1. NICKO

    WTB: Heater matrix pipes

    I'm after the two pipes that run around the back of the engine to the heater matrix, has anyone got them spare? Thanks
  2. langers

    S15 turbo elbows/dump pipes

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice on turbo elbows (or dump pipes if you prefer). I'm planning to get a Blitz Nur Spec RX or HKS silent hi-power cat back for my S15, but I want to eventually have a full 3" turbo back with a sports cat. I've found a Tomei Expreme on RHD Japan but it would be nice...
  3. R

    Fuel purge solenoid?

    I believe this is to do with the carbon canister setup but I can't see where the pipes should go. The bracket that holds it is missing otherwise it would be fairly self explanitory I think. Anyone got any pics of the pipes coming from it or just where it is supposed to be bolted would give me a...
  4. JDM_virgin

    where do these pipes go?

    I bought a set of reinforced silicone hoses online to replace my old rubber ones whilst the car is being overhauled. So far I have fitted top and bottom rad pipes, cam cover front breather and breather pipe from intercooler pipe work to throttle body (the one that goes over the fan shroud) but I...
  5. Krish

    Boost issues

    Was out today and noticed I'm hitting 1.73 bar if boost. It's shpuld only be hitting 1.3 bar in low. Can't see any pipes hanging off anywhere, no smoke either. Any suggestions?
  6. Jay-pan

    WTB: Twin down pipe.

    After a twin down pipe the ones that split into two pipes for better clearance. Thanks
  7. Max

    WTB: someone to weld ali pipes for custom I/C and Tomei Poncam Intake Cam

    Hi, as title really. Putting in a Greddy I/C but upside down for shortest pipework (and it already has mounts for it but no pipes.) Can anyone help, or know of someone who can based in the south of England? I'm in Reading. Also after a Tomei intake Poncam if anyone has one laying about! Got an...
  8. pegliobaglio

    Exhaust gaskets

    Quick question, can you use any 3" exhaust gasket for our cars or do they do uprated gaskets?? I could hear my exhaust was blowing a bit , when I went to investigate it seems the bolt just before the back box has snapped :wack:so have a nice gap between the pipes, I think I am going to replace...
  9. dave_t

    FMIC with NO BOV - What breather's to use/What breather's to bung

    Currently fitting my FMIC, and waiting on a couple of hoses and clamps to align it, and finish it off. I will be running NO BOV, * I should also add i WILL NOT be running an aftermarket boost controller (for the time being), so my question is what breather pipes do i bung, and what do i...
  10. S

    Blitz dual sbc spec r

    Hi all got this today and the instructions are all Japanese, and seeing as I can't read that I was wondering am I right in thinking I need to connect to the intercooler pipes? As mine has no nipple, will I need to get one fitted or is there another option? Cheers Ollie
  11. T

    Pigeon Mod Query

    Heya. Has anyone on here done the 'pigeon mod' to their cars? I know all about how to do it and why people do and dont do it - - - but what I was specifically after was this: If people HAVE done it...what did you use to block the pipes with. It's the 28mm and 30mm pipes in particular...
  12. Adam L

    FS: 3'' Samco intake pipe

    I took this off of my GT2871R a couple of months back and I upgraded to a larger turbo and it runs a bigger intake, so I don't need this anymore. It was supplied by APT and on the car when I bought it. I've just had a quick look at cost and both the pipes come to over £60 alone, without the...
  13. S15AK

    Screamer pipes

    Hi everyone.. Ok I'm looking at buying an S15 on Monday and I'm told it has screamer pipes fitted. Now I've done some reading up and seen some utube clips of them in action, and reckon they'll be too loud for me. So what's the best way to get rid of them? I've heard you can plump the pipes...
  14. V

    HELP vaccum pipes on fmic pipe

    i bought myself a greddy front mount and it only has one output on the hard pipe, where as the standard I.C pipes hav two outputs!! do i just tee off the single output? i cant get pics up to explain but i hope these words are enough, its the same FMIC as savage-civic on here if thats any help...
  15. Miss S15

    What do ye think of this s15-RB26 Powered

    Been looking at this s15 for a while now its black the colour I want and its for the right money..... Tell me what ye think..... SPEC: 1999 Silvia S15 KMS: 88830 TYRES: F: OK R: OK SALES POINTS: GTR R33 RB26 DETT Engine Swap R33 Type M Mission (5 Spd) HKS Twin Plate Clutch R34...
  16. JEZ 8553

    FS: APEX Premium Braided Coolant & Oil Pipes

    Had these for a while now and dont know when im going to get the chance to fit them so no point having them sitting around any longer. This is both the coolant pipes and the oil feed pipe. This is the premuim ones by APEX not their budget ones...
  17. S

    Back at last!

    Well here it is, have been meaning to ge some pics up for a while now, but complication after complication has meant that it has been away since july! Hope you guys like! This is hopefully what it will look like once I've had my photo shoot with Fastcar Magazine in Jan (NO funny comments...
  18. S


    Picked up my S just over a week ago. Amazing car but need to confirm something. Car currently has a HKS filter and exhaust. On idle, the boost gauge sits an -5. Pedal to the metal, best I get is .55. Is this right? If theres a crack in the WMIC pipes, is it better to replace the unit with an...
  19. S

    help help help. . . . . . . .

    hey folks i in trouble i not mechanically minded in the slightest so please answer in english :( .. i have my silvia a few months now and few lil mods done has blitz filter,blitz bov,nismo cat back exhaust, 5zigen de-cat and a manual boost controller the car was boosting at .5 bar standard and...
  20. K

    Need help for ESVA (vacuum pics)

    Could you kind peeps on here help me out. I've got all the engine back to stock now, but need some help with the vacuum pipes. Could you take some pictures of all your vacuum pipes and post them up? I'm interested in the turbo, actuator, solenoid side and the oem bov side and where they...