1. C

    400bhp Spec R

    Hi, I’m finally an owner of a S15 Spec R! Thanks to everyone for the advice that I’ve received. Loving the car so far, spins the rears in 5th in the wet, quite a scary car! �� (tends to always be wet in Blackpool) Got a few things I need to do. Sort the front drop links out first of all. Some...
  2. A

    Wet drivers footwell.

    I noticed the other day I had a lot of water on the inside of the front & rear screen & my seats were damp so tried to locate damp or wet patches, found it was in the drivers footwell. I searched on here & found 1 topic which mentioned a grommet behind the clutch pedal. I pulled back the carpet...
  3. LeeSpecR

    Pewter touch up stick? Such a thing available?

    Good day all. im looking to buy a touch up set for my car,I've not been tto nissan yet as the weather has been crap and my car will not be going out in wet roads. has anyone brought one or can help me find one.i prefer a genuine job as it will a better match (I hope). cheers lee
  4. Max

    Cabin water leak

    Odd problem here. It has been bloody wet recently and since December I have been getting into the car and feeling that the drivers carpet around the pedals is wet. Thought it was wet feet initially but has been getting wetter in wet weather. Blasting hot air does shift most of it on a long...
  5. Cris69

    FS: 18inch wheels for sale

    selling these's as i have new ones now :) they are 18x7 im not 100% sure if they are 7 or 7.5 but will find out after christmas now 5x114.3 4 x tyres with 7mm tred (budget) but never had a problem wet or snow!! if anyone is intrested ill get them more info asap!! they are all good condition...
  6. Nickichi


    That time of the year again, and with no doubts that the cops will be hanging around japfest i don't want to be driving on slicks when i visit. just wondering if anyone held any suggestions on make/model, last couple of sets have been from the Kumho ECST. Gripped well in the dry and let slip...
  7. koullis

    cas problem????

    Hi, yesterday i was cruising along the beach and when i found an empty space i floored it. i hit the rev limiter and since then my car runs only with the two middle cylinders. i say that because when i removed no1 and no4 coil it made no difference, when i removed 3 and then 4 the car was trying...
  8. richy200

    Me and tooley drifting pembrey 13/02/2011 VID

    Hey guys saw this video today and was pretty good. The track was riddiculously wet Awesome day, managed to get a 3 car train going also :)
  9. NICKO

    Wet Wet Wet

    Well Since I am from wales, thats all we see is rain for most of the year :( and recently hasnt it been P*****g down. Recently bought an S15 and ive noticed theres water coming into the drivers footwell from somewhere but cant find where from :( I contacted the guy I bought it off and he...
  10. L

    Racelogic Traction Control

    Are any of you guys using Racelogic traction control on your cars? I am currently using it on my Supra as it's not fond of the wet, and was wondering if this would be a worth while mod on an S15. Lee.
  11. G

    Tyre recommendation

    wel lads, now that winter is on the way and i live in ireland i need some tyres with serious grip in the wet. have linglongs on the rear which are shockin bad in the wet, even at 4000revs in 5th gear she swings sideways without warnin! what would ye suggest to go with in the wet?? lookin for...
  12. Topper

    Water Ingress

    Hi :wave: After returning from another show at Knockhill, i got home and put the car away, as i went to get out i noticed the left hand side of my footwell was wet where my clutch foot had been sitting. I was raining a little on the way home, but nothing serious. Last night i took the trims...
  13. Topper


    Well i knew i had a camber problem at the rear, but couldnt tell how serious untill yesterday. I took the car out in the wet, everytime i tried to accelerate the back end was all over the place, took the car home and put it in the garage, it was then that i noticed the wet tyre print left on...