1. ChrisKnottIns

    Never again forget to get a Chris Knott quote

    POTENTIAL NEW CUSTOMERS: Tell us when you're going to want your next quote and we'll remember so you don't have to. Hi, did you know there are two ways you can schedule a call back from us via our website? We know some members forget to include Chris Knott when they're looking for car...
  2. E

    Pewter and Matt black S15 in Shirley

    I'm sure the owners on here I just can't remember his username. I would love to know the spec of it.
  3. B

    FS: S15 frp bootlid and rear overfenders

    As title Bootlid is blue with fixing holes for spoiler £100 Overfenders are brand new in packet +25mm if I remember correct £100 Can what's app pictures if required 07858973772 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. A

    Rear wheel bearing no good after 18 months

    Anyone else had issues with rear wheel bearings, I got my last one from "Camskill" & its got a lot of play in it after 18 months & probably just around 9000 miles, I cant remember what brand it was, anyone know the best one, besides Nissan genuine which is about £190.
  5. M4TT

    Aero spoiler centre section removal

    Hi guys, I've seen a fair few pics with the centre section of the aero spoiler removed, tried looking on how its done but no luck! Can anyone point me in the direction? I seem to remember reading somewhere that someone on here does the mod as well? Thanks Matt
  6. pegliobaglio

    Wiiiidddeee blue 15 t***vuk in Hemel

    Saw you earlier car looks amazing ! Confirms I need to go wide, recognise the car but couldn't remember who owns it
  7. M

    Number plate holder

    Hi guys, does any know if u can by the rear number plate holders? mine had decided to snap, if I can remember I think they are wielded on ?
  8. sparks

    Sparks s15 Trying to remember how to post photos think I have it.
  9. JaseYpk

    FS: NEW HEL brake lines - Green

    Cant remember if these are front or rear. Or if front and rear are the same fitment haha. It was so long ago that i fitted either the front or rear i genuinely cant remember. Either way, these are brand new, never fitted (didnt get round to it, and originals were corroded to hell and didnt want...
  10. C

    FS: RH headlight bracket - New

    Right hand read light bracket. It is brand new and I'm fairly sure it's an OEM part, but can't remember. £10 delivered
  11. CMR

    Quick brake light question

    On the OEM rear lights, are both bulbs for the side lights supposed to light up the second filament when you brake, or just one bulb on each side as I can't remember? Cheers
  12. Shorty

    FS: Yashio Factory Gear Gaiter

    As title says, I've got a Yashio Factory Gear Gaiter sitting about that I dont need. Never been used and will fit a Spec R no problemo as that is what its for! I'll get a photo of it up when I'm home if I remember... £35 ono Picture just an example off of Mints one but obviously not the same...
  13. AllanOrr


    Tryed to have a search about but couldnt really find a propper answer. S14a Turbo Elbow & Downpipes are the same as S15's or is it S14 ones that are the same? I remember someone had an issue with the downpipe they fitted being too short but cant remember what model it came off of :wack...
  14. mint

    Remember Me?

    haha hey guys - Sorry not been posting up here in a while, been trying to 'dial' out on the s15 as much as I can since she's now sold. I still have the car at the moment, awaiting on the DVLA to sort the plates out before I can let her officially go. Here's a few things thats been going on...
  15. E

    Meet: MissBanzai London Tunnel Run

    Back again this year for the 2nd time, we present another London Tunnel Run, hosted by inviting all Japanese car owners! The pre-meet will kick off at Essex Arena (RM19 1AE) on Saturday 10th October from 9.30pm. Maps will be handed out on arrival to those who have pre-paid...
  16. K

    Top Secret S15

    source : This is one of the S15 that I drooled over before I could get my own S15. I remember looking at it in High Performance Imports (Australian magazine) over and over again while worshiping the...
  17. mint

    2000 Spec Legal? - Back me up..

    Hey guys Am i right on this or am i totally wrong.. lol i cant remember! :wave:
  18. moomin

    Exhaust Q

    Should be getting my first "proper" piece of kit for my car, hurrah!!! I know this question has been asked before, so please dont shout at me!!! im looking at the Apex s14/a twin exit system (front pipe, decat, rear section & box) will this fit straight on, i seem to remember nicely saying it...
  19. J

    FS: Boost Gauge

    Yeah yeah, I know... you all have boost gauges! And anyone with any serious dosh will go Defi without hesitation... but this is up for sale anyway :D Blitz Carbon Face Boost Gauge. 60mm I think, but I'll remember to measure it at some point :) Looks exactly like this... It's worth as...
  20. Yakozan

    FS: S15 fog lights. SOLD

    I'm selling the fog-lights i bought from nicely. Don't need them as I got foglights with my aero bumper. Don't remember what I bought them for from Nicely :wack: ?60 + freight from Sweden. any takers? see this thread for pics.