1. L

    WTB: S15 wind deflectors

    Mine have finally got to the point where they need replacing 😥 any about for sale? Or does anyone know a pet number for them? Cheers
  2. J

    Spec S turbo conversion

    Hey guys, I'm finally starting to think about doing the conversion on the 15! I know the easiest/best route to go down is getting a 14a as a donor car. I've been looking into it & it looks like a lot of work is going to be involved. Has anyone on here done the conversion or in progress of doing...
  3. R

    Finally I Own An S15

    Hi all, My names Rhys and after 10 years of wanting and S15 i finally have my realistic dream. I picked her up last week, shes a late 2002 Spec R and I couldnt be happier with her. The wheels will be updated and Ill get her sitting right but the engine is completely stock which was exactly as...
  4. Lil SpecR

    Finally had the weather for a few nice shots of my Yuki <3

    Well this weekend we finally had some nice weather, so after a couple of meets I went and found one of my fav spots for a quick shoot with her whilst she was still shiny and sparkly and the weather was still sunny haha :)
  5. Surfing Boris

    After 18 months I am finally an S15 owner!!!

    I have finally done it!!! Went to Torque GT this afternoon and went for a drive and climbed all over the car. Very happy
  6. S

    Chargespeed bumper

    Finally arrived :) Looking forward to getting it fitted!
  7. M

    mbb's Nissan Silvia

    Hey guys, long time lurker and finally decided to make an account Here it sits to this day Rewinding back a few years - this was my first 'real' ride which sparked this money pit we call 'modifying' It was a 1995 Honda Integra SiR-G - b18c standard motor with a S80 ****ty LSD long...
  8. Kaaatinas

    New member from Yorkshire - Looking for an S15 Spec-R

    Hello All, My name is Lloyd, I'm from Selby, North Yorkshire, but currently living and studying in Nottingham. I know this is an owner's club, but I do not own an S15.. yet! - I have been looking around for quite a while for an S15 Spec-R, and of course I stumbled upon this forum many times...
  9. N

    Finally have my s15

    Well after waiting over 6 weeks for customs to clear the car for registration i finally picked it up today from Torque GT. Very happy with the car. Needs a few bits of bodywork doing but im happy. Been dealing with Darren since i bought the car and he has been great! I seen Mike today though as...
  10. shelb

    S15 Spec s - Quarter Life Crisis

    Well ive wanted an S-body since the first time I saw one about 7 years ago, finally got a few years NCD under my belt so I was I finally in the positions to get one and here she is: Current spec -FGK manifold -Blitz Air filter -4pot front brakes -Lowering springs -split Advans -smoked rear...
  11. Sims77

    My S15

    Finally got her so I can do my own thread. Picked her up with 37000 miles on the clock and not a mark on her. Really happy.
  12. L

    Soon to be owner of S15 Spec S Turboed

    Hi should be getting a Turboed S15 Spec S soon. Trying to sell my EK9 asap. I've always wanted an S15 and is one of my dream cars, finally been able to get around to it. Hope to learn a lot from this forum.
  13. O

    Bye Sil80 hello S15

    Hi All After owning my Sil80 for close to 8 years I finally thought it was time for a change and have been looking for an S15 for a while and finally found one that I liked with a good price. So I'm happy to say I'm now the proud owner of an S15. I've not had it long about a month and half...
  14. S

    Container full of goodies finally arrived

    It's been a long 8 weeks, but definitely worth the wait!!! My container finally arrived today.... Me and my brother have been collecting a few parts to bring over from Japan! ill let the pics do the talking!!!! As you can see we got quite a lot of parts, lots will be forsale...
  15. Jordan

    Well hello there!

    Hi all! Thought I'd introduce myself on here and say hi - had a few issues signing up again thanks to gmail. I was previously registered on here a few years ago but guess my account got deleted in a server migration or something or due to little use. Anyway I'm back, in the market for my first...
  16. S

    Finally i have an S15

    Should of done this some time ago now but better late than never. having owned an s13: and then owning an s14a: I have finally got myself an S15 Spec R, got it at a price i couldnt refuse off here, drove 250 odd miles to Glasgow to pick it up: this is how it pretty much looked when i...
  17. P

    Converting to Manual (FINALLY)

    Okay, so my goal by the end of the year is to finally convert my S15 Spec S to a Manual! I've been wanting to do this for months, but I'm finally getting around to it :) From being in a mates SR20DE powered S13, I've decided it's time. I'm looking at about $800 for all the parts second hand...
  18. J

    Idle gone haywire!

    So I was driving home today and hit a red light, while I was sitting there I noticed my car shaking badly and also the idle being weird, When the light turmed green I started to go but the car just studdered for a bit and then finally went on like normal. It only seems to happen when the rpm...
  19. Jay

    Jay's black spec r

    just a couple of pics, fitted new wheels and coilovers and naturaly felt the need to get the camera out! and finally snaps of how it looked a fortnight ago!
  20. J

    strange problemmm...

    right, my car seems to have a mind of its own. sometimes it works awesome but other times it just doesnt want to run. sometimes when i come onto to boost my exhaust back fires really loud then i lose all power when in boost, when i finally come to a stand still the engine stalls. this morning...