1. pegliobaglio

    FS: Mazworx top mount mani and downpipe

    Hi guys i have a brand new mazworx top mount mani with tial v band flanges and also their 3" downpipe kit with v band flanges that I am considering selling. the kit is brand new and mint condition .( will include tial v band clamps) when I bought this it cost me around £1250 with shipping and...
  2. J

    FS: 3" shotgun style exhaust

    Hey guys Got a 3" twin shotgun style exhaust for sale. Decat, straight through to twin backbox Stainless steel Used but still in good condition. £150 Collection only Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. NICKO

    WTB: swap twin fan setup for standard cowling

    I'm after a standard s14/15 cowling and I'm willing to swap my apex twin 12" fan setup that includes the aluminium cowling, let me know guys :-)
  4. Jay-pan

    WTB: Twin down pipe.

    After a twin down pipe the ones that split into two pipes for better clearance. Thanks
  5. J

    flywheel or bell housing problem!!!

    hi, my cars in the garage at the moment getting the clutch changed. because it had a exedy hyper twin plate i had to buy a flywheel to use with the new clutch. everyone was going well got all the parts, tried to get it all sorted today and when its all back together there 15mm gap, which...
  6. D

    How much power are people putting through the 6 speed

    My S14 engine will be transplanted at the end of next week which has a bit more power :D It puts out around 420bhp and 375ftlb. Just wondering if anyone on here has had that sort of power through a 6 speed for a reasonable amount of time? It has an unknown twin on atm, if that's ****ed my OSG...
  7. C

    FS: Apex twin electric fans, fan shroud, Revotec fan controller and silicone rad hoses

    I'm selling my Apex twin fan setup. It's been on the car since last summer and has probably only done 1000 miles if that. Condition is very good. I had to trim a corner off the fan shroud for it to clear my I/C pipe work. I will include basic instructions too for DIY install. These fans are more...
  8. JaseYpk

    Twin backbox?

    Sorry my wording of the subject is a bit weird, anyways, i know its like an unwritten rule, that modified jap cars must have a large single backbox, that roars its way to high heaven.. but. i've currently got a twin box (if thats the right name for it.. one backbox, with two exits.. lol) and i...
  9. S

    FS: Os giken 5speed close ratio gearbox

    Hi, i bought these from RB motorsport and now have changed project and are wanting to go for a 6 speed so i have on offer: a s14a Geabox with brand new OS Giken Close Ratio Gear Kit only done 1000miles (running in) and i also have OS Giken Twin plate cluch again only 1000 miles. please make me...
  10. S

    FS: (sr20det)exedy twin plate 5-speed box.. hks twin plate 6-speed box

    first off is the exedy twin plate clutch and flywheel for 5-speed gearbox its about as new as you going to get for this price only done 2 track days so maybe 1000 miles tops and car was trailored to events its all shiney and mint yours for only 800 new price on driftworks is 1500 so you can...
  11. M

    FS: exedy twin plate clutch kit

    Hi All, Is anyone interested in a exedy twin plate clutch including flywheel? Because my nismo gearbox broke down i i'm planning to go for a z32 gearbox conversion so i cant use my almost brand new s15 clutch (used for about 2500km's), i need to buy a s14 one :mad: New it kosted arround 1750...
  12. N

    hi to all from gold coast

    hi name Denise and im on the gold coast. i just found this site so i thought id introduce myself i currently own a gold and black camo s15 (ex east coast custom got26) its sitting in my garge waiting for my skyline to sell so i can put a motor in it. Thinking either rb26dett, 2jz twin turbo or...
  13. Jay

    My New Car

    Here is a few pics of my new car which I'm collecting on Saturday, with a full spec list of the work that has been done on it already. Really pleased with the car, just needs a bit of TLC on the bodywork. Can't wait to drive it the 120 miles back to my house when I collect it!!! Thanks for...
  14. S

    FS: hks twin plate clutch

    well ive decided im not going to need my hks twin plate clutch as im not going to be running much power its done under 5k on its new clutch plates so lots of life left im going to offer it at 550 delivered which i think is quite good as they used to sell for 1200 plus *forgot to mention...
  15. LuPix_S15

    Exedy Hyper Twin

    Just ordered an Exedy Hyper Twin as my regular single non-paddle Exedy has been cooked... only after 5 months lol?! :wack: Too much clutch-kicking tut tut :D Got quite a good deal tho... Twin plate kit for the price of the single cos WGT who deal with Exedy said they were out of stock with...
  16. S

    FS: sx-si's super magic sale thread

    as i got very little posts ill show you who i am on driftwroks and sxoc dw sxoc s14 cam covers 75 gbp each candy red polished camber arm...
  17. B

    Twin charged

    how do you guys feel about twin charging the Sr20?
  18. B

    twin turbo s15

    Is it wise to twin turbo my new s15? Is there any need? I know it will use more fuel but how much? The s15 i am getting is a spec R GT no front mount, i was thinking about putting in a front mount intercooler and for some reason twin turbo. What info can you guys give me about this and any...
  19. B

    FS: ***hks twin plate clutch and flywheel***

    Nissan S15 HKS TWIN PLATE CLUTCH AND FLYWHEEL Offers please :wave:
  20. R-Spec

    WTB: Wanted: Clutch kit

    So anyone bought a high spec kit before its needed and now with the ecomomy could do with the money? Twin plate preferably but offers?:)