1. Badger0068

    Calling all slammed S15s on 18s! Tyre advice needed!

    Hi guys! Trying to get my s15 as low as possible but having some tyre clearance issues on the front.. Currently running 18x9.5 et18 7twenty Style 49s with 225/40/18 tyres. I've had the front arches rolled and slightly pulled however the tyres are scrubbing on the inner arches quite badly (on...
  2. S

    FS: S14 Spare Turbo, S15 Stock Tail Lights, R32 GTR Wheels + New Tires, misc.

    S14 Spare Turbo, S15 Stock Tail Lights, Catalytic Converter, Nardi Steering Wheel These are the stock tail lights that came with my S15. They are in great condition except for the passanger side has a small piece broken off as seen in the pictures. I'm asking £30 for the set. Here are a set...
  3. A

    FS: 2 x Toyo Proxes T1R - 255/35/R18 - both with 6mm tread

    I have for sale 2 x Toyo Proxes T1R - 255/35/R18 - both with 6mm tread One tyre is roadworthy and one is not. Both tyres are under 12 months old and brand new when I purchased them. The non roadworthy tyre has a worn internal sidewall, unfortunately due to me driving a couple of miles to a...
  4. S

    s15 Rear tyre width

    Hey guys, this is prob a noob question, but like what is the widest tyre you can run on the s15 on the rear without having to roll the guards? Currently im running 255 on the rear and having no trouble. Just wondering if I would be able to run 275 or 285
  5. Y

    tyre selection, what is the recommended size?

    Ive got a set of -18x8.5/18x9.5 8.5J ET20 and 9.5J ET30 went down to my tyre guy and he was unsure what to put on them, and has rang some dude in head office to find out the correct sizes etc. (waiting on his to get back to me. So just wondering what ye guys wound put on your wheels. I dont...
  6. Y

    New wheels = tyre trouble, help wanted

    Basically bought myself a set of 18” rota alloys and I don’t know what to do about tyres. Been to my normal tyre guy and a set of 18” 225 30-35 tyres will cost about 250euro. And he wreckons that on irish roads ill be changing them alot. Im debating to put on a set of 18” 225 40s...
  7. T

    FS: Bling Bling Chromieeze

    Came with the car, and not to my taste so here we have 4 ultralite nurburgring's in extremely good condition, 18". Offset is 30 all round Fronts are 8.5" 225 35 18 Rears are 9.5" 235 35 18 The Tyres are all perfectly legal, at least 50% life remaining accorss the whole width of the tyre...
  8. N

    Open Event: Drift Donnington

    Hey all, After meeting sliding-r last Saturday. I told him about the last DWYB at Santa Pod I did and that him and LuPix_S15 were interested in attending the next one when they can. It's a bit late notice but a new Drift venue very similar to Santa Pod has been announced that will be held...
  9. A

    Front Left tyre Spinning?

    guys, i reversed my car out of my driveway and turned as i got out n the front left tyre began spinning on the grass :confused: i had a look on the net, they only come in rear wheel drive, dont they?
  10. S

    Standard Tyre Pressure

    Hey Guys Just a quick quetion really. I have been trying to work out the tyre pressure i need for my wheels using the fromula in the useful threads post. However to do this i need to know the pressure required in the standard wheels which i am unable to find anywhere. I was just wondering if...
  11. Darren_S15

    FS: Full Set of Enkei Alloy Wheels

    Full Set of Enkei Alloy Wheels For Sale Came on my 15 and no longer require them. They are in good used condition and do have some marks on them as you can see in the pics. Front Wheels 17x9 +38 Tyre 1 Milanza Hero HZ1 245/40/R17 Tyre 2 Bridgestone Potenza 245/40/R17 Rear Wheels 17x8 +38...
  12. N

    New Wheels Thread Need Help with Tyres?

    Before I get flamed I would like to introduce you to my Wheel and Tyre thread. I have searched through the Ultimate Wheels Fitting Guide and found it very helpful but I am undecided on what tyre sizes to go for? I didn't just do this to get answers and hope you will find this a good read and...
  13. G

    Tyre recommendation

    wel lads, now that winter is on the way and i live in ireland i need some tyres with serious grip in the wet. have linglongs on the rear which are shockin bad in the wet, even at 4000revs in 5th gear she swings sideways without warnin! what would ye suggest to go with in the wet?? lookin for...
  14. S

    Gramlights 57Optimise

    Gents Im very close to putting a deposit down on these but need to confirm if the offsets will fit the S15. I dont want my wheels to stick out beyond the arch so bear that in mind. Front 18x8.5 +33 Tyre 245/35/18 Rear 18x8.5 +33 Tyre 255/35/18 Getting a staggered set will cost me more...
  15. ichi-go

    Tyre air pressure

    Hi everyone, Just wondering what everyone pumps their air pressure to? Nowadays street tyres have pretty stiff sidewalls and does not require that much air pressure so I'm wondering what would be the best between comfort(?) and grip. Please state your rim size and tyre width(?). Not sure if...
  16. R


    Picture speaks for itself! I think the nails are a good 5cm as the number looks like the kind they screw into the guttering around my area to number houses. Will take it to a tyre shop in the morning to see what they say, I just hope it wasn't setup up by little shits on purpose.
  17. D

    and wheels

    Cheers lads Thanks for that on the BOV and induction just gunna price some now The car is like a pearl white, spec R 2ltr soon as i pick it up i'll post some pics Checked your thread on wheels and boy i'm lost now, not that simple is it was gunna put 18's on, standard suspension, not...
  18. K

    Help With Tyre Size & Wheel Offset / Camber+Toe Settings

    Hi All, Sorry I have not posted an N00bie post first but I just got myself a SPEC R 2 day's ago and am bursting with questions to rattle your brains with :D I promise to post a full spec with pic's at the weekend when I get a chance. Now the first question I have is regarding the current...
  19. Topper


    Well i knew i had a camber problem at the rear, but couldnt tell how serious untill yesterday. I took the car out in the wet, everytime i tried to accelerate the back end was all over the place, took the car home and put it in the garage, it was then that i noticed the wet tyre print left on...