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DB's S15 Build Thread

13 July 2010
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Well it's been 6 years since I posted anything about my S15, and with my ownership now at 10years I’ve decided I need to either sell her or complete the build that I was once very active in trying to complete as the first part of this build thread shows.. (but the usual work/life/everything else got in the way).. but I really can’t bring myself to sell her...

So I’ve decided to go all in and complete a new build over the next 18months..

With the passage of time comes different ideas and I’ve been super impressed by the builds that have been completed and are ongoing over the last few years, so I’ve decided on a quite different direction now for the car compared to my original build ideas.

The cars not in a great condition with the usual rust that comes with an old car that’s seen a lot of wet weather over the years, no nice cosy garage for her to live in unfortunately..
So lots to do to bring the car up to the standard that I’ll be happy with. What next??

Before I’m in a position for body and paint I need to get some fundamentals of the build done and first is the suspension set up..

I currently have a mixture of MoonFace, Tien and Fortune Auto components, all getting pretty worn out now..

As I’m a big fan of GKTech suspension parts, I’ve purchased their complete front and rear combo kits plus the spherical bearing front ARB kit and rear toe arm brace (all parts grip spec not drift spec), some parts have already arrived and the rest is on route from Oz and then off to Carson Performance later this month to get everything fitted..

Then I’m going against the grain and fitting an Air Ride Performance 3H/3P set up, having run my car for the last 4 years with very low suspension, it’s fine for track days but totally impractical for daily use, roads here are just not up to it and I feel like I’m driving a go-kart most of the time, so I’m going for the best set up I can get for the air ride.
Once all the suspension is set up it’s off to the awesome Big Bear Kustoms for the main project work (more on this later).. can’t wait!!!

Apart from the GKTech parts I’ve also bought a Yoshioka Special Edition Rapfix 2, Key’s racing d-shape steering wheel and 78 Works Full LED Headlight set version 2 and 78 Works LED Fibre tail lamp inner red..
Lots of pics to follow..