1. Surfing Boris

    DMAX 50/50 tail lights wiring

    So i bought myself some new DMAX tail lights thinking they would be straight forward plug and play but the connectors on the new lights are two separate parts and the OEM connector is a single piece. Hopefully that makes sense but how the hell do I murge the correct wires???
  2. TrevorSpencer

    Turbo flutter

    First of all, Hello from British Columbia Canada, first time posting here. Secondly i searched before posting so i apologize if there was a post previously and i missed it. So i was wondering if you guys and or girls have used a Greddy RZ bov before and if you ran into turbo flutter from...
  3. M4TT

    WTB: Single din head unit facia

    Struggling to source a single din head unit fascia, if anyone has one for sale give me a shout :thumbs: Cheers, Matt
  4. S

    WTB: XXR 530 in flat black

    after one of these after a lorry decided to side swipe my 15 and made a mess of my rear one. Needs to be 18" 5 x 114 9.75j....think its et20? will take a set or 2 wheels if no one has a single one.
  5. R

    help finding rear light / lights

    had a bit of an accident (not my fault) and now the drivers side rear light is completely smashed so need a replacement. Havnt seen any single ones around though so may have to just get a set. Anyone know a good place to look or have them? These are the set i got at the moment and need a drivers...
  6. Cris69

    WTB: Exhaust car back....

    Exhaust cat back... Looking for or idea's where I can get a exhaust from the cat back!! Current one has seen better days!! Single pipe 4"/5" exit what you got or where is a good place to find one?? Cris
  7. JaseYpk

    FS: Aftermarket S15 Rear Lights (circle-type)

    Got these up on ebay! MINT condition, like new, not even a single scratch or spec of dirt. ;) Starting at £10, bargain! Have a dabble!
  8. NICKO

    Single din mounting??

    Just wanted to know what cages everyone uses for single din mounting? at the moment ive got a double din cage thats just slotted in the gap with my head unit at the top and a tray at the bottom and well it just sits in there all crappy :nod: So was just wondering what you guys use for single...
  9. JaseYpk

    Twin backbox?

    Sorry my wording of the subject is a bit weird, anyways, i know its like an unwritten rule, that modified jap cars must have a large single backbox, that roars its way to high heaven.. but. i've currently got a twin box (if thats the right name for it.. one backbox, with two exits.. lol) and i...
  10. pegliobaglio

    single din

    Hey guys,just a quick one,looked everywhere but can't seem to find a fascia plate adaptor to change from double din to single din,anyone know where I can get one?? Cheers guys
  11. Curryzz

    WTB: ""Wanted""single din pocket under sterio please!!

    Hi people, its been really really cold today and my double din cd player has packed up, the screen has stopped lighting up, the music still plays, such a shame! Its quite new:( anyway i need to change it back to a single din:) never came with one so need to get one of you guys or if somebody...
  12. AllanOrr

    FS: Few things :)

    I have for sale a Single Din facia that came with my car when it was imported but i have now stuck in a double din cd player so its just in a box and also have a MD player that came in it aswell if someone needs a space filler would be ideal, also a turbo timer that came with it though being...
  13. mint

    WTB: Coilpack STAT!!!

    Needs 1 single coilpack please. Cheers
  14. W

    Is this single DIN blanking plate compatible for use on an S15?

    Just a quick question guys: I'm thinking of replacing my single din unit into my S15 and removing the double din unit and was wondering if the blanking plate in the link below is ok to use to fill in the unused space...
  15. S

    FS: Prodrive GC-06H Alloys

    I thought about selling these a while ago as theyre only 17" (i want 18's, Work XD9) so im going to throw this over to you to see if theres any interest. They're very rare Prodrive alloys, forged aluminium weighing about 6.75kg each, made by Rays I believe. They sit perfectly and clear my Teins...
  16. A

    No locking double flash?

    Hey people, I installed a new headunit over the weekend and I just notice today that when I lock the car, it still beeps twice for the alarm but doesn't flash the indicators twice like it used to. Same goes for unlocking, one beep, but no single flash. What could cause this and how do I fix...
  17. japmadlad


    ok so my clutch is starting to slip so I'll be needing a new one. wat do u guys reccommend? don't wana go mad money and wana stay with a single plate clutch. were is best to buy?
  18. LuPix_S15

    Lookin' healthy peeps...

    Just noticed the forum online record so far: Most users ever online was 107, 26-06-2007 at 09:17 Very impressive I think for a club that is dedicated to one single model and one single version within that model. Long live S15OC! :cool:
  19. E

    Radio single din kit?

    Hi, I just recently installed a single din deck on my S15 myself (comes with double din before), where can I can that single din kit (the black box holding the stereo and have a din below)? parts number? thanks. :confused: