1. JDM_virgin

    Fuel Pressure Regulator Instal

    I want to install a FPR with gauge mainly because bling but also the aftermarket ones are better at holding constant pressure than the OEM one. However i cant fine any info on how to install it on and SR20DET. I have done some googling and looked on nicco forum etc and the few things I have...
  2. A

    Oil pressure problem S15 Spec-S

    Hey mates, I think I've got a problem regarding to my oil pressure, maybe you had the same problem and can tell me, what to do or where the problem is. :) I regularly drive the car just for 4 or 5 km's to work and back. Whille normal driving (when the oil is warm), the oil pressure is around...
  3. JDM_virgin

    Boost gauge and EBC question

    Morning folks, Had some time at the weekend to plumb in my EBC and also my aftermarket boost gauge (depo). The EBC I have is a Gizzmo and was a doddle to fit and plumb into the induction/boost system- I actually used a guide i found on here over the instructions in the box as it had pictures...
  4. Parky

    OEM Oil pressure guage intermittent...

    The oil pressure guage has started to play up, usually peaked around 4 bar and sat around 2.5 bar, now it works occasionally but tends to sit at zero and peak at just under 2 bar. Any ideas what could be causing it? fixes?
  5. C

    Need Help With The OEM Oil Pressure Gauge!!!!

    Can anyone help on how to change the light bulb on the OEM Oil Pressure Gauge??? mine stoped working
  6. V

    WTB: S15 Oil Pressure Gauge

    S15 Oil Pressure Gauge (Done) Im searching for a genuine Spec S oil pressure gauge as mine seems to be broken. Cheers.
  7. dave_t


    Item For Sale: Power Enterprise Super Kevlar V-Belts in Blue x3 -Air-Con Belt - 4PK880 -Power Steering Belt - 3PK875 -Fan Belt - 5PK935 I ordered two sets of these from Japan,direct from Power Enterprise, as my mate wanted a set too -but he has since sold his car - so the spare set is...
  8. Aurora61

    fuel rail return line question

    When I was installing a aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, i had to cut the return line hose shorter for fitment reasons. Upon doing so, I noticed that the hose has restrictors inserted inside the hose. I assume these are placed inside the hose for fuel pressure related reasons. Just in case...
  9. JDM_virgin

    WTB: DEPO fuel pressure gauge 60mm- cannot find these anywhere

    wanting a fuel pressure gauge of the WBL style to match my other gauges. all i can find is this link on amazon but its out of stock. any help would be appreciated
  10. T

    oil cooler/filter relocation

    since uppjng the power would like to get one of these next to keep temps under control? question is car came with defi oil pressure and oil temp gauges so what kit comes with a sandwich plate that takes these sensors and fits the engine block :confused:
  11. Havoc

    Aftermarket Boost guage source.

    Right just a quick question I have a after market boost gauge and have fitted it to the car but its not reading any vac or boost levels. I removed the factory boost pressure sensor and used the hose that was original connected to this but its not reading anything. Is this connection not...
  12. iosifnur

    FS: 2x hks boost pressure sensor

    I have 2 hks boost pressure sensors , the one is used (perfect condition) and the other is brand new in the box... The new one 75 euros The used one 35 euros If you want the both of them 100 euros plus postage... and the used one
  13. Krish

    What oil pressure ?

    Had a slight oil leak issue which has now been resolved. I've now noticed my oils pressure sitting between 6-8? Dipping to 4 on idle? Before it never went over 6. Any help appreciated?
  14. W

    New Owner

    What's up people? I just got my S15 type S a couple days ago. Unfortunately, my oil pressure gauge does not work. Anyone knows how to hook this thing back up?
  15. S

    which fuel pressure regulator?

    hi guys im about tune my s15 next week. im adding in 740 cc nismo injectors a z32 afm with the nistune ecu, I was wondering which fuel pressure regulators are good qaulity and if any used the tomei fpr, nismo fpr? need advice please.
  16. Jay-pan

    Depo gauges

    Anyone know where i can purchase four Depo peak warning gauges for less than £214 best price i have so far about to order them but want to see if anywhere else is doing them cheaper. The gauges are Oil temp Water temp Oil pressure Boost Bar
  17. NICKO

    FS: HKS LA S15 Clutch/Flywheel Kit 450PS

    Here is my HKS LA Clutch kit, its covered only around 2000 miles at the very most and is in near new condition, its rated to around 450PS and drives like a stock clutch with slight stiffer pedal feel On the clutch pressure plate and flywheel you can still feel the machining marks if you run...
  18. J

    Exhaust and Turbo

    As I'm new to the turbo scene haven't really known what to expect, I'm guessing that that stock turbo I have at the moment is a ball bearing turbo, but it seems to be making a hell of a lot of noise (that whirring sound that's definitely a ball bearing), I've also noticed that I've recently had...
  19. K

    what fuel pressure and boost do i set my car to

    help i have front mount fuel pressure reg boost controler and exhaust system what do i need next sorry if this sounds stupid
  20. T

    tyre pressure

    Having new tyres tomorrow would like to know what is the right pressure for 225/45/17 also 255/40/17 on a daily to give best grip and wear thanks in advance guys :)