1. H

    lack of heat from Climate

    Im hoping to investigate this further this weekend but looking for some pointers really. my car has very little heat, it seems to blow air on all settings etc but it doesn't get that hot. after a while it does start to warm up in the cabin but not significantly, the oh so accurate gauge rises...
  2. NICKO

    WTB: S15 Rad Rubbers

    Im in need of 2x rad rubbers that go inside the top rad mounts if anyone has any? cheers :thumbs:
  3. Nickichi

    E Fan Rotation

    Hi Found out yesterday on the hottest day so far that when I installed the electrical fans before Christmas, I hadn't checked them properly (just stuck my hand behind the fan to feel air flow) to make sure they were both sucking air into the engine bay. One fan is pushing air from the engine...
  4. O

    WTB: S15 aircon system needed

    Hi I'm looking for everything i need in the engine bay to get the aircon back into my S15, I'm not sure if its the same as the S14. Need rad, pump and the hard pipes and the small canister that's attached to the rad. Thanks guys
  5. Fasthands

    FS: HKS Hi-Power 409 system, alloy rad, coilpacks,

    For sale as title inc de-cat pipe. £350 No dents just a scrape on back box, courtesy of my steep driveway... Buyer to arrange their own courier,but give me a few days to get wrapped up as I will need to get someone to help as I'm still recovering from my leg operation. Or come pick it up from...
  6. pegliobaglio

    Flushing water system ??

    Right chaps , Quick question maybe a silly one. I want to change my anti freeze, now I have never done this before I have drained the rad etc before but there is always water/ anti freeze mix left in he header bottle... Now I doubt it would cause much of a problem having 2 different types of...
  7. J

    Help please !

    Hello I hope that I could get some help, My s15 started getting hot it got to nearly red slight steam from rad but reserve bottle was boiling. I had to put 2 litres of water in it after but oil seems to be at same Level so don't think its mixing, it seem to have pressure in rad and the top of...
  8. richy200

    solonoid by the rad, what is it?

    Hi guys, my s15 has a solonoid (looks like a boost solonoid and has boost going to it i think) on the left hand side of the top of the rad (facing the car). There is a pipe that comes from the plenum to this solonid and then it comes out of this solonoid and goes into the carbon canister i...
  9. JaseYpk

    WTB: Radiator! Asap

    My coolant leak was the rad. its chucking coolant out the rear centre. Not sure how its got a hole there, but either way, i'l look into it once its removed. for the meantime. i need a new rad. Any offers, preferable for a skinny one instead of a chunky 50mm one goes with out saying, it wants...
  10. JaseYpk

    Problem Child Returns Again.... *sigh*

    Someone please. grant me some more sanity because mine is starting to run out. All i can do is laugh now. ha ha ha. So oil pan and return hose form the turbo were replaced, and its now not leaking any oil. hurrah! but no. she's content with spitting something out. So this time, today. its...
  11. spoonman

    Twin electric cooling fan from a AU falcon setup

    Here is a few pics of the twin electric fan setup i installed a few weeks ago. Personally i hate the idea of the water pump turning a fan to keep air flowing i know it works but it looks ugly as hell and adds resistance to the engine, i know its very little but i just don't like it, its a old...
  12. J

    Project drift!

    hi, ive had this car a while now after buying it off cad (orignally Mr Lu's) i crashed back in November:- i couldnt bring myself to just leave it as that so i wanted to make her how she used to be, Even though ive owned it since june i really did feel bad that James had built this car and...
  13. Adam L

    FS: Japspeed S14/S15 ali rad

    Japspeed Ali rad, as in title. It's for sale as I've just bought a Koyo rad to replace it. Its about 6 months old in good condition bar where I had the mounting clips for my twin rad setup. £100 posted or £90 collected.
  14. T

    WTB: S15 air-con rad/condenser

    Does anyone have an S15 air con rad for sale please ?? Regards Doug
  15. pegliobaglio

    Radiator options advice please

    Right guys ,been putting this off for a while as had other things I needed first but now ts time to get a new rad Was orginally going for the apex 56mm but have heard story about leaks and other problems so am going to spend the extra on a branded rad.any suggestions welcome atm looking at...
  16. pegliobaglio

    race rad

    Hi guys, I need a new rad so was looking into getting a 55mm race rad from apex when they are back in stock,just been searching about and a few people have said the bigger race rads don't work that well under normal everyday use and are only really any good for use on track??!! Is there any...
  17. pegliobaglio

    rad and intercooler

    As the title suggests,just sold some of my tuning bits from my type r so gonna have a bit of spare cash,need to get a new rad as have noticed a few dents in mine,and was looking to upgrade the ic as is running 1 bar on a standard ic,been looking to apex for both,looking at the type 1 intercooler...
  18. LuPix_S15

    Engine Hose Size Guide

    Ok peeps - finally got round to this lol! :wack: 1. Fuel hoses = 8mm 2. Defi boost gauge hoses = 4mm 3. Plenum intake pipe = 70mm 4. Cold pipe/plenum = 14mm 5. Recirc feed = 38mm 6. Breathers = 16mm 7. Boost solenoid vacuums = 6mm 8. Hotpipe = 50mm 9. Recirc/intake = 27mm 10. Rad hose =...
  19. andeep

    FS: S15 Standard Radiator

    S15 Standard Calsonic Radiator. Not leaking, perfect apart from some bent fins. Has 50k on it, all the coolant that came out was clean. Comes with 1.1bar rad cap and perfect set of hoses. £45 posted or collected from Hertfordshire for cheaper
  20. LuPix_S15

    Stock rad and Japspeed 50mm comparison

    Thought I'd take some pics having just whipped out the stock rad... man it's filthy... and small lol :rolleyes: Got a new Japspeed 50mm item to replace... if you want one hurry cos until end of month, they're offering £99 delivered!!! :thumbs: Also got some hoses on discount too...