1. Lil SpecR

    Small shopping list ... where to go?

    Hi all I have a small shopping list of parts, where is the best place or brands to go for? I've tried japspeed but they're struggling to understand my requirements lol :) Downpipe Turbo elbow Sports cat Performance panel filter Manifold braided lines/turbo/water/oil Manifold/turbo gasket...
  2. Jay-pan

    FS: Extremely Clean S15, one hell of a spec list.

    Too slow!!....Sold :wave:
  3. S15_SAM

    Happy New year S15 owners and special guests, list your plan for your car in 2014!

    Happy new year guys and girls Whats each persons plans and goals for their S15 or other vehicle for 2014? then we can refer back at the end of the year and see who did what! My list (not very long): 1) paint my wheels anthracite grey 2) get some wide rear arches and fit them 3) have the...
  4. S

    Simons S15 spec R

    Hi all this is my 2000 Nissan Silvia S15 spec R, I bought the car from torque gt when Mike had just imported it over so I'm the first owner in the UK, also highly recommend torque gt. I have had the car just over a year now and the build has been moving quite slow due to moving jobs and having...
  5. Mike

    Open Event: Jae 2013

    We going to this? I don't know how many we need or anything but lets do a list, everyone likes lists. 1. Mike (ep3) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  6. Fasthands

    You are all going to love this!!!

    Due to the need to start my own business I am selling my S15 in bits.. Some of you will know some of the parts fitted to my car and none of it is cheap ebay stuff.. I will be compiling a list asap and getting it on here first before anywhere else.. I have to decide if I'm going to sell the...
  7. M

    front hub nut tourque

    i just got some doritech knuckles so need to know what the tourqe setting is for the front hub nuts actually is there somewhere i can print a full list of all the bolt torque settings. thanks for looking
  8. Mike

    Open Event: Ace Cafe London, Sunday 19th August.

    After speaking to Ace Cafe on Friday can confirm we have a meet booked for Sunday August 19th. This was the best of only 3 dates left. Our booking there is 6pm-10:30pm. I will start a list off below. We need to decide if we want this to be a closed car park meet where we will need to supply a...
  9. S

    what to do next???

    So i got a front mount, evc-s ebc, walbro fuel pump, ngk iridium spark plugs to go in, plus nistune ecu car so far is pretty much standard has only hks suction kit and turbo back exhaust running factory boost tops (.8) I was thinking z32 afm and nismo 550c injectors next on the shopping list...
  10. S15AK

    Cool TAS 2012 vid

    Just watched this video of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2012, and its just confirmed that I would to go to this even more now before I die! (added to the bucket list!) Trip to Tokyo to see TAS and also visit the Daikoku Parking lot :cool:
  11. Darren_S15

    Open Event: JapShow 2011 - Santa Pod Raceway - Sunday 19th June

    JapShow 2011 tickets are now on sale to clubs However they require a minimum of 10 cars before we qualify for a club stand. The event is on Sunday 19th June and at the Santa Pod Raceway (NN29 7XA) and advanced tickets are £12 (I will also be asking for an additional £2 per booking for...
  12. Fasthands

    WTB: greddy intake plenum Tomei throttle body 70mm

    Does anyone have these parts for sale or know where I can get them? Apex are nothing short of useless, as they list it on their site but have nothing in stock or can't get it for ages.. Christ it's so annoying when company's do this.
  13. Larsz

    Meet: Japfest 2011

    Well as topic says it, are there any idea's about S15OC members going to this festival? From the Netherlands we have a whole club of cars joining up to ride towards this event. So far we have about 6 cars, 4 Skyline's and 2 S15's including mine. We hope to have atleast 20 as the list...
  14. M

    FS: 2003 M3 for sale. For Sale 2003 M3, 70km, 343Bhp, sunroof, leather, full BMW service history, to many extras to list, car is in mint condition... 12000 Euro
  15. J

    My S15 spec s

    Here is a few pics of my spec s, the big wheels are gone and im gone back to the original standard Nissan ones. I'm also after changing the suspension to nismo s tune struts. Next on the list is a strut brace and a 2 way or a 1.5 diff. Thats about it really, all input welcome :D
  16. J

    Can anyone help

    Wel lads, does anyone know if the brake pads from a 200sx fit an s15? i was looking to buy the red stuff brake pads for my s15 and there spec list only gives a 200sx not an s15, so if anyone can help please write back to me
  17. JaseYpk

    Ball Bearing Turbo or Not?

    I was sure i'd seen a thread with this in before, but cant seem to find it now, so was wondering if anyone had the list of chassis numbers with and without the bb turbo? cheers
  18. zml

    new product list with price list, group buy discount available.part 1

    new product list all product are available for group buying, with unbeatable price. pleae take some time to have a look thanks JDM crystal gear knob 33GBP posted up to 5 order or more will be 10% off , up to 10 order or more will be 20% off. D1 gear knob also available please ask. SMD...
  19. C1TPT


    Right its insurance time again for me, I got my renewal through the post from Bell and it had gone UP!! :no: So obviously I needed to start ringing round! I went on the usefull thread and got up the recomended insurers from sxoc. I started at the top of the list with A-plan, which were...
  20. superK

    Finally Got One

    Hey, Well after years of wanting an S15 especially after seeing trials15's 1, i eventually got one about two months ago, its a 2002 spec s, its pretty standard, rota svn wheels, nismo back box and thats about it, i have coilovers on the shopping list when the piggy bank allows, its a great...