1. AshOBNXZ

    Water Temp Sender

    Hi guys, My BLITZ water temp gauge has been playing up for a while and today since work was quiet we decided to look into it. Found that whoever had it in Japan had somehow drilled and sealed the sender into the top radiator hose and that it is very slightly leaking coolant. One of the guys I...
  2. S15_SAM

    S15 wouldn't start after filling up with fuel! Because it was water!

    So I filled up my empty tank with super unleaded yesterday! 53 litres! Started the car it died within 5 seconds. Then it just cranks but not fire. So I sit there for alittle just cranking and pumping throttle, then I give up. Double checked I didn't fill with diesel, all ok. So so I pushed...
  3. S

    FS: SR20 det top water neck / Fuel pump

    Water neck for sale without turbo water feed. £20 Fuel pump £20 Weston Super Mare.[/URL][/IMG]
  4. R

    S15 Turbo Water Line Replacement?

    Hi My water line from the Block to the Turbo has split and needs replacing. I've had a bit of a google and noticed that there is quite a few replacements, almost all of them are braided lines, this is fine as it is less hassle to put it. Does anyone have any recommended brands? Prices vary...
  5. A

    Wet drivers footwell.

    I noticed the other day I had a lot of water on the inside of the front & rear screen & my seats were damp so tried to locate damp or wet patches, found it was in the drivers footwell. I searched on here & found 1 topic which mentioned a grommet behind the clutch pedal. I pulled back the carpet...
  6. lvaleiron

    Turbo water lines - are they really needed?

    A big YES to this one. I've heard all kind of stories around this, and most of the people i know says that is OK to run without it, but for personal experience i can say this will lower the life expectenacy of your turbo, and this is increased when running high boost... Anyway, i'm sending a...
  7. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    95 degrees water temp stuffed thermostat?

    im pretty certain thermostat's stuffed just want to be sure and what new one should i get?
  8. S

    WTB: windscreen washer jet pump

    im after the pump that attaches to the water tank. anybody got a spare??
  9. Jay-pan

    WTB: Urgent! Braided water and oil lines turbo.

    As above has anyone close to Shropshire or who can post for next day that has braided oil and water lines lying around? Thanks
  10. J

    WTB: Turbo, manifold etc

    Garrett GT2871R turbo HKS adjustable actuator high flow sr20det manifold Braided oil and water lines with banjo bolts 3 inch down pipe (t28)
  11. J

    turbo upgrade

    Maybe next month I'll want to upgrade my turbo, just after a list of things I'll need: Car already has a hi flow exhaust and apexi filter. So I'll need; Bigger injectors (I'd go for nismo) Braided oil and water lines hks manifold hks alternator z32 afm front mounted intercooler Anything I'm...
  12. pegliobaglio

    Flushing water system ??

    Right chaps , Quick question maybe a silly one. I want to change my anti freeze, now I have never done this before I have drained the rad etc before but there is always water/ anti freeze mix left in he header bottle... Now I doubt it would cause much of a problem having 2 different types of...
  13. JaseYpk

    Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning (All should read)

    I came across the following article today and thought it's a very useful insight into drowning and could help you save someones life. I know its long, and its got no funnies, but its worth a read. Seriously! If you hate reading or are lazy. then the most important parts are points 1-5. The...
  14. V

    Is a turbo time necessary?

    Is a turbo timer necessary? I guys. My car has got a turbo timer on it at the moment. The car is running about 245 at the wheels. Im getting a Clifford C650 put on it soon so the turbo timer will have to come out. I can get a turbo timer installed on the alarm itself though but im wondering...
  15. N

    s15 using water

    Hey guys I've noticed my silvia is using water, the radiator is down just a little from the top, it is turboed and was wondering where it could be going? the head gasket has been replaced with a stainless head gasket
  16. JaseYpk

    S15 SUBMARINE!!! (Another bad idea from Jase..)

    Ok, so i had to use the word 'submarine' otherwise you wouldnt have read this. This is kind of like my blog of all the (stupid) things that happen with my car.. hahaha And this is the latest and so far, greatest (potential Cat A write off).. So, to set the scene, there had been adverse weather...
  17. tooley

    WTB: S15 Arch loom ( i know its a long shot)

    My loom is well ..... shagged! ive repaired it to many times and now my headlights dont work!! Not sure if water has gone on the back of the dash well fuse box to so may need it from that point.
  18. J


    went drift what ya brung yesterday and my car kept over heating really quickly, sometimes the water and oil were getting 120 degrees without me knowing. is this normal?
  19. pegliobaglio

    water in boot? help!!

    This is proper random,went to change a bulb and my boot is full of water,now the strange thing is none of the flooring/carpet is wet but underneath there is a massive puddle of water that wasn't there on the weekend,any ideas where it could be coming from ?
  20. J0R04N

    Strange noise from water system?

    Few weeks ago one of my water hoses burst due to ice in the system. changed the hose and put her all back together, she starts fine and the engine is running fine. Fans kick in which suggest the theo stat is working as it should however i get a strange scratching noise when the car starts to...