: 1999 s reg jap imported by torque gt, got 95,000+ miles on the clock, but still runs like a dream. Milage will go up over the next 2 weeks as it will still be being driven. - MOT until Jan/2013 -...
  17. J

    Black S15 Coming Up

    Just to let people know, I will be selling my S15 end of October/Start of November, So if anyone knows anyone in the market for one then can contact me on 07429005580. Spec: 1999 s reg jap imported by torque gt, got 93,000 miles on the clock, but still runs like a dream spec list: -full...
  18. Jay-pan

    Japspeed FMIC problem

    Hi, just trying to fit my Japspeed FMIC but came to a problem when trying to fit the breather pipe from the cold intake pipe to the inlet manifold. Anyone got any ideas or help on what i can do?
  19. D

    FS: S15 silvia sr20 det

    Here we have my beautiful S15, It started life as a spec s and I have had it converted to spec r spec by a reputable mechanic here in Ireland. The car has been heavily modified it just off the top of my head it has SR20DET Engine from earlier version silvia 5 speed box adjustable actuator...
  20. JaseYpk

    WTB: Radiator! Asap

    My coolant leak was the rad. its chucking coolant out the rear centre. Not sure how its got a hole there, but either way, i'l look into it once its removed. for the meantime. i need a new rad. Any offers, preferable for a skinny one instead of a chunky 50mm one goes with out saying, it wants...