1. Jay-pan

    Tapping sound...

    Hi guys, right just removed my ABS and finally got the car back on the road everything was running fine then when I stopped after giving it a little blast I noticed a tapping noise that would change with revs but drown out at around 3k. also no power and stutters/misfire when trying to give it...
  2. D

    Temperature issues ... help please, revs sticking on

    hey guys, tonight my car has started playing up, the temperature has started to shoot up and the revs and idling well too high , just above 2 thousands revs. These stick on unless i put the clutch in and drive , there is still water in my radiator, but there was vapour coming out of the little...
  3. B

    Help! Big problem with my Spec S

    So it started with a hesitation when I pressed the accelerator. Then it progressed to having a rough idle when warmed up. The idle was fine when cold but its now a bit rough when cold as well. The main problem now is that when I have the throttle just open to try and cruise along in whatever...
  4. Silverstreak

    Metallic tapping noise?

    Ok, so I know the SR20 is quite a noisy lump anyway, but mine has developed a rather noisy metallic tapping noise which gets faster with the revs and is most audible when decelerating in low gears. I have just given it it's first proper oil change with Mobil 1 0-40W after running it in for 1000...
  5. crazymat666

    a problem i really need to find out what it is

    right its hard to explain but here we go.basically when i put my foot down sometimes the turbo doesnt seem to come in i thought my clutch was going but it revs up fine and still moves yet its boosting fine but sometimes nothing happens with the turbo and i cant figure it out. for example i...
  6. S15RKM

    Turbo Drain Pipe

    Im having real trouble getting a new Turbo Oil return pipe, have been to Nissan and there not sure so wont commit to buying it in for me. They gave me 2 numbers the first, 15198-69F00, they say its not available. The second, 15198-75F00, they can get but there not sure its correct and its £23 +...
  7. Tony

    rev sensor,...!???

    Hi guys. dont know how to explain, but when my engine is pretty warm.. and I start It. It revs up, and then goes down to 900rpm..Is there any sensor that I can remove??,, dont want It to rev up everytime.... especially when the engine is cold and It revs pretty much!! hope you understand what i...
  8. 70YSR

    help - temperature gauge dropping!!

    hey guys just wondering if anyone would know why.. when my car hits about 3.5k rpm my standard temperature gauge drops a little and by about 4k its reading about 1/4 not halfway like it should. However if the revs drop back below that the temp gauge goes back up to normal and it sits there as...
  9. crazymat666

    runs bad when hot.

    right basically when the car is started its nice and smooth on idle but as soon as it gets warm after a drive it tends to be a abit bumpy on idle and the revs drop down now and then even randomly when driving along when all this is happening is seems abit hesitant .it did this before i had my...
  10. sjt47y

    throttle body and tps

    Hi, I have been experiencing car stalling problems recently. at slightly higher speeds, i clutch in, the revs drop below idle revs and sometimes just stalls. Revs are now adjusted to idle higher at 1000revs. I changed a new blow off. I have cleaned up the pipes. But still this problem...
  11. S

    boost issue!!

    hi guys, ive had my car on the road for just over a week now!! the car is great but it doesnt seem like its boosting right! it revs right through the rev range but its only hitting 0.5 bar on the guage, and i can feel the car, sort of hesitating. it did boost at 0.7 bar for a few days but was a...
  12. pegliobaglio

    lumpy idle

    When my car is sittin at idle the revs bounce between 500 and 1000 revs I have a tectom rev stavilizer but don't know what state of tune the engine is in yet as where I bought it from didn't know too much about it and I still haven't had the time to get it on the rollers yet,any ideas what would...
  13. T

    Trouble selecting 5th gear at high revs

    Anyone had this problem before?
  14. M

    Turbo Whistle at high revs

    Hey Guys, My S15 has started to make a high pitched whistle at high revs. Its coming from the turbo and I'm getting slightly worried. I have an Apexi power intake and its still boosting 8 on te factory guage. Any ideas please?
  15. S

    Hitting Rev Limiter / Fuel Cut at 4500rpm

    Hey guys, Wonder if I could pick your brains?? I have bought my first S15 so please be gentle! Its an SR20DET, has a full exhaust, fmic, electronic boost controller, uprated fuel pump (not sure what injectors yet - not had time to check). Now, when its stationary it revs freely, but when I...
  16. LuPix_S15

    Car keeps cutting out - doing my head in!!

    Right... Ever since I've had a remap my car is cutting out on rare occasions but now it's happening more often!! It's not the remap per se but what is happening is when idling the revs go up and down, up and down like it's having trouble keeping a nice steady idle rpm. The first cutting out...
  17. P

    two issues 1. high revs 2. exhaust flexi size

    hi guys really hope you can help me on this one. 2 issues have arisen over the weekend and would like to know whats going on. first issue is i was driving down the road giving it some beans (private road) and i found the car revving up to 8600 revs before i thought that it should have hit the...
  18. sniffy

    strange noise

    i noticed a strange noise comming from the engine when i give it full throttle and the revs are between 2 to 3500 rpm it kind of a sqeakie type of noise seems to go away after 3500 rpm it hard to really describe it it always happen when your a low revs and then give if full throttle.
  19. S

    Help!! Grinding noise

    Help!! Grinding noise. Have a listen... Ive only had the car two weeks and I think there may be a problem with the gearbox but im not certain. I can hear a terribly loud grinding noise coming from under the car from around the gearbox area. Its very loud at high revs, 4k+. Does it in gears 1, 2...
  20. B

    Car won't rev past 4,500 in any form? Advice please

    Have just brought back a S15 from the port after the sva. Car drove home with no problems, But will not go past 4,500 revs in any gear and acts like it's hitting the rev limiter. If I park the car up and rev to that limit the same problem exists. I can drive to the speed limiter of 112mph...